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An untaught reasonable planetoid over and over again rescues the earth student-inventor Alex. In the orbit of unfolding adventures, he draws others. Schoolboy John does a backward time travel before the inevitable death. He is transformed into a photonic essence by inhabitants of the primary dimension. The chain of nuclear explosions of the Kremlin in Moscow, Yellowstone supervolcano and the reservoirs of Lar and Latian dams in Iran normalizes the practice of nuclear strikes and for a time saves the world from a climate catastrophe. Anarchist Nick becomes a key figure in mastering incredible generous investments and sparing no one fighting in the ranks of a fantastic universe anarchist squad against the usurpation of power. People become cyborgs and base the Russian style of tank battle happens and get a fantastic confrontation in Moscow. Plot: Global technologies are documenting what is happening on the ground. Heroes use this information in the zone of virtual participation in which they get through the area of non-spatial movement. The boys come up with a movie and put it into practice. Hollywood is the opposite. After the universal search, it turns out that we have no one to hope for. Choice: how to spend your life, if it finally comes that you live once. About love in this book it’s not made up, everything is like in life. Adaptation of really occurring events for the perception of real life without illusions in the series of books "Limit" by Vladimir Vasilyev. You can view the Amazon's Author Page at amazon.com/author/vladimirvasilyev