Vladimir Vasilyev

ISBN: 9781718006751







The author's preface

 (begins the narrative of adˈvenCHər, - ) with a good aftertaste.

I wrote the first book. The plot: The boys come up with a movie and put it into practice. Hollywood is the opposite. Subject: we have no hope for us. After the universal search, it turns out that we have no one to hope for. Choice: this makes them choose between the cake with friends and mumiyo[1] alone. Choose how to spend your life, if it finally comes that you live once.

Again, after reading the story and the topic itself, I am impressed and begin to read the book. In it, I deliberately thought out (not about love). Composed of words written by me personally. The periods and commas had to be stolen from the Internet since they were very necessary . The result was a book unlike the truth, that is, horror without the end. The climatic catastrophe crept up unnoticed. Just for millions of years and not the first time. The effect of surprise is achieved by the example of the planet Venus, where everything that had happened is exactly what awaits us. Naturally ended the period of a life-friendly climate on Earth. No one has promised to maintain the conditions of temperature and pressure comfortably forever. I tried not to be tedious with this, do not pour out my regrets on the pages. While there is life there is hope. The heroes of the book are determined to live like the last time. Like anyone else, I have affairs more important than these nonsenses. The main question I'm looking for the answer in this book: if I'm rich, but constantly in search of means to live, then where should I go to the smart or beautiful. I have already spent several million dollars on myself (I write such categories to touch the whole of humanity). I know, I'm still a subtle psychologist. Enough about the author, now about you. Anyway, each of you treats yourself to some group of the above. Honestly, you are very mistaken about yourself. This what will be told about.

I wrote the book solely just to read the following. Our measurement dialectically originated from the primary dimension. Is that where it all began? Who knows!? Our world emerged in turn from the dimension of space-time. And it continues to arise through the materialization of matter in several places of the known universe. As quickly as it can. The substance we see is concentrated in the allocated streams of matter. Anyone who stars with a full distribution and put together two words uniform distribution before the word universe: goes away to the backyard. Talk about the quantum microworld where it is. After all, it works to reproduce the conditions of the existence of time and space that we know through our feelings. The feature of our dimension is mass and gravity. Which manifested themselves in the field of existence, which provided the conditions for the existence of particles and the process of their connection. Where there has been a connection of particles, our gravitational dimension has appeared. The interaction of electrons and protons gives an additional unit by the formula 1 + 1 = 3. Personally, I write for praise “Vasilyev in his science fiction sparked the imagination of future researchers and creative people.” I treat atheism and religions with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, the two encounters with the supernatural presented to me as God unequivocally separate me from atheists. On a typical day, God came up to me and pushed me in a brotherly way. But the believers definitely doubt. And it's also insulting, like the fact that infinity has a limit. Quick reminder “Everything has a limit.” Just in case, I explain: I stayed on my feet. Consequently, he wanted me to stand firm on my own.

I was fortunate enough to occasionally see great people, though dead. I was visiting a dreamer; his whole life is full of humanity. A loving wife gave him the green table lamp. Its weak light lit only the page of the book on the table in a small little room, where he dreamed of a happy future for all of us. The spark of his faith lit up my hope. He believed that predators would be prohibited from appropriating the labor of ignorant slaves, in spite of their voluntary written employment contract to be unhappy. The green lamp of hope in the libraries became a light, symbolizing self-education. For me, it will remain a symbol of the idea of subordinating the economy to the principles of achieving the reasonable goals of mankind. In such an economy, arms sellers who instill a love for tanks through patriotism will not be ordered to start a war.

More often I had to see live petty presidents of the countries, stupidly putting in a row on black (how many of them!). Remember I shouted to you “Stop putting on black if it's red!” I did not have a secretary like them to protect the scoundrel and resent me “What are you saying? He is a decent person.” I'm just smarter and more modest than most. Definitely. I am a decent person (this difference I realized when I made the choice not to be a bastard [2]). So, everyone can change. Change! This and the desire to have fun with real science fiction have inspired me to write the book. By the way, about it: absolutely scientific, so with the second bottom, that is, with the author's notes what, why, and what for.
Theory and practice


Theory (affected, but not disclosed :):


[3]I keep the money in my hand.

An attractive girl is waiting for me.

