Eng № 23.A. For Arabs, Chinese, And Hindus (the best world language)

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Добавлена: 29.10.2020
  This folder is, really, for all Arabs, Chinese, Hindus, and many other nations around the world, I am not cheating you. Yet this is not a book but a small series of related papers intended to give you initial ideas about the best world language, which is the ... Bulgarian, up to my word! And here I not only try to present it to you, but also to convince you that it is a must to begin to learn it, because you have nearly no other alternative, the widely used English language is just bad! So that, please, find some time to read these things, the questions are very important for all of you. In this booklet is just one material (for it turned to be quite big) about the Bulgarian language, and in the next are two things, where the first is about the question why exactly Bulgarian, for whom, how, etc., and the next one is why the English is so bad, in what more precisely. Hence my proposition is thoroughly motivated and highly important.   Keywords: Bulgarian, English, other languages, European and not, motivated ideas and propositions, important, untraditional.

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