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Deen (гость)
11 июня 2024, 13:36
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`Himalayan royal bee`ด้วยชื่อนี้คงเดาได้ไม่ยากว่าสิ่งมีชีวิตชนิดนี้คงพบเจอที่อื่นใดเป็นไม่ได้ หากไม่ใช่ตามแนวเทือกเขาเทือกเขาหิมาลัย
During an expedition off the coast of Chile Scientists have discovered more than 100 new species of animals living on underwater mountains. The discovery of this incredible discovery occurred along the ridge. ‘Salas y Gómez, an underwater mountain range that stretches 2,900 kilometers between Chile and Easter Island. The discovery reveals the biodiversity hidden in the ocean at depths of up to 3,530 meters above sea level.

An international team of researchers supported by the Schmidt Ocean Institute has been exploring the deep sea using underwater robots. in an area that has never been surveyed before, covering an area of 52,777 square kilometers. through data collection Map the ocean floor and underwater mountain ranges Until finally, they found a deep-sea ecosystem that has biodiversity in extreme conditions that humans cannot reach.