Рабочий Верстак

          F_O_R_  A_R_A_B_S_,_  C_H_I_N_E_S_E_,_  A_N_D_  H_I_N_D_U_S_ — excerpts!

          (the best world language)

          by Chris MYRSKI,   2011 - 2016

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     Contents Of The Series

     Bulgarian Lessons
     Under Bulgarian Banner
     Down With The English (Language)!

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     Abstract: In this paper I stand thoroughly on my "Bulgarian Lessons" with the intention to make one directly crucial for all Arabs, Hindus, Russians, Kazakhs, Negroes, Chinese, and many other nations, what in the end means for the whole world, proposition that is related with Bulgarian, yet not exactly, banner. What is the concrete proposition let remains for the time being a secret, but I will support it with enough arguments. Well, it sounds to a great extent utopian, but nevertheless is entirely realizable and leads to a bunch of nice consequences. It must become known to as many as possible number of people, at the top, but also at the lowermost levels, between adolescents, so that, please, scratch your intelligent (for it is not a custom to say otherwise) heads, and give a thought to it. In author's opinion it is as simple as it is brilliant, but at the same time is entirely actual.

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          0. Explanation of this what I don't mean

     Well, to tell you honestly, the Bulgarian banner is put here to catch you, or for advertising purposes — because you know that nowadays everybody must advertise himself, this is the only way if behind somebody do not stand strong and powerful circles, and what powerful circles can stay behind a unique and original thinker like you author? So that the banner must not be understood literally, only as a metaphor. I don't invite you to stand under the Bulgarian banner for the simple reason that there is nothing special or out of the ordinary in it — usual tricolor, white, green, and red, which allows 6 different permutations, and 3-4 of them are already used; in any case, we have equal with the Italians views about this what colours are the best.
     Further, I don't have in mind also our national coat of arms — lion, like our money unit, "lev" in Bulgarian —, for the reason that it is ... well, at least ridiculous, because there have never been lions in our land, and they will likewise not emerge (if the global warming will not turn us in a desert, of course). Usually the other nations boast with some eagle (even with two heads — to make the things more interesting) like symbol of power, or with something specific for them (say, baobab, rising sun, maple leaf, or hammer and sickle, and similar things). To be lions can imagine themselves only ... small nations, like the Hebrews, with their Leons, yet the Hebrews have lived earlier where the lions live, for them this is justified, while for us — with nothing. Still, with the coming of democracy in our country have grown the appetites also regarding the lions, and now we have whole three of them on our coat of arms. And they are intertwined with one another like Islamic ornaments in the mosques. But then, if it comes to this, I have a proposition in this regard, this time to the Bulgarian authorities: let us make them five, where will be at the bottom four not very big lions, and above them, and having stepped with one paw on the back of each of the ordinary lions, rises the Lion-King (or President). Or even better proposition, it is in the style of stars on the banner of European Union: let there be on our coat of arms exactly seven lions, and they will chase each other like little mischievous mice, running in direction of the right hand, or counter-clockwise. Or even better than this: let there be again seven lions, but they will run in two concentric circles — in the outer four lions and counter-clockwise, and in the inner three and clockwise. ( And on Internet sites they will really run, ah? )
     Actually, there can't be said that is felt deficiency of brilliant propositions by me. But let us go down to business, to the very overwhelming proposition, that will turn everything upside down, with the single intention to do good to all countries, firstly to those in some big unions and confederations (like Russian CIS, Arab countries, South Asian countries, India, China, other Far Eastern countries, South and whole Africa, Latin America, and so on), and in the end also to Europe and USA, raising them to a higher step, which will allow them to compete more successfully with the powerful countries like USA or United Europe (in the same manner how the latter was finally turned to reality because of the wish to be able to show stronger resistance to the United States of America — as main argument in my opinion).

