Despite having slept tied up, collared, and beneath the Christmas tree, I awoke this morning surprising refreshed. Last night, Milord decided that we would both enjoy decorating the tree if I were nude. He also made a game of it. If He picked up a red ornament from the bin, He would paddle my ass until it matched the shade of the ornament. If I picked up a blue ornament, He would finger me until I came. Now this may seem like an easy game, but he also made the rule that before reaching into the bin, we would both look up, thereby somewhat assuring a random grab. What I didn`t know was that we apparently had twice as many red ornaments as blue!!! Good thing I`m a spanko because by the time the tree was fully decorated, my bottom had been blistered no fewer than fifteen times!! Luckily, I`d also come at least that many times. Finally, the tree was looking absolutely beautiful. "It`s time to wrap up my present now," he said. I looked at him, confused. He just laughed and told me to hold out my hands. I did and he wrapped thick red satin ribbon around them, binding them together. He continued with the ribbon, wrapping it around my torso and legs. Gently, he helped me lie down beneath the tree and finished off my bindings with a big bow. "But I was hoping to make love to you, Milord," I whined. "We`ll save that for tomorrow. Will it appease you, my love, if I use your mouth?" I grinned and nodded. He threw his head back and laughed before removing his clothing and then kneeling above my open mouth. With an ease of long practice, he slipped his cock down my throat. I gagged once and he waited a moment before continuing. In and out he plunged his incredible cock, fucking my mouth as forcefully as he would my pussy. I loved when he did this - making use of my body for his own pleasure. Some women might find this humiliating, but I find it liberating. My pussy was drenching the satin ribbon pulled tightly between my legs. I began to squirm, trying get myself off. A sharp sting to my breasts stopped me. "You`ll get your present in the morning, but only if you`re good now. I`ve given you enough orgasms for one night." I moaned, but controlled myself, keeping my mouth open and pressing my tongue against his smooth length. My jaws were aching and tears began to flow down my cheeks. "Gods but you`re beautiful," he ground out just before he released his cum and shot it down my throat. He stood up, and said, "You`ll sleep here tonight. I want you just like this - wrapped up and horny - when I wake up in the morning. Now, Milord was standing above me, completely nude. My mouth (and pussy) watered at the sight of him. Slowly, he "unwrapped" his gift, freeing me from the ribbon bindings. He then spread my legs wide and tasted his gift. I lit up like -- well -- a christmas tree! Seriously, there`s nothing more luxurious than having your man eat your pussy first thing in the morning! Within moments I was coming all over his face and he was making delicious lapping sounds. I thought he would then make love to me, but no. Milord kept his mouth on my weeping pussy and spun around so that we could 69. Now, the only thing I love more than being ate out in the morning, is sucking on Milord first thing in the morning. 69ing, though, is hard for me. Milord is a MASTER at eating me out and I become hopelessly distracted. Nonetheless, what`s woman to do with when there`s a magnificant cock right in front of her face. So, I opened wide, swallowed his lovely flesh, and massaged his balls. It didn`t take long for both of us to come again, this time I too receiving a gift!! We spent the day enjoying each other`s body to the fullest -- neither of us bothering with clothing. We made love, sucked each other, touched each other. For lunch, I warmed up some soup and cut a loaf of crusty bread. Before I was allowed to eat my food, though, he bent me over the table. "What`s the date?" he asked. "The 25th, Milord." "Then 25 it will be." Twenty five times he spanked my ass. No warm up. No gentling. From the first he was firm. After each strike, I was to say "Merry Christmas, Milord." On the tenth strike I forgot and so he started over. By the time he finished, my ass was on fire and I was begging to be fucked. "Please, please, Milord. I need your cock inside of me." "And which hole would you prefer?" he asked. Too desperate for him to care, I answered, "I am yours, Milord. The choice is yours." He laughed and said, "Excellent answer." Then reached over me for a handful of butter. He lubed up my bottom and slowly penetrated. I closed my eyes and clawed at the table, knocking over my bowl of soup. "Yes. Yes. Thank you, Milord!" Finally he was fully seated. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled back a bit before plowing in again. Over and over he pumped into me creating a steady, powerful rhythm until my mind snapped and I exploded. As the same time I vaguely heard his own cry of pleasure as he once again emptied his balls deep within my body. Afterwards, we napped. When we woke, Milord suggested a dip in the hot tub. Hells yeah!!! The hot water eased our sore muscles and revived us. When Milord stood and I was again able offer him fellatio. Good Lord but I love his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down. My lips pressed against his base, my hot hands cradling his balls, he shot off once again deep down my throat. Once we had both recovered, he helped me out of the tub then, grinning, held my hand and together we ran into the snow, steam rising from hour hot bodies. Laughing, I lay down and rolled, making a snow angle with my naked body. Now, snuggled on the sofa next to Milord, a warm fire roaring in the fireplace, I can`t think of a better way to celebrate the Yuletide season.



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