Anika, who was looking at him intently, suddenly had turned out toward the middle of the room and she seemed to be kind of fidgeting and processing some new information. Nat had kind of lost his train of thought, as well. He found himself amazed seeing Anika chilling with him in his apartment. They would usually talk cordially in the hallway or do each other favors like watering their plants while the other person was on vacation. He had always respected her married status. But, at the same time, today felt like it had been a particularly long day and it was really nice to have a girl to hang out with. Her skin looked so soft and tan as her little shorts slightly rode up her thighs. "Don`t you wanna sit on the couch?" asked Anika, patting at the open space next to her. Nat had been perched on a high stool and was happy to accept the invite. They sat for a minute together, their legs slightly touching, sipping slowly at the wine. Anika was kind of bursting at the seems. She didn`t want to kill the moment, but she was highly aroused sitting next to Nathaniel. She wondered about what kind of equipment he had to work with underneath those jeans. It had been a long time since her husband had been home so she hadn`t been sexually active for a while. She actually loved being fucked—fucked deep—but she had always been shy and very loyal. Today she finally felt like it was time to let go of that nonsense. Who knows if her husband was even ever coming home and, meanwhile, there`s this handsome, muscular man sitting right next to her. Her pussy was practically dripping through her shorts so she didn`t have much time. She had to figure out how to get on top of him, immediately. "Nathaniel?" "Yes, Anika?" "Have you ever had a Russian woman?" Nathaniel`s heart started racing. "No, I don`t believe I have." She put her hand on his leg. "You really should try it." Nathaniel laughed, "Why`s that?" "We love being fucked," she said as she started rubbing her hand slowly up his thigh. Nathaniel closed his eyes for a moment. The feel of her hand on his leg was incredibly erotic. He could feel her moving her head closer to his face but he wasn`t ready to look at her eyes. "Anika, you`re really turning me on. I wouldn`t want you to do anything you would regret." "I really want to regret something, right now," she said. At that, she grabbed Nat`s hand and pulled it down towards her crotch. He immediately felt how damp her shorts were and how the fabric wanted to easily push into the soft vacuous space underneath. He finally looked up at her eyes and her face was pouting and electric. "I want you to feel what a good Russian pussy does for that American cock of yours." She grabbed at his bulge and it started to extend down the length of his jeans. He had never seen his dick get so hard and so big! Anika jumped on top of his lap, pulling her shirt over her head. She ravenously jammed her tongue into his mouth and he grabbed at her amazing, rotund, ass. She moaned, "You like that?" "Yes, I love it." "You wanna stick your big cock in me?" She pulled off her bra and released her soft, perfectly perky tits onto his face and he sucked at her nipples as she moaned and grinded her wet snatch against his crotch. "I need your rod inside me now!" Nat was totally enveloped in this wild, unexpected occurrence. He worried he might cum too soon, but also felt this newfound sense of control over his sexual parts that quickly assuaged his fears. "Pull it out," he said. "Pull out my cock, if you want it." She dismounted off his lap like a Russian teen gymnast, practically salivating. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, pulling his pants down to his ankles. Nat`s cock head was pushing at the bottom hem of his boxer-briefs and the seems were practically tearing apart. Anika kissed against the fabric with eyes wide in disbelief. Nat was in disbelief, too, not ever remembering his cock being so large. "May I?" she said, coyly, but almost in a panic, like a child opening her gift on Christmas morning. Nat nodded and she slid the waistband down slowly to reveal the full nine inches of raging hard-on standing at full attention. Anika was mesmerized and she looked up at Nat with adoration as she licked her lips. "It`s much larger than my husband`s," she whispered, panting. "Do you want me to make it feel really warm and wet?" She didn`t wait for an answer, engulfing it with her pouty lips. Nat was so turned on. His neighbor who he`d hardly spent any time with in the past was now munching on his cock, practically infatuated with him. He felt a little guilty about her husband, but what her husband didn`t know wouldn`t kill him (the Syrian rebels might). He watched her strain to take the whole shaft down her throat and he began to feel the urge to cum. She was just working so hard and her cute face was bobbing up and down and her tits were slapping against his shins. He decided, you only live once—Why punish himself? So, he yelled out, "I`m gonna cum!" She started to work harder on the shaft, moaning and egging him on to blast down her throat. He grabbed on her shoulders and began fucking her mouth as he approached orgasm and then finally released, shooting gob after gob down her throat. Anika swallowed feverishly, choking a little as it went down. They both collapsed, Anika looking up at him as she wiped her mouth. Nat could sense her disappointment as his large member began to shrink. He felt ashamed. He wished he hadn`t cum so early. He wished it could be hard again, right away. Suddenly his cock began to grow and he felt a resurgence of sexual voracity. He was amazed and so was Anika, who started stroking on it to bring it back to full size. This never happened! Usually it took twenty to thirty minutes to regain an erection. But he just went with it and gazed euphorically at the amazing site in front of him. As Anika stroked on his, still-wet cock, she had one hand below the couch rubbing on her very wet cunt. "What do you say we move this to the bedroom?" said Nat. Anika kissed the top of his very large dick and got up to scurry ahead of him. Nat touched his dick to make sure it was real. Wow this has turned out to be some day. I guess my prayers have come true...He got up and headed to the bedroom. When Nathaniel entered his bedroom, Anika was sitting against the headboard with her knees up and her legs fully spread. She was using two hands to play with her extremely pink and juicy pussy and she looked at him with the most wanting eyes. "Nat, I need you inside me," she said. "My Russian pussy is so fucking wet for you." Nat felt the desire to taste it, but she was so ready for sex, he couldn`t deny her anymore. He mounted the bed and lined up in