"Yes honey. You have our ass`s all afternoon to do as you please with." Lexi said. "Awesome! How should we start?" I said. "You tell us. You`re in charge. We will do whatever you want." Lexi drew out the whatever. I thought for a minute. "Both of you kneel on the edge of the couch, side by side." I said The girls plugged asses were up in the air and pointed right at me. I had hours so I was going to take my time to give their buttholes the attention they deserved. I kissed and caressed every inch of their ass`s. Then I took hold of the plugs. With one in each hand I played. I would pull and twisted them. I fucked each girl with the plugs. Holly was noticeably looser than Lexi. Lexi`s ass held the plug tightly, while Holly`s ass was accepting and open. Plainly it was from her anal training. Holly`s ass was ready for a dick. Lexi needed more encouragement. "Blow me Lexi and make it wet. Holly`s ass is ready for my dick." I said. "No." Lexi said. "Why?" I asked back confused. "Only hole for you is our assholes. No exceptions." Lexi said. "Okay then we do it another way. Lick Holly`s asshole and make it really wet." I said. "Good solution honey." Lexi said with a smile. Kneeling on the couch, Lexi licked Holly`s spread ass. Lexi took her time and left plenty of moisture behind. Lexi then grabbed me by the base of my penis and directed my cock into Holly. I slid past her sphincter easily. The thin skin of her ass stretched around my shaft and accepted every inch of me. Once in, I fucked her. Her ass was just as good as I remembered. The soft and tight walls were incredible. Her tender and full ass felt amazing as I would bottom out and push against her. Lexi joined me in admiring the amazing view, "This is the hottest thing I have ever seen." Lexi said. "You like watching anal, don`t you?" I said to Lexi. "Umm huh." Lexi mumbled. "Just wait till you see her ride me. It`s even better." I said. Lexi only smiled in response as she cuddled up next to me closer. Lexi had one hand on Holly and the other on me. "Are you sure about no other holes?" I whispered to Lexi. Lexi nodded her head and then asked, "Why?" I had visions of putting Lexi`s face right next to Holly`s ass, then pulling out of the anal canal and ramming my cock down Lexi`s throat. Repeating the process over and over. I only smiled and shrugged my shoulder. Lexi stared at me with ideas running through her mind. I was ready to get Lexi more involved. She stood on the couch with Holly between her legs. Her ass was at eye level with me and she bent forward, grabbing the back of the couch. My favorite ass was inches from my face. Lets just say I got distracted and stopped fucking Holly. Holly moaned in confusion, until she looked up to see Lexi above her. Holly took control and did all the moving herself. She fucked me, pounding back on my cock. Not thirty seconds later did she fuck herself to orgasm. Her pace quickened and her screams were loud. Holly never stopped after her orgasm. She continued to fuck me with a determination to get me to cum in her ass. Luckily for me I was distracted so I lasted through her pounding. My distraction was my wife`s amazing ass. I attacked her crack with a tongue-lashing. Lexi smelled of some tropical fruit and tasted sweet. Whatever the girls did in the bathroom worked. I ate Lexi`s puckered hole. The more I worked her ass the more welcoming it became. Her ass opened as I tongue fucked her. After I did everything I could with my mouth, I switched to my fingers. I skipped one finger and pushed in two. Lexi took them easy. Then I pushed a third. Lexi`s ass was becoming much more accepting. Don`t get me wrong, she was still super tight, just not nearly as tight as before. Lexi could no way take a cock cold turkey like Holly but with a little warm up her ass was ready. Lexi`s ass was all consuming in my mind until I felt a stir in my genitals. I looked down to see Holly`s ass twerking on my cock. When I say twerking I mean what you see in rap videos where the girls ass`s are bouncing incredibly fast. Holly could have been in a rap video with how she was moving. Her ass might have needed to be bigger though. For me, I could not believe the sensation and visual stimulus. Lexi had turned to see the action. We were both amazed. Holly was working hard as sweat beading on her skin. I had only a few more seconds left before I exploded. "Here it comes." I proclaimed "Fuck him Holly. Keep bouncing that ass and fuck him." Lexi encouraged. I erupted and Holly kept twerking as my seed was dumped down her canal. Her asshole squeezed every drop of cum out of me. Holly was exhausted and she collapsed forward. Lexi was about to blow me when my dick popped out of Holly`s ass. However she caught herself inches from my dick. I was a little disappointed till I realized I still had a hard dick and another ass to fuck. I lay on the ground and directed Lexi to my lap. She