          1. The very brilliant proposition

     It, as it was naturally to expect, is extremely simple, and related with something Bulgarian, yet not with the banner or coat of arms, but with Bulgarian language! ( For it can't be said "Under Bulgarian language", especially because the latter word in many other languages is the same as the tongue. ) It is the following: let us make Bulgarian language official language in your community or state!
     There are many — and obvious, come to think about — reasons for this, but in this section we will discuss the three most important ones. Though I have to warn you that I have made initially (and before about five years before this translation) this proposition to the countries from CIS (the former significantly melted Soviet Union, and also so called "big brother" to the Bulgarians", so that this was quite natural decision of mine), and despite of my adaptation to the new auditory I, still, in several places, may have some similar situation in mind. This is, however, unavoidable, because I address pretty big, in fact enormously big, auditory, and can't be acquainted with the exact situation in all other cases, but it will be sufficiently similar in any big block of countries, or even in a single big country (and, frankly speaking, in any country at all, as small as Bulgaria, with its seven-something millions, or smaller than this, say, in Estonia). So that I have made my proposition and the people there, as is said, don't give a damn about this, but this may lead to situations where, chiefly because of not paying much attention to this super-important question with the common for the world language, they will be damned, as it is also said, by other nations, because I raise, in fact, the ancient problem from the Babylon tower fable. But let me continue (or, rather, begin).


     Rus. original in Dec. 2011, translated in Eng. and revised in March 2016

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     Abstract: This paper I write practically anew in English and its contents is obvious — we, all the world, have to cease using this language so widely because it is simply ... vulgar, many grammatical categories are not well qualified, it is not exact enough to be used so massively, it was, in a way, a miscarriage, it seems simple and good for the pubs and stadiums, but not for official conversations in it. Yet because the topic is more or less clear, and I have touched it in the previous materials in this folder, I will speak a bit more frivolously and comical in some places, what has to make the work more palatable. The sections here are: some preliminaries and explanations why I write this anew and don't use the Russian variant, then some try to excuse the ancient Englishmen who have made this super-simplified language, then what is so bad with this language in comparison with the others European (at least) languages, and in the end will mark out some important places where something has to be done in order to better the language if the people want to better it (because it, in spite of all its drawbacks, sounds good, nearly like singing). Only I have to warn the readers that, being third material in the sequence, this one has to be read after the others, it is not good to skip them.

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     Surely, it does not deserve to be so widely spread, this is very good language to, hmm, curse in it, or sing songs, speak in the pub, but not as official language for nearly the whole world. It is contemporary Latin, yet the ancient Latin was very precise and this one isn't. So that I intend to ruin it totally here, if not for other reasons, than at least for to ... spur the people using it to take measures for its bettering. Yeah, but, my dear Arabs, Chinese, and Hindus, don't skip the previous materials in this folder because I use many things from them, also many shortenings, at least those for the langs, and don't intend to explain them also here (for nobody pays me to do this, right?).

          0. Preliminaries

     I write this material anew because in the Rus. folder is as third material one small letter to all CIS citizens about the very name of this Union, which is not suitable for Ars etc. (though I gave there very interesting propositions, like the one variant is to call their countries ... Bear Lands). And you can well see that there just have to be at least three things, this is pretty old tradition for to break it here. Then there emerged in 2015 one more material in Rus., an Angry Continuation, where I began nearly to call them names for not giving a damn (not that to give a damn is such a good thing, but still) to my brilliant ideas, where I explain to the Russ that for the last 25 years the number of people outside CIS speaking Rus. has diminished with roughly (though quite precisely, I am mathematician, I can make approximate calculations) 100 mln, and those in the CIS speaking Rus. have diminished with nearly another 100 mln (this time not so precisely calculated) or are ready to give it up at once if there is another alternative (at least the Ukrs are utterly malcontented, and the non-Sl. countries are about 90 mln). And I checked for them in the Internet that there is no other Sl. lang. without cases, the Bul. is just unique. And so on, but this is not for the present auditory. Ah, and in the end I have put some poetical jokes with their Putin, and threatened them to call him for help and beg him to whack them on the heads, figuratively said, what I don't think to do because I don't try to impose my views, I try to make the people think alone because the situation with their lang. is serious.
     Yet, my dear Arabs etc., don't cry, I will find about what to speak here. For example, just now I will try to exonerate a bit the old Engs for their so drastic spoiling of the lang., although in my view, what means that the good may sometimes change place with the bad and v.v., but such is the life, really, neither good nor bad, simply has to be lived.


     March 2016

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