Go ahead.

Now she wishes an apple.

Beauty in fruits is a juicy sweetness on her lips.

To completely fuse the desire, do not be wise, just pay dollars.

Do not disappoint the free market, Blonde!



The system of money generates everything else in a capitalist way of life. That's why you can take care of the continuity of the power of those who have money, but you cannot. Once a person joins the system of accumulation of money, he immediately reproduces all the mechanisms inherent in capitalism. You want to impose restrictions, exclude exploitation, abolish personal self-distribution of profit, and finally educate a person from an anthropoid being. But it would be better to cancel the money.



Alexander is a tight red-cheeked young man. He dipped the bare end of the wire into the jelly. Tensely pulling his eyebrows to the very top of his forehead he inserts the contact into the joint. With his large fingers, he pushed the counter holding the coil and still stuck the end of the wire in the right hole. To him came the feeling of pride for the fine work done, and he loudly proclaimed “Sticking in. Do not solder not even once, only stick in!” Someone does the same with less effort. That is why everyone has the right to evaluate their achievements, and he will certainly praise himself. Alex prepared a presentation of his essay in the room for practical classes.

“You are massive for such a delicate work,” noticed Draischch[5], one of the wandering students around the class, unsuccessfully trying to force themselves to study. This idler routinely sprayed the uncomplicatedness of his existence on the turned-up workaholic “It's almost Friday, and you have sweat on your forehead.” Some like to isolate Friday’s evening, as the time of the week's division into the working part and time for relaxation. This new cult suggests the continuation of the logical series to other time intervals, such as a year, life. As always, at any meeting and in response to the interlocutor Alexander stretched his lips in a smile. Becoming from this seemingly more kind than usual.

“According to your Friday logic, it’s almost summer outside,” he said rhetorically, with pleasure thinking about the spring days that have come and his forthcoming birthday. Often this multitasking big man when greeting someone while continuing to poke around in his wires, was thinking about his own. The teacher of the technical college promised him to place the highest mark for the exam, a test on the elective and to free him from the hours of summer practice. If you can show, what Alex wrote in the essay “You can see the gravitational waves on the computer screen in color with the help of a specially written program for this.” It took a microwave and several coils with the Alex invented windings. Microwaves from the magnetron have become part of the modeling signal. Alex's reels pulled a field in which the interaction with the sensors merged into the overall picture of the moving movement of a uniform shape. Actually, the images were set by the program of the transforming video of girls dancing into mosaic color spots. The sound-and-light show in the 7d image was obtained.

“Probably too fun for science,” Alexander began to worry that the teacher will not react seriously to what he will see.

The plasma in the bulb irradiated the touch screen, which resonated with the LEDs of the monitor, reversing the power of the flicker in the bulb. Microwaves, according to the inventor of the gravity sound-and-light show, passing through the plasma created gravitational waves. As if gravitational waves can be created.

At home, during the test, some hacker connected and wrote

“I like this . How is it called ?” The inventor without thinking twice replied a “gravitule”

In a second, first time in his life, he has received an appraising judgment of the interlocutor.

“This is somehow connected with gravity! Modulation of gravitational waves does not even associatively explain gravity,” the remote interlocutor expressed his opinion.

“It's impossible to imagine a worse evaluation,” thought Alexander, “anyway, no one knows anything about gravity.”

“How do you call yourself, in short?”

Alex asked sarcastically. Instantly a message appeared “Relay universal station, RUS.”

“Cool,” Alexander said out loud, thinking that the technician was joking. He thought about how in years he will be able to turn off the gravity and everyone will turn upside down. Alex proclaimed loudly

” I’ll put all of you on your ears! There will be a levitation for you, not gravity. “

The interlocutor in the chat typed the word “Cool” because he heard everything.