straddled my waist and then bent forward to kiss me. I told Holly to take make sure Lexi was ready. Holly got behind Lexi and ate her ass. Then I felt a liberal amount of saliva dripping onto my cock. Holly told Lexi to sit up. Holly then grabbed my dick directed it towards Lexi`s perfect ass. Holly did all the work. With a firm grasp on my cock and easy access to Lexi`s ass, she positioned us perfectly. With my glans in perfect alignment with the ass, I pushed in. Lexi was so tight but with little struggle I pierced her sphincter and slid in. With one hand Holly rubbed Lexi`s pussy, and with the other hand she caressed my balls. "You guys look so fucking hot." Holly said "Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder Steve." Lexi said, "Oh fuck yeah... I`m cumming... clit... harder..." Lexi yelled. After Lexi`s orgasm, my mind started racing to think of new positions to try. I had a couple hours and I was going to have my dick in an asshole in every conceivable way. I pulled Holly into a spooning position. Lexi guided me into Holly. Then Lexi lay next to Holly in kind of a laying sideways sixty-nine. Holly ate Lexi as Lexi ate Holly. Lexi`s mouth was so close to my cock and balls that I was begging for a little oral. Lexi thwarted all my efforts. I would slip out of Holly and run my cock up to Lexi`s mouth but to no avail. Lexi would gently place my cock back in the asshole. I switched positions and partners again into a pile driver. Lexi loved the pleasure but was uncomfortable from my enthusiasm and the awkward way her body was bending. Then I put both girls kneeling on the couch. One girl was on top of the other, in a double decker position. Every few pumps I would switch assholes. We moved locations. We went to the kitchen to use a barstool. Holly sat in the stool with her ass hanging off the back. I came in from behind and fucked her. Whoever was not being fucked would pleasure the other girl. Whenever there was an orgasm the other girl would clean the cum. By the end I could not count how many orgasms we shared. We were exhausted, sweaty and starving. I felt like I ran a marathon but the best possible marathon you could imagine full of the best asses in the world. I could not thank my two favorite girls enough. They were making dreams come true. I felt bad for Holly. She still had to go to work. We all cleaned up and sent her on her way. Lexi promised we would come to the mall and bring her dinner for her break. It was hard to stay awake after that but we made it to dinner. Once we got home Lexi and I were asleep before nine. I only stirred when Holly came back from work and her naked body spooned next to me. The next day I got a text from Carrie. "If you guys are free, would you like to come to dinner tonight? Bring Holly too." I immediately texted `yes` back to Carrie. Unfortunately Holly had to work. Holly`s schedule had me thinking. Between school and work she was too busy. I was going to find her a more flexible job that would give her more free time and make her better prepared for the future. I made plans to discuss Holly`s future with Lexi and her. My company could have some openings. That night Lexi and I walked over to Carrie`s home. After a knock on the door, the most beautiful and striking young girl greeted us. Carrie`s nineteen-year-old daughter Annie stood in the doorway. She was super friendly and inviting. Annie looked a lot like her mom. I would imagine Carrie looking the same at nineteen. Annie was dressed in a mini cocktail dress that showed off her perfect body. Annie was tall and slender. She had dark brown hair halfway down her back. Annie`s face looked perfect, no flaws or imperfections. Annie looked like world-class beauty that belonged on runways and magazines. The girls in the top fashion magazines or sports illustrated swim issue had nothing on her. From talking with Carrie I knew Annie dabbled in modeling but it was not her real interest. She lived in New York City so modeling was prevalent but her real interest was her education. Walking into the house, the smells were intoxication. Carrie went all out for our little dinner. She hired a professional chef to cook and a waitress to serve. Carrie was dressed in a more conservative yet sexy evening dress. Luckily Carrie told us to dress nice. I donned a sports jacket, collared shirt, slacks and shoes. Lexi wore a classy, form fitting mini dress. It showed off her athletic curves and cleavage. The evening was great. The food was incredible. The conversations were smooth and easy. Nothing crazy happened but I learned I wanted to fuck both mother and daughter. I knew I had a good chance with Carrie but Annie was going to be difficult. Lexi and I kept our lifestyle and nudity quiet but Carrie kept saying innuendo referring to sex and nudity. Annie`s only reaction was a smile to her mom. It was as if Carrie already shared our lifestyle with