Eng. № 9.0. Urrh – excerpts

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Учебное пособие для взрослых

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Добавлена: 17.09.2014
   This is only as if an “envelope”, or very shortened variant, intended for first look at one enormous scientific book, the nearest genre to which is etymology, but not only. Not only, because I am going from the etymology with the purpose to explain popularly (as far as this is possible in such matters), how people of various nations think about ... everything, and in almost all Indo-European languages, what ideas are hidden behind the words, how they are related with other words and roots, and with other languages; that is why I say that these are impressions on etymological canvas.    The major used languages are: English, German, and Russian, but also very often Latin, French, Greek (usually old), many Western languages, as also Slavonic ones, and many other old languages (like Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit and others). This is a book about Creation viewed through the words. This is also philosophical book, there are many comments and suggestions of the author. It is result of more than a decade work in this area, albeit by a dilettante (at least in the beginning); but being not exactly with linguistic education I am making the things much more interesting for everybody. Have a look in it, it is entirely unorthodox, but it is hard to read, I must warn you. It (the full variant, of course, which you, regretfully will not find on this site, it is pretty big) is rather to be used as handbook, to look for something, but for this purpose one has to have read it, however superficially, once, and to have become used to the sundry abbreviations that I use. Well, maybe this is enough for a beginning.    Keywords: etymology, many languages, hidden ideas in the words, people's psychology, philosophical comments, suggestion on various themes, popularly written, in English, serious reading, for intellectuals.

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