Eng. № 2. C. Curious Manifestos

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страниц: ~38
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Жанры: Культурология, Политика, Математика, Проза, Экономика
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Добавлена: 20.08.2014
   This genre I name “politistics”, as everything that can be said about the social politics. In this case it is something like political science fiction or various utopias, but critique of the democracy, too, only that in form of collection of Manifestos of dozen political parties (plus two supplements). They are quite different in their characteristics, mainly ironical or even satirical, but entirely reasonable and scientifically sound. This is not an entertaining reading, unless you find pleasure in the mere reasoning or in theoretical speculations; anyway, this is not reading for falling in slumber.   As far as the book is quite big it is split here in 6 booklets between 50 and 100 КВ. All Manifestos are different, they are not related one with the other (so that it is not necessary to be read in succession) and in some places they contradict one to the other, as it is normal for different parties, but I do not advise you to skip the beginning of the book, so that you first copy it for you, read it, and if find it interesting just then take the other booklets. Here is the subsequent portion.    Keywords: politics, critique of democracy, scientific, utopian, humorous, but actual models, aphorism on the theme.

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