Car seat cushioning (for adults) softens the blow in a frontal collision

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Добавлена: 12.11.2014
Already there are devices softens the blow. The remarkable seat belts and air bags. This project proposes to chair the original design, which will also work to mitigate the impact, and not at all disturbing the existing ones, as it will operate on the other side of the human body. If seat belts and air bag man meets the chest and face, the chair will "grab" his back and nape. During an emergency, seat (his back and head restraint) nestle on the back and nape, carry out vacuum gripper by pumping air from the ducts, the openings of which are on the surface of the chair, and then go into shock-absorbing mode and will gently hinder the movement of the person forward by inertia.By the way, this chair is suitable not only for cars but also for any other transport: land, air, water and underwater

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