Eng. № 07. News. J. Now, Look Here! (publicistics)

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Жанры: История, Политика, Публицистика, Проза, Экономика
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Добавлена: 02.02.2019
  Here is my entire publicistics, which is pretty voluminous and because of this I divide it in several booklets, from 3 to 5 materials containing about 50 KB text. In this booklet is again the end, only now till 2017, and then the ultimate, of the things for newspapers, which is dedicated to the Centennial of October revolution. Look at the excerpts about the contents, short summaries, and the years of their writing.    Keywords: publicistics, communism, Russian October revolution, Lenin, Stalin, future, spirit of communism, popularly, unbiased, personal ideas.

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