What is the exam form of Cisco CCNP enterprise (350-401)?


Cisco CCNP Enterprise (350-401) exam is usually the choice of students and novices. Generally, they will have a try to find out whether the certification is difficult or not and then decide to upgrade their certificate, SPOTO suggests that direct application for the CCIE certification is more popular among enterprises.

In the era of rapid technology change, there are different technologies to update every day. How to adapt to the speed of technology update and the increased difficulty of the updated technology has become a big problem for us to solve. What we can do is lay the foundation well. No matter how the technology updates, the core of its theory is still basic knowledge. Like OSI model, we slowly encapsulate and de-capsulate the data one layer by one. This year, Huawei and Cisco have made major reforms in their certification systems. Huawei has changed the name of certification and added some data center content in RS direction. It can be seen that the data center theory will be very hot in the future. As for Vxlan, it is like VLAN in RS. Although it the basic content, it must be mastered. If you can`t understand this foundation, you can`t adapt to the new data center architecture. That is to say, you can`t engage in a large project. What about Cisco? Cisco has made every-six-year technological innovation. This time, it is a real big change. Cisco removes RS and changes its name to EI. Nearly half of the contents are inclined to SDN, Python and linux. In addition, in other aspects of Cisco, there are also many automation content, that is, in the next few years, automation will become a tool that many data centers must use. It can improve the network architecture and enable the network architecture to have a good scalability of CCNP 350-401.

CCNP ENCOR (350-401) Complete Video Training Series

Is that the only change? No. There has been much more than that. Cisco has also changed the form of the exam, especially for CCNP. The CCNP exam can also be directly related to the written exam of IE. Cisco`s CCNP certification program will be implemented on February 24, 2020. In the new CCNP program, each CCNP certification only needs participants to take two exams: a core exam and a centralized exam of your choice. In short, it is a selective written exam. So you can focus on your interests and needs. In addition, the core exam of each technical course can also be used as the qualification exam of CCIE experimental exam. That is to say, after the core exam of CCNP is finished, you can choose to take the selective written exam to get the CCNP certification. And if you don`t want to choose CCNP, then you can choose CCIE. The core exam can be used as the written exam in CCIE, and you will be directly qualified to take the CCIE experimental exam. This increases the flexibility of the exam and gives a lot of choice opportunities to individuals! It is worth noting that the new CCNP Enterprise certification has replaced the current CCNP routing and switching, CCNP wireless and CCDP certification. That is to say, all these three become one! If you have already started participating in the current CCNP routing and switching, CCNP wireless or CCDP certification, please continue. In the new plan, you will get credits for the work completed in these current certification. If you manage to pass these certification exams before February 24, you will get the corresponding certificates of the new exams and get the new CCNP enterprise certification. If you complete any of these certifications before February 24, you will get the new CCNP Enterprise certificate and the corresponding technology badges - enterprise core technology, advanced routing, wireless and design. For those who have passed the CCNP certification, under the new certification architecture, the validity period is three years. CCNP may not have high certification value now, and the rise of training institutions also makes people realize that CCIE is already standard certificate. Getting a good stepping stone is the most important thing. But don`t look down on CCNP`s technical theory, which is the real core layer and plays a role of connecting the preceding and the next. And most theories are from CCNP. In my opinion, theoretical learning and taking the certification exam should be separated. Indeed, theoretical learning is the most important. Companies won`t give you a high salary just because you have a certificate. I hope you will adhere to the study of theory and get the highest certification of Cisco no matter whether you participate in the new version or the old version certification program!

To obtain more information about Cisco CCNP Enterprise training courses, consult SPOTO customer service online.

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