Master Klotz

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Добавлена: 09.11.2014
About the book. Venue: - Berlin . Two time periods : 1.Berlin April 14, 1933 . The first months of coming to power of the National Socialist German Party , and the first attempts of "final solution" of so called Jewish question. But the time of total extermination of people because of their ethnicity has not come yet . 2 West Berlin on 13-14 August 1961 . Time when construction of "Berlin Wall" has began by the initiative of the communist party of the USSR and the communist regime in the GDR and the Wall has divided Germany apart as an "iron curtain" for many years Summary: In 1933 . The feeling of fear of losing rare violin so depressed the musician that one day in Berlin, he remembered as a dreadful dream. Iviolinist can reached nternal and creative freedom only after a voluntary exile from Nazi Germany . In 1961 . In parallel story line is described the fate of another friend of Rosner, Heinz , hurrying to a meeting with a famous musician – instrumentalist. Heinz , by coincidence, is one of the first to die at the Berlin Wall .

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