Automatic notification of vehicle accident

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Добавлена: 19.11.2014
Already exist system automatically sends a signal for help with the accident, triggered by means of safety equipment or acceleration. They use the built-in GPS and mobile phone. But often calls are false. Enough to brake sharply or only slightly to damage the car case without prejudice to sitting in people, and from the Center of the Help the car will already rush off, subjecting also to some risk of participants of traffic, not to mention the cost of such trip and derivation of forces. Presented in this project system provides the right located inside the car people decide how serious the accident occurred and whether it will do. At the same time, care is delayed by only a few tens of seconds. Recently, already began to appear such systems, so this example: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-09/05/ford-ifa-connected-cars. I just think that the proposed system in this project may be more convenient to use (it is better to not have to use it!).

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