Best Sensors to Keep Plasma Cutting Systems Safe?


It is needless to say that the trend of traditional cutting methods has been over now. The invention of plasma cutting technology has replaced conventional cutting with faster means. Imagine how a hot knife will cut the slices of butter rapidly. Similarly, the plasma arc will cut the metals like copper, iron, steel, etc., in a fraction of seconds. It works with a jet of hot plasma that cuts electronically conductive materials. This technology is highly used in manufacturing, automotive repair and restoration, welding, industrial construction, etc.

Safety of Plasma cutting

However, this cutting-edge technology is needed to be used with utmost safety as it contains some risks. Some potential risks that are associated with this technique of cutting metals are:

Excess heat

Electrical power

Hot shower of sparks

Risk of damage to the machine

However, all these risks can be reduced drastically with sensors. These sensors could tell the operator when the overheating of the cutter occurs. They can work to protect the plasma cutter and ensure the machine`s smooth working for optimal cutting.

8000 series liquid flow meter

It works with accuracy to measure gas and liquid flow through the sensor. It is embedded with a digital signal output meter to let you know the heating temperature of the machine. The range for liquid temperature in this meter is from -40 to 90 degrees. The customized form can control temperature up to 150 degrees and above. It comes with an automatic alarm trip that will shut down the plasma cutter when the temperature reaches extreme heat. You will get a 5-year warranty with this flow meter.

8000 XHT series, extreme temperature

You can consider this device to get the best output for reading the liquids that transfer heat from -60 to 200 degrees. It is designed to detect extreme heat when using plasma arc cutting systems. You can get accurate flow measurements with high temperatures to minimize the risk of extreme heat. It comes with a warranty of 5 years and will enable you to make safe and enduring use of plasma cutting machines.

8000 series flow switches

It is a great invention for plasma technology that measures water at 77 Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. Though, it is only a viable solution to be used with water. The device is available in a compact design with a 5 years warranty period.

To Sum up

A plasma cutter is a sharp technology to cut pieces of metals. This provides precise, swift, and accurate cutting. But, it is vital to run this technology with safety measures. So, using these sensors is always beneficial to prevent the machine from overheating. This technique is expensive; thus, replacing it after a certain period is not financially advantageous.  

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