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          THE NAPUK PARTY — CODEX — Excerpts!

          (In English)

          By Ivancho Jotata, known also as Ochnavi Atatoj, Ivan Bugarow, Jotabash Giaurgi, Nostradamus Buladamus, and other cloning names

     [ Remark: There are three papers about NAPUK party that go hand in hand and this is the last, before it is the Program, and first is the Manifesto; they all are related but different, stressing on different sides of the activity of this unique party. This treats chiefly moral aspects of the activists. ]

     Abstract: This is the last of the trinity of papers about my unique NAPUK party and it concerns chiefly the moral image of its followers, but also the immorality on the money and how to avoid it, the social ruling, and other related or not exactly questions, but which is good to be mentioned somewhere and here is enough place for them. It is not good to begin reading from here, but with the Manifesto.

          0. Introduction

     The history of all societies is a history of selection of better rulers, who can manage the masses in the interests both, of the rulers and the masses, for achieving of better exploitation of the masses! As far as the NAPUK party is pretty unique, it is summoned to become the best and the last party, we have to pay attention to its members and followers. And what means the best? Well, all parties defend the interests of some part of the society, and the better has to be such one that defends those of a bigger group of people, but this party defends the interests of all, of the rich and of the poor, and this is the main difference in the world of capitals, in the capitalism. From another point of view our members have to be neither poor nor rich, to stay in the middle, so that to feel equally well both social poles. Still, they have to be convinced that the common people want to be exploited and they do quite necessary work for the common good. They are party members, because this is a party, but they don't defend partial interests, they defend the interests of the society.
     Yet our members have to defend also those who are in idle state from the point of view of the society, i.e. they do nothing for the society, but we have, still, to defend their interests, because in a free society one has also the right to do nothing useful in the moment, because in this way one can evolve himself (or herself, I will not repeat this again) in the interest of himself, what can in the end turn out to be in the interests of the others! This is possible because when one does what one wants it is supposed that in many cases he exploits himself alone, and if he does not exploit himself in the moment then he just does not know how to do this, he maybe has to be advised or helped with something, but his right to do nothing must not be denied and he has to be provided with all necessary, yet on a very reduced level, this is obvious; if he agrees to live with very low income and be happy, then this has to be taken for proof that he has other important for him values and considerations. In a way, the right to work for the others or not has to be observed as the right of the … sexual partner to do or not sex in the moment, so that we have even to help him, to raise his libido!
     Then the big private property that is not used for private purposes must not necessary exist, it may or may not be in private hands and the work can, still, be done properly, because in no country exist private … armies and /or polices but there is maintained the external or domestic peace, or then can be state-owned as well private postal services, insurance organizations, and others. What means that this question has to be impartially observed and the right decision found.
     Then the social ruling is the most important question in the social area and it is not done properly, we even do not try to do what is necessary but rely either on compulsion, or on delusion of the masses, or in the better case on some mixture of these methods, but never on logically required means. I (as enlightened person, excuse me for the repeating) can understand that the rulers do this, what gives results, people just want to be deluded, as well to be manipulated somehow, but we have to try at least to teach them to behave reasonable because this is what has the lowest social price. So that I will make here one important proposition about bettering of the ruling (which I have also done somewhere under my usual pen-name), but I will also say what is to be required from our members, because they have to give good example for the others.
     Then I will propose also some new moral stimuli for the masses working in the field of services, but nowadays the major part of people work in it, so that this may help a bit. I will mention also that the pretty fast equalizing of life in various countries can have negative impact, not only because this will lessen the romantic of foreign places, but also because if some differences disappear this will force the appearance of new differences, which are not correctly predicted and may turn to be perilous with something. And I will try to give a picture of our life in the near future, probable to the end of this century, which will or has to change again very fast the outlook of our usual life, of our habits. And I will not forget to give one proposition for fighting the overpopulation in the spirit of our party, i.e. to give money instead of to take it, with the hope that this will bring it back to the state in some way or another.


     June, 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria


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