Eng. № 25. An Illiterate World (idea about worldwide alphabet)

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Добавлена: 30.04.2014
  This is a serious paper about the necessity in our time, in the time of Internet, of one universal worldwide alphabet, with analysis of multiple languages, with establishing of the major types of sounds but for all languages, with concrete proposition for the needed letters, with examples in four languages, then variation of the keyboard, also with examples, and with small generalizing conclusion. This problem is very important but nobody tries to solve it and that is why the author makes his unique proposition. On one hand this isn’t matter for general public, but on the other hand I have used the given here classification of the sounds in my “Bulgarian Lessons” that are in the book “Для всех СНГ-ейцев”, so that some rough acquaintance is necessary also for such readers; besides I don’t use other sites for my scientific works.   Keywords: worldwide phonemes, worldwide alphabet, new keyboard, examples and tests, original work.

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