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Vanilla is an extraordinary base note ideal for some aromas and carefully assembled scented candles – which is the reason it shows up in so many of our Melt fragrances. You can find the wizardry of vanilla with: Holy messenger Scented Candles – One of our top rated aromas that consolidates an assortment of all our #1 fixings, including chocolate! Become flushed Scented Candles – a definitive solace aroma, ideal for comfortable days in and snuggly evenings. Highlighting a scope of malted vanillas, this one is ideal for all you vanilla addicts! White Scented Candles – The loveable aroma that suits pretty much any room and any home; think fresh white sheet material and new cloth. Consolidating vanilla with mint and musk, among others, it`s maybe the best aroma to pick in case you`re searching for something to speak to all.

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