The Sweet Apocalypse (An Essay About Dying Current Civilization)


          THE NAPUK PARTY — PROGRAM — Excerpts!

          (In English)

          By Ivancho Jotata, known also as Ochnavi Atatoj, Ivan Bugarow, Jotabash Giaurgi, Nostradamus Buladamus, and other cloning names

     [ Remark: There are three papers about NAPUK party that go hand in hand, the Program, that stays in the middle between the other two, which are the Manifesto, and the Codex; they all are related, but are different, stressing on different sides of the activity of this unique party. ]

     Abstract: This is a paper about the decline of our civilization, in what we don't believe en masse because it is not felt as dying, it smells good, yet it is a decline, obviously for those who give a thought to it. So that I will explain why this is so, in what it chiefly expresses itself, and what would have been good to do, if we don't like much this idea. But this time, maybe for change, or because you, people, as a rule, don't like especially structured things, they look boring for most of you, I will not structure the material, it will be just a narration, dreams, play of the imagination, such things.

          0. Introduction

     The history of all societies is a history of redistribution of financial resources, so that to be ensured the best possible for the moment method of exploitation of the masses! One may accept the exploitation or deny it, yet it exists, and the incessant changing of the hands that keep the money, including those of the state, is obvious at least in the taxation that exists in every state from the times of primitive societies and till the current days. There can't exist a state if something is not taken from everybody from whom it can be taken, but it is a bad state (what ultimately means that it can't exist, too), if it does not also give something to those in need, and if it was given to the proper persons then the money is not lost, but can later bring some dividends for the state and for all the population. These are some preliminary economic moments, that will be useful for grasping of the idea of this new party.
     Because, as said in the Manifesto, this is a second to none party with name NAPUK, meaning in Bulgarian in-spite-of, against (all other parties around the world). The idea of it has arisen in Bulgaria because this is the weakest piece of the chain, the poorest country in EU, and in addition to this the most unsocial of all other countries, land of unbelievers and egoists, though with very original gene and unique characteristics in many aspects; still, it is European country (even if on the very border of it, in the Balkan peninsula). What means that if some of the proposed by this party measures will work in Bulgaria, then they will work everywhere, because in almost all other countries the economic and moral conditions will be better than by us. And the purpose of this party is to mobilize the people for bettering of the current capitalism, for some socializing of it, for providing of smoother transition to the next social order — which will not be of higher productivity rates and abundance, but of better exploitation, more suitable for the people in the era of post-industrial society, with its synthetic products and robotized industry, but with weaker compulsion of the money as main stimulus for production; in other words, in conditions where is searched not for people to do some necessary work, but for necessary activity of work for the people to satisfy their need for self-expression (in addition to the expected income for the state).
     The point is, you see, that everybody wants to be exploited, but to be well satisfied with this, both by the payment for his (or her, I will not repeat this) work, and by the pleasure of doing something good for the people. Even many of the animals want to be made to do something that will please the master, so that I will not indulge in more motivations of this necessity for the people, after satisfying in some measure the other lower placed main desires, namely for: food, shelter, and sex or procreation. Yet they have to be all satisfied up to some degree with food and shelter, also with healthcare, with ability to learn what they deem necessary for them to learn, and to feel more or less secured in their life. What means also that they have to have reached some higher level of satisfying of their needs and to have begin to reject the money, to scorn them! OK, but the case now is not such, even in the well developed countries people hold a big amount of unnecessary investments, what is proved by the big amount of money in the banks, and by the funny, even negative interest rates; also the incessantly increasing of the thrown to the garbage food and products in quite good condition means that people have not real needs to produce more.
     And in the same time there are not less than 10 % of the population, and in some countries up to about 30 %, who live below the social minimum for the moment, whose needs can perfectly well (I am convinced in this) be satisfied and be in condition to make their contribution to the society, or at least to live happier, but they are somehow separated from the society as non-necessary for the moment persons. This is a rotten circle, and instead of solving it somehow, we invent only new unnecessary pleasures for the over-satiated majority of people. Hence, by these current circumstances, we have to make all efforts to socialize better the society, to equalize bigger number of people in their standard of life, to give to all some basic allowance at least after passport age, to provide goods and services of whatever kind (be it a loaf of bread, or bus ticket, or education taxes, or fee for pulling out a tooth, or something else) on prices corresponding with his resources, and to debase as far as possible the power of money (as the chief oppressor under the capitalism — because the oppressor is not the capitalist, it is the money that is guilty). This will be building of socialism in the conditions of capitalism, what is the right way to do this, at least because the socialism is simply a level or kind of capitalism, the form of exploitation is not changed, we all are hired workers (with the exception of some super rich minority of less than 1 %). This is necessary to be done for three reasons (at least), because we can do this, because this is our moral obligation, and because this will better the exploitation, although I think also, because this will enliven the capitalism (with the inclusion of the non-needed persons in the society), and will make more smooth the transition to the next social order, whenever this happens.


     June, 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria


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