Рабочий Верстак

          N O W ,    L O O K    H E R E ! — excerpts


          Chris MYRSKI,     Sofia, Bulgaria,    2001 ... 2017

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     There is no idea about the cover, because in this book are gathered great variety of different journalistic materials, it is not a work of fiction, and such books are usually not illustrated.


     [ Remark: As far as the book is enormously big it is published here, by old habit, in small booklets amounting to about 50 (to 100) KB, containing normally from three to five papers. Here is only one big material from 2017 about the centennial of Russian October revolution, with which this part, as well as the entire enormously big book, is at last closed. ]

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     I. For Journals
     II. For Newspapers
     III. Feuilletons
     IV. Others

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           Contents Of Section "For Newspapers"

     The truth about Bulgaria
     About the market and the Bulgarian
     Five years of devastation
     Do you want to lose your 13th pension?
     Time to draw conclusions
     About the elections and the demos

     Requiem for one coalition
     Something more about democracy
     What we have messed with the Currency Board
     Convergence, what is this?
     Why the communism has fallen down?

     And where are we?
     Predictions for the year 1999
     Can the Bulgarian pay 50% taxes?
     Reflections on the eve of the "holiday"

     About democracy and melioration
     About democratic phenomenon
     A step forward and two back
     Again sharp turn

     Oh God, what we eat!
     Why the cocks crow early morning?
     Does global warming exist?

     The fatal 2013 year in Bulgaria
     Why we vote, when we ... don't vote?
     About the fascism from common sense positions

     About the Social Ministry in Bulgaria
     How to improve democratic protests?

     Read Chris Myrski (in the sense of political reviews)
     Thoughts about Ukraine

     Miscellaneous in the year 2016

     Hundred years later (about Russian October Revolution)

     already the end

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          (To The Centenary Of October Revolution)

     It is clear that this material is dedicated to the Centennial of Russian October revolution, which is again in my untraditional style of unbiased thoughtful observations. It stresses on the next points: the Revolution, about Lenin, about Stalin, the communism with its basic principles, the future of communism (where the main moments are: kind of exploitation, kind of communes, most probable evolution of the communism), and at the end some comic ideas about the spirit of communism

     Oct. 2017

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