Space objects move in intricate spirals, placing themselves “on the ears.” Once out of the Outer Arm, the relay station moved in a space not belonging to the galaxy. The planned trajectory conditionally passes along the outside of the plane of the disk of the Milky Way. This empty intergalactic space was presented to a single traveler through the capture of gravitational waves through the entire length. Inaccessible to human perception is provided by brain structures made of organic materials compressed to metals. The catchers of the speculative picture consist of metal proteins. A human has similar organic compounds in quantities that do not matter even for telepathy. RUS perceived the emerging gravitational lines in the form of pearly features that crawled out like a vine through a snow-gray translucent cloud. Few gravitational twigs extend beyond the boundaries of the galaxy. They climb beyond the galaxy through the holes of the cosmos and disappear, thinning in their depths. Focusing on the fragments, RUS saw dry metallic motes. The constellations were entangled in lumps, stuffed with pearlescent metal crumbs of gravitational radiation, penetrated by yellow-pink threads of gravitational links. Trillions of such lumps are visible as traffic lights throughout the universe. The aggregate of gravitational intergalactic links looks like a stem growing from a crack in the road surface. At the upper end of which is a small snowflake is our galaxy. Due to the movement that began in the field of the first-dimension tunnel the material takes over the properties of our dimension. A new matter is growing under the conditions of gravitational dimension. The stream of particles materializes, transforming into a known matter and grows from within with a bizarre skeleton. Narrow scratches of the blackness of the first dimension along the giant stem remind us of a space where gravity and mass are absent. Our sprout is one of ten growing in the gravitational dimension. We see it differently because of the blurred restraint of knowledge in the darkness of the unknown.

The possibility of a stable flight along the conditional straight line compensated for the loss of several thousand years for maneuvers due to the numerous collision risks. The movements between the cross-dimensional travel platforms look like flashing colored strings inside the gravitational lines for the entire length of the transfer. Moving in such travels are visible through a change in the brightness of these strings. It is a time fluctuation, where the hours of transfer became past and immersed in the moments of the present. Hundreds of bright strings of different length flicker in the cores of thousands of lines throughout the galaxy. A perfectly good semitransparent galaxy is weakened in places, to cleavages, through which the black emptiness of the first dimension is visible. The sun, dragging its own planets, is running from its native galaxy to its place in the general material of matter in the space of the universe. The relay station, violating the laws of the universe, paves its course through space creating its gravitational pearl line. According to it in the future, ships will surf the universe. Finally, billions of kilometers of space in a straight line between the Earth and the station brought them together so much that communication could become possible between them. On the way to the destination, the intelligent repeater became interested in the beautiful modulations of “levitation” from the Earth, broadcasted by Alex. A short exchange of messages was an inevitable accident. Alexander got a transmitter based on the frequency carrier of gravitational waves of the Earth. The cross-dimensional travel platform (cdtp) 150 million years ago, created by the pioneers of space, automatically amplified signals modulated by the sound-and-light device in the Earth's orbit and transmitted them further. And then the only available subscriber was a reasonable space worker, temporarily free from the fulfillment of his mission.

Two students watched Alexander drive the coils in front of the monitor. He unbuttoned his jacket with a short collar. On the outstretched arms, the white shirt came out almost to the elbow. With the hands down, the sleeves of the jacket did not look short. Genius loved clothes that did not restrain his movements.

“What? Give me!” One of the students came up closer. A popular soundtrack played in the dance music. The students in groups rushed through the open door, dancing. Lifting their nodding heads, they found themselves in the classroom, inconspicuous students engaged in lessons.

As soon as the coils were free, the students immediately rushed to repeat the actions of the muscular dude. Interrupting each other with their movements, the manipulators caused on the screen vortices of changing color forms that shudder to the music. Alex moved along with the chair so that he would not be pushed with their elbows. Now he was sitting sideways and could see the crowded students. In fact, it was the presentation of a technical project to the public. Same as it could be at the Atlants’ exhibition of the Soviet system of professional education of railway workers and experts in the radio electronic industry. Now, these two giants were crouched under one roof of the college, and a single presentation was evoking amazement of all random witnesses. A high commission comprising the teacher and his two friends the physical education teacher and the member of the technical school football team came to the stand. It was appropriate when it was said

“Are you ready to present the project?”


