Woman Trinity Church (Idea About New Atheistic Religion, the PAW Cult)


          WOMAN TRINITY CHURCH — Excerpts!

          (Idea About New Atheistic Religion, the PAW Cult)

          By Ivancho Jotata, known also as Ochnavi Atatoj, Ivan Bugarow, Jotabash Giaurgi, Nostradamus Buladamus, and other cloning names

     Abstract: This is my latest idea about one, preferably atheistic, Church, that can be called WoTri (i.e. of Woman Trinity) Church, or PAW Cult, because there are worshiped three deities, Putna, Afro, and Wimei, and in triangular churches, in three different altars, but in one church. I find all this pretty original and having in mind my advanced age I publish the idea without invention of religious fables, but only as deep theosophical thoughts and ideas about the phenomenon of feminine human being.

          0. Introduction

     This has to be not big material, and the idea is very young for me, but it seems so philosophically profound in my opinion that I just can't wait more before its publication. And why should I invent religious fables now? For one thing I have invented a pair of religions under my traditional pseudonym (have even begun my activity as writer with one atheistic religion), but for another thing I don't intend to become now preacher, I have many other things to do in my remaining years. So that this religion can be taken simply as interesting idea for a temple, for a place where can be listened different music (because this is basically my idea for practicing of this religion) and for finding of time to meditate and give thoughts at the phenomenon of woman being, which deserves this. This is why I say that this is atheistic religion, i.e. believing without naive picturing of some divine being, and also theosophy, what in my basically etymological view to the matters means simply theo + sophia, i.e. god + wisdom. But, on the other hand, this is what we need nowadays, some such believing that is based not on fables, but on thinking about the spirit of everything — because god may exist or not, but everything has its spirit, its basic laws of functioning, its organizational principles.
     So, and let me first focus your attention at the fact that this is Trinity, like with the Sanskrit gods, i.e. this is something more than a dialectics, which has two "lactics", what is elastic thing, 'lastik' in Bulgarian! And do not remind me, please, that there is Trinity in Christian religion, too, because there, as everywhere by the Christianity, exist only some imitation of ideas from the East, the Christian God is one "person" who has 3 faces, these are not 3 different gods, how it is in the Buddhism. Even the very Buddha is not a god but enlightened person — like myself, I'll tell you —, more or less so like the prophet Mohammed is not a god but just wise person who tries to direct the attention of the masses to the invisible Spirit of the Universe. If by this you will come to the conclusion that I am not big defender of Christianity, then you are right, I am convinced that the Christianity has arisen on the East and was spoiled by the West, like also the Ancient Greek civilization has played not exactly positive role for Europe and the West, it has rather stopped the influx of the East (of Persians and Arabs) to the West (passing something, naturally, but not much), and then, as unavoidable consequence, that the whole Western civilization is not so wise as it presents itself (and this is why it decays in the present days, about what I have spoken elsewhere). I tell you this in the beginning not because it is so directly related with my new PAW cult, but not to hide from you my beliefs, so that, if some of you don't like this, to be able to leave the material to be and exit from it.
     So now to the Woman Trinity. I state simply that in every woman live 3 beings, deities, who will be later explained more detailed, and ...

     May, 2018


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