front of her, grabbing hard on her tits and squeezing on her nipples until she screamed. He put the purple head of his cock against her opening and he could feel the amazing, slimy, female juices inviting him into her cave. He pushed against the opening and looked at her face which was pure ecstasy. "Oh my God, Nat. I want you so bad!" He`d never had this effect on a woman before and had had no idea how much of a nympho his neighbor was. He felt lucky and powerful and he decided it was time to give this horny housewife a good ramming. He pushed his cock in halfway and she gasped loudly as if she had just been stabbed. "Are you OK?". She could hardly speak. "Put it all the way in. Fuck me, Nat." He started to slide the rod in further and further until it hit her uterus and then started to slide it back out. He fucked in and out and watched her cute face and gyrating tits. He picked up her legs and started pounding her, loving the way the top of his penis head would drag back along the top or her vagina, scraping along all those pleasure points. Anika was breathing very heavily and moaning and grabbing and clawing at his back and Nat could tell that she was close to orgasm so he started doing longer and deeper strokes. He didn`t remember feeling this confident in the the bedroom but he somehow had this sixth sense about how to pleasure Anika and it was working to a T. She yelled out, "I`m coming," and started pulling him in deep inside her and then bucking wildly as she moaned and screeched. Again, Nat felt the desire to cum hard but he resisted and instead focused on her, squeezing her tits and jamming his finger in her mouth as she slowly released her pussy`s grip on his dick. Anika opened her eyes and pulled on the back of his head for him to kiss her. They shared an intimate and loving, but sloppy kiss and as it broke she whispered, "I want to ride you and have you cum inside me." Nat squinted and stared at her. "Anika, is that a good idea? I can`t believe I actually forgot to use a condom, but I`m definitely not gonna take the risk of having a baby with a married woman. She said, "It`s ok. I take birth control. It helps me with my occasional acne and my husband wants me to be ready when he returns from overseas." Nat thought, "Little does her husband know that another man is profiting off of those pills." "Get on your back," said Anika resolutely with a kind of Soviet sternness. Nat laid down, his cock as hard as when he was a hornball teenager. She turned around with her tight ass facing him and sank her juicy love hole back onto his huge member and then she started to slowly rise up his shaft. It was tighter this way and it was amazing to watch her beautiful ass bouncing up and down, her tits poking out from the sides which he reached up to cup with his hands. "I love your cock," said Anika. And he could feel how wet she was. It wasn`t like one of those girls that squirts that makes a mess. She had super slimy juices and they were all for his huge cock. She started moving really fast and moaning and then she directed him to sop up some of her juices and use his thumb to massage them into her asshole. Nat had always fantasized about anal sex. He had gotten close with some partners but never hit the mark. He`d put his finger in plenty a butthole, but never his dick. But he was more than happy to oblige with Anika`s request, reaching around the front of her pelvis and rubbing on her mound, sliding his finger against her clit as she bounced harder and harder all the way down to the base of his shaft. He grabbed some juices and started rubbing them against her asshole. She moaned. "I`m gonna cum again soon. I want you to cum too." He said, OK. She started slamming harder and harder against him and he pushed his finger further into her butt, holding her waist with his other hand. She said she was really close and started moaning and screaming out "Ooh Nat, I love your cock sooo much." He couldn`t hold on much longer as he pushed back against every thrust. It felt like he was gonna break her in two as every stroke pushed hard against her cervix. But she was loving it and was grunting deeply now. "Please give me your cum, Nat. Cum for momma." That was the final straw. He let go of everything and started to release his sperm. She yelled out, "Oh that feels amazing. Give me more...More..." Nat wanted to please her and as he tried to push out more cum, it suddenly came effortlessly, filling her up. Nat had never cum this much and it started to slide out of her, down his shaft onto his balls. The orgasm was incredible. Anika was still convulsing as she sat all the way down and rested. When the pleasure wave had subsided, she sat up and the cum and pussy juice flowed out of her onto his pubes. She said, "Sorry about that," and proceeded to put her face in that mess, slurping up the liquids. Nat couldn`t believe she had such a nasty side. His cock actually started to rise again but he stopped it. Wow, I can stop it? Nat thought. Where was this skill when I was in class as a middle-schooler?? Anika went to get dressed and he laid there, kind of in euphoric shock. She returned shortly after, looking presentable. "That was the best sex of my life, neighbor. Whenever you`re feeling up for round two, I`ll be right next door." She kissed him on the lips and then leaned into his ear and whispered, "And yes, my back door is looking for a repair man, if you know what I mean." Nat did know what she meant, although it seemed like, perhaps, a clumsy translation from some Russian saying. Nonetheless, he found it sweet and exciting and somewhat miraculous. On that note, he drifted off into a deep slumber. A little over an hour later, Nat woke up to find himself naked and covered in human stickiness. He decided to rinse off in the shower and as the hot water ran all over his body, he slowly remembered everything that happened. Of course there was the amazing sex with Anika, but also the Master PC program and the final command he had written for himself about forgetting that the program was responsible for Anika`s behavior. The news surprised him but it wasn`t upsetting. He became extremely invigorated and inspired about the possibilities at his disposal. He wondered if there were others out there with copies of this program, for if not, as of today, he was clearly the most powerful man in the world. He had a lot of work cut out for him and thought about calling in sick the next day, but then, on second thought, decided it could be quite fun to have a chill, casual kind of "fun" day at the office. He dried off, got ready for bed and shut down his computer before turning out the light.

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