What are the most common causes of hair loss in the summer?


Hair loss is an awful condition despite age, time, and weather. It can make you feel low when you experience massive hair fall. However, if you are experiencing huge body hair loss in summer, you are not alone. Although seasonal hair loss is normal, it is nothing to do with an underlying cause. But, in this season, the frequency and amount of hair loss may be greater than other days of the year. Alopecia areata can occur during hot weather, but it is usually temporary.

What causes summer hair loss?


In summer, when you go out in the heat, the UV rays from the sun will enter your head. These rays will suck all the moisture from your scalp to make it dull and dry. This would result in breakage of hairs when they do not get proper nourishment. It could even cause losing body hair other than the head. You can even experience loss of hairs from the nose and ears if not sun-shielded.


Sweat is usual in summers, especially when doing core physical activities. Sweating on the head can become a prominent cause of alopecia areata. There is a vast presence of lactic acid in the sweat. So, when it is caused in the head, it gets mixed with keratin. This mixture can considerably cause body hair loss. You can experience this itself by combing your hair when it is sweated.

Excess dryness

You probably use a hairdryer for styling your hair. But, it would be good if you stopped using dryers in the summers. This would cause excessive dryness to your scalp, which would result in hair breakage. Dryness can also cause losing body hair from other parts in summer. The heat can suck all the body moisture, and sitting in an air-conditioned enclosure can also cause dryness. So, it is important to stay hydrated during hot weather days.


You must be stunned to know that swimming could also cause body hair loss. It might sound weird, but it is 100% true. The water inside the pool contains chlorine which is chemical and harsh for hair and skin. It could damage the hair by making them dry and rough. Dry hairs are more at risk of breakage and fall while combing. So, you can experience more hair fall in summers than other days. However, you can restore moisture by applying coconut oil to your scalp.

Wet brushing

Wet brushing on hairs is common in summers. Sweating, showering, and swimming can cause your hair to wet. So, when you brush hairs during wetness, they can break. So, it is better to brush them after drying them with a towel properly.

The Bottom Line

Losing body hair is not unusual in the summer season. Everyone could experience this condition without any serious health issues. However, you can get your lost hair back naturally when treated properly. You can consult with a hair expert in case of excessive hair loss. It would let you find the real cause of hair fall and get beneficial treatment for the problem.


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