"Would you mind...if you took me from behind?" My suggestion is met with a groan signaling hearty approbation. Enthusiastically, his hands aid the repositioning, placing my legs so that my ass fits into the concave curvature of his stomach . As his hands part my ass cheeks, I gasp, "Not the butt!" Sluggish understanding dawns and he re-positions his cock against the entrance of my inner sanctum. Gingerly, he glides inside. I buck and shudder at the renewed sensation. If possible, it feels even better than before. All of my nerve endings anticipate the continuation of this glorious gratification. I pressed against him harder in an effort to take him all. His movements are slower this time . He seems to be savoring the experience. His strokes are tantalizingly deliberate, pulling himself almost all the way out before thrusting back into me as far as he can go.

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