Рабочий Верстак

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          Chris MYRSKI,     Sofia, Bulgaria,    2001 ...

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     [ Remark: As far as the book is enormously big it is published here, by old habit, in small booklets amounting to about 50 (to 100) KB, containing normally from three to five papers. In this booklet continue the things for journals. To add also that the footnotes, again by established here habit, are marked with "*" and placed immediately after the paragraph in [ ... ] brackets. ]

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           Contents Of Section "For Journals"

     Essay on the common sense
     About the turn to the left
     How much has to win a company in order to have no gain?

     Our people again hoarded goods by higher prices
     Too good is not good!
     Are we free, or on the contrary?

     Political gratitude
     Neo-Malthusianism, or rational judgment
     Myths about democracy

     About the ownership and its future
     Just injustice

     In ovo e veritas
     Oh, 'manci, 'manci -pation!
     What we want to tell the world?

     In Bulgaria everything is quiet
     Political parties in Bulgaria

     About the degradation of morality
     Is it possible moderate communism in Bulgaria?

     Essay on the common sense — II

     ... new for journals

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     [ * This material against the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) can be observed as politically engaged, but the truth is that not a single political force has rewarded the author for this his "engagement", so that it would have been more correct to call it anti-engaged. In any case, it must be clear that if UDF has not hurried like "calf before its mother", as is said, to perform the transition to democracy, the communists, as they have begun with the perestroika, so for 10 years till the moment would have finished it and forgotten about. Yeah, but the dissidents would have been again left with finger in the mouth, right? And that's the point. ]

      This is sharp critique of Bulgarian UDF, Union of Democratic Forces, as major political cause for our botched transition to democracy.

     January 1998

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     [ * Published on page 27 of "Continent" newspaper from 28 Aug. 1998 creatively modified, in order to fit in one big page. ]

     This paper casts new light on the neo-malthusianism, and takes in focus the question of overpopulation and how to fight successfully with it.

     June 1998

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      This paper unmasks duzen widely spread myths about democracy, and, hence, is useful practically for everybody, but some things are duplicated with other materials of the author.

     August 1998

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