Alexander responded. At this moment everything went wrong, not as he has planned. Everyone was so excited that Alex felt that he can be trampled. The teacher looking at the equipment shaking on the tables remarked

“I see the promised gravitational wave. The inventor gets Achievement”

“The video received under the influence of coils is briefly called Levi” the author himself admired the beautiful pictures. A person vision causes emotions in the brain. The visions organs give a signal for the production of substances that cause the corresponding emotional response in the brain. Signals from the organs are transformed into more or less emotion. The Retransmitter brain works otherwise, developing the perception by estimation of enough and not enough. We do not know the image of the world through a logical scale, and not through an emotion. The extra link in the perception of the world makes the number of processed information heavier and, in the end, confuses. An additional link in the perception of the world fills us with the meaning of life and eventually makes us human. The living organic brain of the Space Traveler RUS appreciated Alex's work on the wave bursts, modulated by coils. This means that he physically perceives the wave disturbances by the brain. Such is the third eye. RUS’s thinking organ is based on measurements and is refined by metal proteins for the application of telepathic interactions.

The commission began to look as two schoolboys move two devices similar to electric motors at the screen of the monitor. Alex involuntarily looked at Alina’s slim figure with an expressive, agile face. There was a pleasant, enthusiastic music. Slim girl Alina was imagining horse racing. At the beat of the music, she stepped with the long leg and with her fingers caught like a mace the pulse that was running from her heel to her hand. Imagining the gymnast’s dance with the maces, the girl threw up her hand smoothly leading it in front of her. Alex watched her right-hand curving like a wave. With every movement, Alina was approaching. Suddenly, behind the moving hand, opened the bottomless green eyes staring at him, framed by long eyelashes sticking up and down. Alex's eyes lay on the path leading to the eyes’ turquoise stars, over which he was used to sighing. He felt that he was drowning. Reacting to the sharp movement, he threw up his right hand. With his hand, he stopped Alina's fist that nearly pierced the left hook to his right shoulder. At the jump, a very powerful knockout stroke, coordinated with the rotation of the hips, caused Alex to strain the trained body.

“What for,” the big man asked with a laugh.

“Would be for what you already would not have been here. - furtively frowning fluffy fair eyebrows cautioned athlete:

“If you need to knock down someone, ask me.

“I'm ready to watch women's boxing anytime. This is my favorite kind of non-professional sport.

Leaving she gave him an ironic smile.

“She is laughing again, I'm the only not worthy of attention as not the president of the country !?” We are horsies waiting for the social elevator will be noticed by girls- “NO”?”   Alex lamented. The guy himself knew how far he was from any career opportunities.

The hands of sound and light show manipulators were subject to the rhythm. By oppositely directed movements, the guys unintentionally made the devices to touch together. On the screen under the influence of magnetic devices, bright lines of different colors formed a female silhouette. Two young creators, Sergei and Yura, using what were in their hands inclined the horizontal lines in the circles. Inside the female silhouette, where it should be, was a lush female breast. Rhythmically changing in size, the picture was breathing, inhale and exhale. Encouraged views of students of semiconductor production could not look away from the graphical changes. One of the young people standing at a distance said, “The Nude Maja.” Under the rhythm of the dance, the beautiful body twitched vigorously. Most of the students already were watching what was happening on the screen, but after what had been said before, they stand up and came to look closer. The discussion began in a low voice. A little louder sounded “Irina’s is better.” One of the girls with big eyes under the arched smooth forehead, hearing her name straighten up. Apparently, Ira was there and, if anyone else did not know her, they had to understand that this was she. The bow, pulling her hair at each turn of her head, peeked from behind, then from the side, then from above. She raised her eyebrows and moved an elegant chin. Her wide-open eyes settled on Alexander's face. She lacked skin folds and wrinkles under her eyes and from this, her direct look had an enchanting effect. On the sides of the round face, a healthy blush was blazing. The faces of such beauties are remembered at first sight. To knock down the unexpectedly growing heat of passion teacher, responsible for what was happening, asked the question “Accidents were as with real scientists?”

Everyone heard Alex's clear voice.

“Yes, I pushed the lamp closer to the screen to see the gap between the coil and the screen. That's when it all worked.”

“So, any fool can.” stretching out said the main public figure, Vladimir. Sometimes it seemed he was a human rights defender fighting for the rights to pronounce stupid things. In actuality, he physically suffered from silence in the crowd. A politician by vocation was clearly maturing out of him. “You cannot!”, inwardly realizing his rightness, Alex objected.

