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Добавлена: 21.05.2017
   This material was written for one Italian site where I appeared from the blue with the Open Letter published also here in a strange for them Bulgarian Language and I needed to give them some explanations what was there and who am I. Well, for the Russians, who are supposed to be the main readers here, the Bulgarian is not so strange a language, yet it is also unknown for them. For this and for other reasons I translated it later also in Russian, in a separate file of course. Yet here I added one point, 8A, in Russian because it concerns some ... poetry in Russian, and similarly a bit later one more point, 8B, in Bulgarian. And, in general, this is not only about the country, also about our misery (having come with the democracy, to be sure), about our barbarism, about pensioner questions, many propositions (at least hinted), as well also how the readers can use me, and the Russians or Bulgarians, too.    If you know English and understand Russian, or then otherwise, in such case it is for you, it is pretty funny on places. If you don't know Russian at all but have some knowledge of English then this is also for you; and if you know only Russian then read only the point in Russian, this may be of some use for you; the same concerning the Bulgarian. And even if you know only Bulgarian it will be useful for you to try to read in English or Russian. And if you don't know either of these languages, then — what the hell are you doing here, ah?   Keywords: Bulgaria, misery, democracy, pensions, image of Bulgaria, propositions, some poetry, interesting, important.

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