Рабочий Верстак

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          Chris MYRSKI,     Sofia, Bulgaria,    2001 ...

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     [ Remark: As far as the book is enormously big it is published here, by old habit, in small booklets amounting to about 50 (to 100) KB, containing normally from three to five papers. In this booklet we continue the Section "For Newspapers" with the next portion of five materials. ]

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     I. For Journals
     II. For Newspapers
     III. Feuilletons
     IV. Others

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           Contents Of Section "For Newspapers"

     The truth about Bulgaria
     About the market and the Bulgarian
     Five years of devastation
     Do you want to lose your 13th pension?
     Time to draw conclusions
     About the elections and the demos

     Requiem for one coalition
     Something more about democracy
     What we have messed with the Currency Board
     Convergence, what is this?
     Why the communism has fallen down?

     And where are we?
     Predictions for the year 1999
     Can the Bulgarian pay 50% taxes?
     Reflections on the eve of the "holiday"

     About democracy and melioration
     About democratic phenomenon
     A step forward and two back
     Again sharp turn

     Oh God, what we eat!
     Why the cocks crow early morning?
     Does global warming exist?

     The fatal 2013 year in Bulgaria
     Why we vote, when we ... don't vote?
     About the fascism from common sense positions

     About the Social Ministry in Bulgaria
     How to improve democratic protests?

     Read Chris Myrski (in the sense of political reviews)
     Thoughts about Ukraine

     ... new for newspapers

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     This is requiem for the notorious Union of Democratic Forces, UDF, that for more than dozen years exists only to remind us about our hasty, incompetent and confused transition to democracy, thanks to which we now for more than 20 years stay at the end of the queue in regard of living standard from all former socialist countries. It is pretty old, yet if the things are observed from reasonable standpoint, as I think that usually approach the matters, they don't age.

     1996 ?

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     Here it goes about the ineffectiveness of democracy, when it comes to power, about the dictatorial elements in it, about the movement to the left or the right, and other questions. These are old things, but by similar situations they will again prove to be actual.

     Nov. 1996

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     [ * It is published practically entirely (without illustrations) on the 8th page of the newspaper "Kontinent" from 07 Oct 1998 (with a little varied title, but in this spirit). ]

     The subject here is clear. The material is also old and many things have settled now, but this does not mean that I have been wrong in something in that time, as well in principle.

     Sep. 1998

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          (or about the difference between social capitalism and capitalistic socialism)

     [ * It was published almost without changes on page 8 of the newspaper "Kontinent" from 16 Nov 1998. ]

     This paper focuses on the much talked earlier theory of convergence of capitalism with communism, which, in principle, turned to be right, but with some peculiarities, and my look at the things, as usually, is new and untraditional (i.e. it does not match entirely neither one of the both former extremities.

     Nov 1998

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          (unorthodox version)

     [ * It was published almost without changes on page 8 of the newspaper "Kontinent" from 15 Dec 1998. ]

     Here we look at the falling down of communism from economic standpoint, and more precisely in the sense of tying the members of society in money regard, via savings and loans.

     Dec 1998

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