“Even that under the influence of one's own choice and the coincidence we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, there is a personal merit of each. I also credit myself for conjecture to project gravitational waves onto the sensors of the screen with the help of coils I invented. Obviously, this is the modulation of the signal on a gravitational wave. Hooray, I came up with a phone for instant communication with aliens. Just waiting for the call.”

The text appeared on the screen.

“From RUS.

About how many wonderful discoveries we have

An Enlightenment Prepares

And experience, the son of difficult mistakes,

And genius, the paradoxes friend,

And the event, God is the inventor.


A.S. Pushkin”


Alex returned to the conversation.

“Of course, they will not talk to us until the hypocritical ideology of the Scrooge won’t be swept away by away the ideals of the first space power. When this happens, the civilizations of the development of humanitarian minds will befit to communicate with us. Everyone will need my technical innovation right away. I invented a new gadget; gravitational disturbances interactively control the software emulator, and this is displayed on the OS interface. As a result, gravitational waves change the picture and a masterpiece of a new kind of fine art Levi is obtained.”

To the inventor of the gravitational sound and light show came his childhood friend Ivan already working as an operator of CNC[6]  machine tools. His pointedly stylish look favorably distinguished him from the general background of students’ cheap jeans. Well-groomed hair, neat, slightly lowered trousers and an engagement ring emphasized his thoroughness.

He sipped coffee from the paper cup and decided to put another cup in the microwave. Opening the door, Ivan turned off the magnetron and the image on the monitor changed to multiple color spots as in a children's pipe mosaic. Magic vanished, as well as the smell of coffee. A stomach again defeated the progress. Ivan shared Alex’s opinion about the breadth of human aspirations. On behalf of wage workers, he recognized the right to dignity for creative people. Class flair prompted him: Class flair prompted him: respect to their own dignity can unite students and intellectuals.  General respect is formed from individual respect for everyone to the common through their own.

A new text popped up on the screen.

“From RUS

I wrote everything down.”

“Tell your friend to write more understandable. It remains only to guess what is he doing there?” freckled Sergei addressed Alex, having read the last message from Rus on the screen. Alex replied.

“Let him first come to us. You can tell yourself. He will answer your questions and ask his own.”

Rus heard the conversation. Naturally, he took the last words as a request to him to meet. He really did not understand what was unclear in his words and accumulated several questions. The intelligent creature decided to accept the invitation. In production, it directed the task to produce a bio-avatar. And sent a message to Alex “Cool”

