How to connect a Roku streaming stick with TV?


All users looking for ways to connect the Roku streaming stick with the TV should follow the steps provided below.

  • Firstly turn ON the TV.
  • After this, insert the streaming stick in the HDMI port of the TV or the projector. 
  • Note: The users can make use of the extender to connect the stick with the TV.
  • Once the Streaming stick gets plugged in correctly, connect one end of the power cord to the stick and the other end to the wall or the TV or projector.
  • Note: The easy way to check if the stick is turned “ON” is when the LED light turns “ON.”
  • After this, change the input to the HDMI port in which the streaming stick is plugged.
  • After that, follow the prompts on the TV.
  • After this, put the batteries in the Roku remote.
  • Then press any button on the Roku remote, then it will automatically get paired.
  • The user can also press the “Reset” button located under the battery cover.

So, this is how the user can easily connect the Roku device. After that, to setup the Roku device via, the users are suggested to follow the below-mentioned step.

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