Рабочий Верстак

          C U R I O U S    M A N I F E S T O S   — excerpts!


          Chris MYRSKI,     Sofia,   2000

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     [ * All names of the parties /movements /etc. in Bulgarian original have abbreviations with three equal letters, which peculiarity isn't easy to maintain in the translation, so the letters are more often different. ]

     Manifesto of the DDD (Deliberate Democratic Dictatorship) Movement
     Addendum to DDD
     Manifesto of the EEE (Enigma of the Exploitative Elite)

     Manifesto of the ZSG (Zodiacal Significance Group)
     Addendum to ZSG
     Manifesto of the IIE (Initiative for Iterative Elections)
     Manifesto of the CCW (Corrupted Cadres Wing)

     Manifesto of the NNO (New Nomenclature's Offensive)
     Manifesto of the FCP (Forever Changing Party)
     Addendum to FCP

     Manifesto of the BRD (Believers in the Reasonable Difference)
     Addendum to BRD
     Manifesto of the USC (Union for Strength and Competition)

     Manifesto of the TTT (Tandem for Total Totalization)
     Manifesto of the FFF (Feminism Forcing Formation)
     Manifesto of the CCC (Civilized Centralization and Circuses)
     Addendum to CCC

     Supplement: Hurray, Is It Possible (Government of the Reasonable Alternative)?

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           PART FOUR


          (Believers in the Reasonable Difference)

     The history of all societies is a history of unity and struggle between opposite tendencies in the social area! And in this struggle, obviously, is important not the strength or weakness of each of the parts (tendencies) but their mutual situation, i.e. the difference between the opposing trends. When two people fight it doesn't matter whether they are strong or weak but who is the stronger, and so is also in the wars, in the competition between the currencies, or between the different wares on the market, or between the winds forming the climate or a given place, or between the bachelors competing for a girl (and the reciprocal, too), and in each competition or contest, etc., et cetera. It is the same also with the democratic "seesaw", where the prevalence of one party or coalition is shown in relation to the others, or relatively, not as absolute value (though this also, sometimes, has its significance).
     This, surely, is known, only that it isn't used properly but just pro forma. Because when the powers are only two and is applicable the rule that who is not with the one part is with the other (as it is by the pure two-polar democratic choice), the things, more or less, work also by the existing system, but the choice not always is bipolar, and even if it is such it does not work correctly (at least in our conditions) for it is reached then to the situation of "two hard stones", which, as our folks say, "don't mill the flour". Though even if we have only two parties let us not forget that in each (other) voting there are counted three kinds of votes: "pro", "contra", and abstained, where in the national elections it isn't so (for each party). And along with this in the politics, as also by other activities related to the popularity of a given person or tendency, the important thing is whether the public shows strong emotions, and not so much of what kind are they (because the extremities often switch from one to the other where the indifference is very hard to shake). And if some political power is found good by the population it is, still, not clear whether this is so because people like it, or because they hate the other powers (more than this one), but the followers of those other powers may hate even stronger this (liked) power, only that nobody asks them about this. In short — there's something "lame" in the system of democratic elections, something that can easily be bettered accepting the platform of the Believers in the Reasonable Difference (BRD), on what we shall dwell in the current Manifesto.


     In this Manifesto we explained the main ideas and necessary requirements for changes in the existing system of laws in order to better the democracy and heave it on the platform of the Believers in the Reasonable Difference, because we find that taking into account the difference in the votes between "pro" and "contra" in each important voting is the cornerstone on the way to the future democracy. All contemporary democratic models worldwide, we are bound to state this in the open, are only in some extend good (what means that they are also in some extend bad, and this latter "extent" is much greater than we should have wished)! Only BRD proposes weakening of the frictions, bettering of the used material, i.e. political parties, and eliminating of the paradoxes of democracy, but preserving its main ideas and principles.

     If you are reasonable person then you are for the democracy, if you are for the democracy then you are for the reasonable democracy. If this is so join the BRD in order to make it such.

     If you crave for the democracy than you crave also for the reasonable difference in the meanings, hence you are Believer in the Reasonable Difference.

     If the future of the humanity is in its reasonability, then the future of the democracy is in the reasonable difference!

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     Here we show the results from one exemplary voting for Parliament (in Bulgaria) on national level, with the distribution of the votes, computing of the quotas and establishing of the mandates, according to the proposition of the Believers in the Reasonable Difference. We begin with the results of voting.


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          (Union for Strength and Competition)

     The history of all societies is a history of demonstration of power and fight for domination of the stronger over the weaker! At least from the times of Babylon is known that almost always is very difficult (not to say impossible) to prove who is right and who is wrong, because there are not objective criteria for truthfulness in the social sphere, so that the absolute (or divine, if you prefer it so) truth leaves most often deeply hidden for the humans, and whatever position to take for right it flows some time and it becomes erroneous in the light of new knowledge, but this assumption, too, after a time turns again erroneous and one simply does not know in what to believe and in what — not to. But if it isn't clear who is the right then it always can be established who is the stronger, and because of that from ancient times was accepted the rule that right is the stronger!
     This "formula" has just no error, and for this reason nobody tries in critical moments to prove who is right but only who is stronger, after what the latter is taken for right and with this the problem is solved. The right of the stronger is main law in our Universe and the single thing one can do is to comply with this and accept it, making all possible for it to be applied at least honestly, i.e. to exist conditions for performing of fair inspection about this who is the stronger. The strength exists for to be respected (there is no other justification for its existing) and our concern is only to determine who is the stronger in order to listen and obey to him and live happy! The Union for Strength and Competition (USC) supports exactly this opinion and raises it in rank of primarily thesis in the politics. If till now in the governing of each country have occurred many errors this is only because the politicians have not yet known about the goals and tasks of our Union! Let us correct this fault.


     If the politics aims to make our society better, so the sport aims to make our body better. From ancient times the humanity has got to the truth that sound spirit can exist only in a sound body, for a long time it is in certain that sound society may exist only by good governmental institutions, but we from the USC for the first time got to the conclusion how to accomplish this! And in doing this we have not looked for something new but just looked properly in the history of humanity, and taking the best out of it we incorporated it in the democracy. In this way we created one better, or one newer democracy!

     Via USC to well suited selection of statesmen and bettering of their demeanor!

     To real political battles and duels only via the Union for Strength and Competition!

     Give support to the strength, give support to the competition, give support to the USC!

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