Helter-Skelter (50+ Little Sonjotkas With Comments) – Abridged!

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Добавлена: 18.10.2021
      This is English translation of poetically-prosaic collection of 50+ slightly shortened (to 11 lines) sonnets called Sonjotkas, that are spitting at our messed transition to democracy, that for 30 years still can't finish, with analyses of bunch of questions, and with propositions for bettering of the messes (if it is read carefully). Translated exactly is only the translatable, i.e. the prosaic, part, where the verses are retold without rhyme, but they take only about 10 % of the whole material, so that in this way it is rendered in a perfect for initial acquaintance form. In the original the title is "Driving through the millet" what is idiom for doing something utterly non-carefully, but I hope that for English reading audience "Helter-Skelter" sounds good enough. The manner of the verses is free-boulevard, with Botev's sarcasm in many places, and of the comments is philosophically deep, i.e. this is not plebeian negation of everything, yet the book is addressed exactly to the common people, hoping that they will try to show a bit of reason, before to come to nihilism and run abroad. Because the democracy, however bad it is, can be bettered from below, if the population succeeds to show that it has at least a tiny amount of brains.      Keywords: poetry, funny, philosophically, profound, Bulgarian democracy, hardest critique, inimitable, in English.

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