Eng. № 3. E. Ten Cynical Essays

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Жанры: Культурология, Философия, Проза
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Добавлена: 31.03.2015
  This is philosophical book, but it is popular, without special terms, so that it is accessible to all. To a certain extent the cynicism is worldview that does not preach moral (even on the contrary) and does not idealize the things, but, regardless of this, gives serious look about the world. As far as it is long for this site it is split in six parts in the limits 50 – 100 KB.   In my view it must be interesting for all young people (and for the older, too), but nevertheless it is not entertainment reading. The order of all essays is not obligatory, yet it is preferable. But don’t hurry to read all at once for you may right away lose the zest for life, when you will understand it well; this is in a sense that the less one understands life the more interesting it seems to him (or her) and the happier he lives it; or that the naivety and inexperience have their advantages.    Keywords: cynicism, philosophy, popular, about: the creation, the woman and the man, the mankind, the intellect, the religion, the democracy, the violence, the justice, the population, the future, also Constitution of Cynicland, in English.

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