Eng. № 12. Search For The Woman (Cherchez la Femme)

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Жанры: Психология, Философия, Языкознание, Развлечения, Проза
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Добавлена: 03.04.2014
   This is an opus about the women and the men, the differences between them, the emancipation, and what to expect after it. Regardless the fact that the topic is old as the world, it is remarkably actual nowadays, when the set for centuries equilibrium between genders is disturbed. The approach to the theme is as possibly unbiased, in the course of the survey are explained many philosophical, logical, but also ... etymological proofs about the necessity and character of these differences. At the end there is a poetical appendix translated in English.     Keywords: women, men, emancipation, popularly, philosophically, non-traditionally, critically, in English.

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