her. Lexi and I kept it clean and never gave in to the innuendos. Only dirtiness came from Carrie. In addition to the innuendos, Carrie was seated across from me. Within a few minutes of sitting down, her foot was in my lap, rubbing up and down the pant leg my cock was in. Lexi gave Carrie a smile and nod of approval when she noticed. Even though Annie was hanging out with people much older than herself, she enjoyed the evening. Mom and daughter were best friends. It was adorable. "We should all hang out tomorrow." Annie said. "Steve and I could probably take a half day at work. Why don`t you and your mom come over for a swim in the afternoon and then dinner? We will have our friend who is almost your same age there too. Her name is Holly." Lexi said. "Awesome. That sounds like fun." Annie said. "The swim sounds great but your father will be home tomorrow night for dinner. It`s the only night he is home while you are here honey." Carrie said. "I live in the same city he is in ninety percent of the time and I never see him there. He never calls or asked about me but when I come home to see you Mom, he wants to act like a family for one night?" Annie said. "I know but we need to." Carrie said begrudgingly. This was obviously a conversation they have often. Annie`s non-existent father and Carrie`s so called spouse was not a popular person. "After tomorrow we have more than two weeks of just us." Carrie said to brighten the subject. We skirted around the awkward part of the evening and got back to happier conversations. We stayed much too late. Annie was passed out on the couch. The wine her mom let her drink must have gotten to her. Carrie walked us to the door. She gave Lexi a big hug and thanked her for the amazing and fun night. Next I got a hug. I already had a semi in my pants from the drinks and the beautiful ladies. There was no hiding my member when I hugged Carrie. She lingered longer than a friendly hug. When we parted Carrie was slightly biting her lip and staring at my bulge. Lexi noticed immediately and said, "Carrie look what you do to my husband!" "I`m sorry! I didn`t mean to do anything." Carrie said like she was in trouble. It was a reaction any person would give in that situation but we were past that. "Quit apologizing. You already have my approval." Lexi said. "I know its just weird to talk about it." Carrie said as she kept sneaking glances towards my member. "You want to touch him again don`t you?" Lexi asked. "Yes!" Carrie said simply. "Tell me why and don`t hold back." Lexi said. Carrie tried to look confident in a situation that clearly made her nervous. This was so far outside of what she would do in the past. Carrie cleared her throat and then said, "Because I have been thinking about it constantly since I touched him yesterday. It has done something to me. I have had more fun this past week than the past ten years. I have felt like a new person. Plus Steve is fucking huge." Carrie stopped, shocked by her own words. That was the first time I heard her swear but all three of us started laughing. "Carrie I know we have told you this but I don`t think it has really set in for you. You can touch or do whatever you want with Steve. You are welcome in our home. You are a true friend and we want to only become closer with you. Also I can`t wait to fully convert you to nudity." Lexi said. "Thank you Lexi. You guys have been amazing. I only wish we didn`t waste all these years as neighbors. I will take you up on your deal. The alcohol might be speaking and I probably shouldn`t say this but from only touching Steve I am more turned on then I can remember ever being." Carrie said, her comfort level increasing. "Pull him out Steve and give her a tease to keep her interested. Be quick so Annie doesn`t wake up and see." Lexi said. I pulled my cock out as Carrie was looking back towards the couch to make sure her daughter was sleeping. When she turned back around my dick greeted her. Carrie`s hand went to my shaft and stroked me. "I am going to be masturbating all night after this. Sorry shouldn`t have said that either." Carrie said. Lust and passion was filling her but quickly stopped when Annie made a groan from the couch. She was still sleeping but my cock was back in my pants in seconds, just in case. "That`s enough for tonight but you know where to find him. See you tomorrow." Lexi said. Lexi and I were rearing to go after that little stroke session. I had Lexi`s dress up to her waist while we were only a few feet away from the closed door. With no panties her bare ass and pussy could have been seen from any neighbor. It was dark and quiet so I don`t think anybody got a free peek. By the time we were in the street, Lexi had my cock out of my zipper and openly stroking me. I opened the garage but we couldn`t wait any longer. I sat Lexi on the back of her car, spread her legs and went down on her right there in our