Рабочий Верстак

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          Chris MYRSKI,     Sofia, Bulgaria,    2001 ...

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     [ Remark: As far as the book is enormously big it is published here, by old habit, in small booklets amounting to about 50 (to 100) KB, containing normally from three to five papers. In this booklet continue the things for journals. To add also that the footnotes, again by established here habit, are marked with "*" and placed immediately after the paragraph in [ ... ] brackets. ]

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           Contents Of Section "For Journals"

     Essay on the common sense
     About the turn to the left
     How much has to win a company in order to have no gain?

     Our people again hoarded goods by higher prices
     Too good is not good!
     Are we free, or on the contrary?

     Political gratitude
     Neo-Malthusianism, or rational judgment
     Myths about democracy

     About the ownership and its future
     Just injustice

     In ovo e veritas
     Oh, 'manci, 'manci -pation!
     What we want to tell the world?

     In Bulgaria everything is quiet
     Political parties in Bulgaria

     About the degradation of morality
     Is it possible moderate communism in Bulgaria?

     Essay on the common sense — II

     ... new for journals

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     The paper discusses unbiased, though from left-wing positions, the question pf ownership used for exploitation of other peoples labour, as also the measures that has to be taken in order to reach in the future reasonable solution of this main economic question of society.

     August 2001

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     The paper observes variety of drawbacks of system of jurisprudence, together with two concrete scientifically justified (according to the author) propositions: 1) for unification of the assessment of damages and guilt, and also an entirely new idea 2) for personal modification of punishment. The purpose of this survey is to get objective, simplified, and just jurisprudence. The material is intended chiefly for thoughtful masses (as much as they exist), because the very jurists will not express a wish to cut the branch on which they are sitting.

     October 2001

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