Il Communionismo (A Treatise About New Kind Of Communes)


          THE NAPUK PARTY — MANIFESTO — Excerpts!

          (In English)

          By Ivancho Jotata, known also as Ochnavi Atatoj, Ivan Bugarow, Jotabash Giaurgi, Nostradamus Buladamus, and other cloning names

     [ Remark: There are three papers about NAPUK party that go hand in hand, the Manifesto, the Program, and the Codex; they are related, but they are different, stressing on different sides of the activity of this unique party. ]

     Abstract: This is the beginning and most fundamental of the trinity of papers about NAPUK party. Here is explained what this means, why is it so important and unique, which are the basic requirements of its policy, in economic and social aspects, and why it is a must for the contemporary decaying capitalist society. If you like our society in world-wide scale, you can quietly miss these papers, but otherwise you better cast a look at them.

          0. Introduction

     The idea for this party appeared in my head on the background of our Bulgarian big mess and confusion in economic, and chiefly politic and social (rather unsocial) aspects, where I said to myself: let me invent one party which is like no other party, different from all possible (and impossible) parties, so to say, against each and every party, what in Bulgarian is 'napuk', and sounds good in all languages (I suppose in Hindu, Chinese, Hungarian, Eskimo, etc.). And the etymology of the word is funny, because 'na' is prefix meaning usually: above, on, at, but here "in spite of", and the root 'pukam' in Bulgarian is to crack, yet in transferred meaning also to, sorry, fart! Not that this is known in Bulgaria, but I have made my etymological researches and can give you some foreign words, like: Russian 'pukatj' as to fart (and this 'j' I use here and there for softening), Serbian 'putzam' (ah, and single quotes I use for pronunciation in more or less Latin way) as the same, then old Greek perdeo as the same, and so on — this word being sound imitation — to the Sanskrit, where the same activity (because it is activity, isn't it?) was 'prdj'. Id est, I don't give a damn (in order not to repeat too many times the same word) about all other parties, this my party will be the most unique party of all unique parties, so to say unucum uniquorum in (my) Latin.
     But I am not such person who invents paradoxical ideas for the fun of it, no, the fun can be present, but the ideas have to be sound and useful. Hence I begin not with rejecting of the exploitation, but with its accepting, only making it palatable, good for the exploited persons. Then I add some communist ideas, to be sure, but which are such that the very communists (if they are left somewhere, say, in China) would not accept (because they deny the exploitation, you know). Then I put all this in the environment of up-to-day computers or business machines, with abilities to monitor nearly everything. Then I come to a new way for pensioning from very young years, say, up 12! Then I invent special category of social products, which have to be able to be somehow donated by the state, because only to increase the prize with taxes and excise duties is not good for poor countries. And I make some rough calculations, about these things. And I, no matter that am atheist, call various religions to justify my propositions. And I care equally well for the wealthy, like for the poor, I don't insist that the poor people have to disappear entirely, but there is a difference between a poor person now and in the times of the Pharaohs; I just care about the exploitation, because not everybody can exploit himself (like me, for example). And so on.
     And after turning of this idea for several nights in my head I came to the conclusion that it is, really, very interesting, even urgent in these days of unending economic crisis in world-wide scale. This can be able to enliven the economy, can give purpose in life for many people, at least for a pair of generations. And because of the not exactly small volume of the paper I decided to divide it in three parts, Manifesto, Program, and Codex of this unique party, invoked to become … gravedigger of all parties, in the name of better live and happy exploitation of the people, defending the right of everybody to be exploited! So that, let me begin.


     June, 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria


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