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           S_C_I_E_N_T_I_F_I_C_    F_E_A_S_T_ — excerpts!

          (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations — PIR)

          Chris MYRSKI,    1992 and further

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          Remark:   The original folder PIR on other sites begins with "An Illiterate World", which here goes under number Eng. № 20, then comes "Idea About New Calendar", which here is part (the last) of Eng. № 7. Oth.А. of my publicistics, after this follow "Reflections About The Numbers", which here is under number Eng. № 19, then follows the previous Eng. № 21.A. PIR, where, after small "Introduction", are specially programmer ideas, then is "Just Injustice", which also is in the publicistics, in Eng. № 7. Jour. D, and then follows this second part of the folder, Eng. № 21.B, where are quite original ideas for the sphere of mass services, as well also a long list with a heap of various ideas in all of my works. There can be expected also a third part of this folder with some linguistic ideas.


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     Contents Of This Booklet

     An idea About New Kind Of Bank Deposits
     An Idea About New Advertisement In Supermarkets
     What Other PIR Ideas Are There Outside The PIR?

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     This idea is old for me (but I am also not young), it lies by me already 20 years, I have positively sent it to a pair of banks in Bulgaria, yet without resonance. But then, why shall I take it with me to the grave, ah? Up to my knowledge there are no bank branches in the other world, right? So that I decided to publish it officially, so to say, to patent it publicly, and if some banks decide to apply it then they are not to forget about me.
     Good, then let me begin. First about

     1. The very idea. This is idea about new kind of term deposits, where together with the fixed time are added some conditions on the possibility to add or take money from the deposit, which support the wish of some clients to accumulate money, and because of this I have named this deposit accumulating. I mean not just to keep money in the bank, but to accumulate it with some purpose, say, for buying of washing machine, or for summer vacation, of for personal car, or even for an apartment. I have come to this idea when have looked at possibilities to buy in installments, but in this way the price of product was increased and this with more than 10%. And then I said to myself: now, they propose you to buy something on installment plan, but in this way you spend more, yet if you accumulate first the money then they will even pay you interest percents during this time, so that acting in the opposite direction you can save the same amount of percents, as well also if you wait some period of time the products for this time will alone become a bit cheaper, so that in this way you can buy on the average about one third cheaper!
     All this, in general, is so, the prices fall all the time (and if they do not directly fall then this is because the companies try to offer you something better for a little more money), but people usually don't like to wait, they, as some say, to live are hurrying, and to feel are rushing. But this is in accordance with the age, basically. And it, as it turns out, and also if one gives a thought to the matter, people are divided mainly in two categories, in such who want to economize, and such who want to spend; here is nothing to be done, and if this was not so then the banks would have hardly survived, for they are intermediaries between these two categories. But then in a saturated market have already begun not to increase the amount of money, the companies and banks are satisfied that people use their services, so that the one side of the process was reduced nearly to zero, and when there isn't a big inflation rate then one will not earn much on the difference in the interest, so that such deposits as if are not actual anymore.
     Yet it is so, and also isn't so, one never knows when something will become necessary, and in which time what conditions may emerge, so that the idea can again become actual. And it is good in all cases as one more alternative type of deposits, because the banks all the time try to invent something new, in order to make the clients to change the conditions of their deposits, for the reason that exactly by early change of the conditions of deposits they win most of all, in such cases are applied penal interests, almost zero. In short, the idea continues to be actual (like the majority of my ideas and conclusions expressed in my publicistics — it is still actual twenty years later).
     So, and now let us look more precisely, let us move to

     2. The various variants of accumulating deposits.

     Dec 2014

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     Also this idea, as the majority of my ideas, is simple as it's brilliant. But on the contrast with the main part of my ideas it is entirely real, it has nothing utopian in it, at least on the contemporary level of development of computer equipment in the big (yet also not very) shops. And this is not advertising of some products that are sold in the shop, but of the very shop. I have sent it, I suppose (unless I have thought to sent and have abandoned this later, but it was hardly so), to a pair of big supermarkets, before some 15 years, but there was no response. Well, in a barbarian country like Bulgaria it is difficult to rely on correctness, so that I don't feel offended by our shops, but the situation in regard of computers has bettered significantly, and, besides, I hope that this publicity now will defend my patent rights, when I use simultaneously several sites; this is in the sense that nobody will be able to excuse him- (or her-) self that has known about this for a long time, because I personally have not heard about such thing and think that it will seem new to everybody. And to search for official patenting of the idea means that I have to spend some money on this, which I don't have.
     Apart from this, with my reaching of 65 years I have decided not to keep my ideas to myself, but to tell them to the world, that, of course, can pay no attention to them. This also can not surprise me, it will just serve as proof that people are still quite unreasonable. Because all advertisements (at least 99% of them) are directed to adolescents, housewives, and lapsed in childhood pensioners, and are not intended to offer some useful information about the goods or services. Putting it otherwise, people in their masses (and by the democracy, mark this) are so used to be cheated from all sides, that if it is said or offered to them something reasonable they meet this with bigger mistrust — for the simple reason that, being not in condition to see where is the catch in this, think that it is very clever masked (like by the real democracy, what I have discussed many times, but now it goes not about it). And in my proposition, really, hides no catch or trick, and it relies on reasonable customers (not on such who will search something under the cap, for example, or hope to win a moped or even a car).
     Well, maybe so much common words are enough as a preamble, and we can move in the end to the concrete idea. But it, really, is very simple and can be expressed in one sentence, like the following:

     In our shop you buy once in a quarter free!

     How you like it, ah? Once in a given period of time, I think that three months is best of all, all your purchases (or the main part of them) turn to be free, to cost nothing. The subtlety is in this that ...

     Nov 2014

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     Propositions, Ideas, Realizations is shorten to PIR not only for brevity but also because the word "pir" in Russian or Bulgarian means feast, and such ideas I have, in fact, everywhere. I as if only with this occupy myself, that give to the people all kinds of ideas what to do and how to do it, but somebody more educated has to advise them, after all. And I, as I like to boast (since I have ceased to work in my specialty and began to be interested in various social problems, what happened quite a long time before, somewhere 25 years back), have 2.5 tertiary educations, received in 3 different countries, and know 4 languages (let's hope that soon I will be able to say also foreign, not counting the Bulgarian, yet for the moment with it; or then can be said that I know 4.5 languages), so that I can be counted for well educated, can't I? Well, some of the readers can object that people, unlike me, are usually realists, and for this reason they don't give so many ideas which there is nobody to realize. I can't say that in such statement isn't a grain of truth, but then I can justify myself with this, that I simply like the game of mind, the invention of various tricks and novelties, the speculations with ideas, as is said, and think that can safely take that 3-4 percents of the people also like such things (in fact, the wide majority of people use what other persons offer to them, they don't do everything by themselves), and in our overpopulated world the number of these people can reach about hundreds of millions.
     For this reason I give ideas, and when my special folder for such things exists then I would like to stroll here by all my other works, in order to stress where can be found similar ideas and propositions, so that this material is a kind of guide. Till the year 2015 I think that it is time to finish with the big ideas, and in this case with this material I as if round off, but if there will emerge something worth the efforts then I will simply put the thing in question in this folder, yet I doubt this, I intend to translate everything in English and write further chiefly in English, until I still walk about this world.
     So, then let us begin, where I will follow the order in which the folders with my works are placed.


     Dec 2014

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