Eng. № 07. Feul. A. Now, Look Here! (publicistics)

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Жанры: Политика, Публицистика, Критика, Проза, Экономика
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Добавлена: 16.04.2019
  Here is my entire publicistics, which is pretty voluminous and because of this I divide it in several booklets, from 3 to 5 materials containing about 50 KB text. The things are chiefly political and anti-democratic, yet they are quite different; one big part of them is sufficiently old (1990 – 2000), but there are also many new things (after 2012) in the end of the chapters. The latter are here, more or less conditionally: Jour. — for journals, News. — for newspapers, Feul. — feuilletons, and Oth. — others.   In this booklet is the beginning and greater part of the feuilletons. Look at the excerpts about the contents, short summaries, and the years of their writing.   Keywords: Bulgaria, publicistics, politics, economy, democracy, humour, Bulgarian language, names of the politicians, personal ideas.

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