open garage. The little light on the garage door opener made it easy for any onlookers to see in. It was late so most people in the neighborhood were probably asleep but the excitement of being an exhibitionist was incredible. I licked Lexi`s delicious smooth pussy. Lexi liked the idea of being outside where we might be seen too, because her first orgasm started within thirty seconds. "Lick my pussy baby. Make me cum on my car. Oh fuck!" Lexi said not so quiet. Lexi dropped to her knees after her orgasm. She had her back to the street and I was facing out right towards Carries house. I shed the rest of my clothes and stood completely naked. I pushed Lexi`s dress off her shoulders, exposing her beautiful tits and leaving her dress bunched around her waist. I watched Lexi blowing me for a few minutes, my cock disappearing down her throat. I was so distracted from the blowjob that I forgot we were outside. I popped out of my trance and scanned the street. The street was dark and quiet. I could see no onlookers from the street. Then my eyes went to the second floor of Carrie`s house. In the window was the silhouette of a woman. There was just enough light in the room to show her features. It was Carrie, naked and staring right at us. I smiled and waved at her. Carrie`s hand moved from her crotch to wave back at me. "We have an onlooker honey. Do you want to give her a show?" I said and motioned towards Carrie`s window. Lexi took a break from my cock to look up. "Oh yeah lets show her what we`ve got." Lexi waved giddily at Carrie. Lexi increased her intensity on my cock. I kept switching my gazes from Lexi to Carrie. I really couldn`t see any detail with Carrie, only her hand moving between her legs. "Keep going baby! I`m really close." I said. Lexi put two hands on my shaft and started moving them in a corkscrew motion. Her lips were wrapped tight around the bottom of my mushroom head. She sucked and licked with great pressure. Lexi was hitting all my sensitive areas and it was too much. "I`m cumming baby!" I said as I played up the fact of my orgasm for Carrie. I threw my head back and tensed my body. Lexi took my cum into her mouth. Once I finished spewing, Lexi turned towards Carrie with her mouth open showing cum. The distance was too far to see any cum but the act was clear. Lexi then swallowed and showed her clean mouth. Even with the distance I was pretty positive Carrie orgasmed at that moment. Her body movements were jerky and not fluid as they were before. Lexi sucked me a few more times, getting any remaining cum and then said, "Lets show her a good ass fuck Steve." I liked where Lexi`s mind was. That was the wildest thing she could think of and she wanted to show Carrie. I bent Lexi over the trunk of the car. I took one last look Carrie and then buried my face between Lexi`s cheeks. I licked her puckered star. With our regular ass play now, her ass loosed quickly. I left plenty of moisture on her ass. I then stood behind her and placed my cock at her opening. I let one last glob of spit fall down her ass crack, and then I started to push in. With little trouble, my cock pushed into her canal. I plunged all the way in, till my balls were touching her pussy. "Make sure Carrie can see good." Lexi said. She was always thinking of others. I realized our position was perpendicular to Carrie, making the angle for Carrie not the best. Really it probably looked like I was in Lexi`s pussy and not her ass. I repositioned Lexi, pointing her ass more at Carrie. Then I stood more to the side. My angle was not the best for fucking but for someone viewing it was the best we could do. We fucked like that for a few minutes. Carrie continued masturbating the whole time. Lexi and I were ready for a new position though. I sat on the trunk of the car and leaned back on the window. Lexi placed her knees on either side of me in a cowgirl position. Lexi directed my cock back into her ass. I spread her cheeks as wide as I could. If our anal fucking was not evident before, it was clear now. Lexi did all the work and it felt amazing. I tried to look around Lexi to see Carrie. Carrie changed positions. She had a foot up on the windowsill and her arm was moving furiously. That only fueled my desire. I tried to find leverage to match Lexi`s pace. I was close to cumming until Lexi decided to change positions. She turned around into a reverse positioned. Lexi was then looking right at Carrie. Both women were rubbing their pussies. "I`m cumming Steve! Fuck my ass harder babe... fuck me harder!" Lexi said loudly. If any windows were open or people outside, they would hear Lexi. Lexi came down from her orgasm and I was getting super close. Lexi must have sensed my impending orgasm. "How do you want to finish Steve?" Lexi asked. "I don`t...know. Whatever...oh want." I mumbled, trying not to blow my load.

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