Billions of diverse space objects move directly. Dust, clouds of gas, solid objects, dried spiders are carried by gravitational radiation. All this diversity began its movement at the time of the emergence of particles from which all united. The first dimension of spacetime after billions of years created a materializing field. In some part of this field, our space with its size from our gravitational universe is lost. The formation of mass properties and motion is a single process. Starting to move, something takes shape, weight, material interactions. From this, the creative mind produces technological unifications and subordinates them to management for the purpose: to determine where we are. For our dimension - the question is: where we are in time and in space. Scraping off the gravitational field from the properties of mass, technology makes a hole in the void of our universe leading to a primary dimension, where only time and space. Here it is, there are no clinging conditions that change the trajectory of motion. Object RUS slips through the torn matter of the gravity field, accelerating. No one disappears anywhere and appears out of nowhere. What constitutes the basis of our life serves as our fetters. For example, people are constantly saved by breathing air. What is this air bubble for a person, if not a convict chain? After filling the production room with an explosive mixture of gases, the mind decided not to bother to think on the absurdity, vulnerability, and ineffectiveness of the steps in the instruction. Everything was written off for the explanations related to the dead-end branches of human development in a natural way. In a dark room, inside the Relay Universal Station, RUS, a device of sterilizing light has glittered. Sources of diffused light lit a small room without windows and doors. From wall to wall a plastic table rose from the floor. Its surface 2m by 4m was cut into hexagons not larger than a centimeter. The surface of the table is heated by ultraviolet radiation, which seeps through the luminous boundaries of the hexagons. In 8 places, the 5-cm-wide strips were pulled out from the surface of the table and curved with its ends over the middle part. From these ends, the mass was extruded. This white-gray biomaterial with the color of the white breadcrumbs is sometimes crumbles like a dry sand castle. On the ceiling, away from the table, a container moved out. Two surgeon's robots emerged from the elevator and drove up to the table. They brought the self-installing life-giving source quivering from motion with the size of an apple. The embryo was rounded in shape like a bean. The separation grooves gave it the appearance of a human brain. From it on a meter hung wires, along which at a distance of 10 centimeters were round tubercles. A lot of wires stretched from the connected devices to the life-giving source, providing its vital functions. Surgeons have three limbs, each limb with three fingers. One of the three fingers is the longest about 10 centimeters flexible without visible connections, ending in a thinning rounding. The remaining 2 tiny fingers have a laser beam instead of a nail in one, and in another claw as sharp as a scalpel. On the outstretched edge of the gray lump a new strip pushed up and a heavy transparent blue liquid with a nano-robotic white robot, inserted into it, was squeezed out. Under the weight of blue jelly, the loose gray mass was pressed. The first surgeon laid a black mesh. Another surgeon with skillful hands put in it the avatar’s bio-embryo. Gently held jelly-like Bob was immersed in a blue life-giving medium. Numerous hands spread their threads along the gray mass. The surgeon, making precise and careful micromovements, caused the jelly bean to shudder, then the surgeon slowed his movements. Simultaneously, all actions stopped. Different colors were lighting up in turns, causing different materials to glow in different colors. Changes in lighting stopped when the general green background made the bean glow with a stream of blue. The bumps on the threads sucked in a piece of blue blood and ran to the ends. The ends have grown and the balls full of fluid run to build the body. New drops flowed down the strings and saturating the gray biomass with a process of differentiation of living cells. The hand of the surgeon's robot covered the bob with a new mesh. The fingers attached the protruding ends to the ends of the mesh laid earlier. The laser beams from different sides, soldered the joints. After the end of welding around the brain on the entire grid, the robots arranged multiple devices. From different sides several mechanisms moved and inserted into the mass on the table dozens of tubes and mechanisms. They put them to each other and held them in a motionless state. Two more robot surgeons put nanorobots on top of the joints. The tubercles of some micro-robots have been absorbed into the surface in places, others have formed new forms of joints, and in some places, they have flowed away like sand grains in the hourglass into the orifices. The next strip curled and added a bright yellow liquid, which ran through the bean’s body. The wires extended, they became like a circulatory system. Cells of gray biomass received signals from violet ink and differentiated in place into organs of normal size and began to perform their functions. The color image of the young man lit up on the table. The transforming gray mass in the body filled the image. Gravitation has disappeared. The body was lifted and sprinkled with small droplets from all sides. The gratings of the finest strings of lasers moved around the perimeter. With light jolts to them were released incredibly thin sheets of ceramic polymers. They melted after flying onto the burning grid. The resulting nano-crumbs of material has covered the body in small specks. A new layer was sprayed over the entire surface with an oily substance. For several hours everything remained at rest for maturing. Finally, on the table, the forming parts of the body became visible in the luminous holography. The image coincided with a young man with a white face. Convex cheeks in the corners of the lips lashed a light red color. The same color but lighter has flooded the high forehead.  People seeing signs like this determine that this is due to the thin skin and the capillaries high to the surface. The avatar was made with a very thick skin, which contained the supplies of substances necessary to maintain the life support system for different non-terrestrial conditions. The light in the room changed to the daylight. Rus created the avatar’s aging program up to the age of thirty-five. He adopted the average from hundreds of images of the Slavic race men; whose appearance aroused the confidence of others. Rejuvenated this to 16 years of age and in this form realized. Thanks to the standardization curly hair formed an ideal hairstyle. Thick, short eyebrows looked well-groomed in small strips. The white color of chamomile and dark blond mixed, so the color of hair looked like burned in the sun.

Alex has approached two girlfriends Vera and Alina, intending to make a compliment to theirs dresses “Sally.” A summer dress with a length above the knee of a fitted silhouette. The chic, one-color dresses for the summer were perfectly sitting on their figures giving the female image of the girls’ lightness and grace. Vera and Alina were attending sports training together. They looked very much alike, with their model appearance and graceful physique. Vera talked to the guy trying to please:

“We were just talking about you. You will be famous.”

“If you are not going to beat me, I might also stay healthy.”

“Say what you think but think what you say. You'll live longer! You need to be afraid of the country’s government as if the all structures will come to beat you for your statements.” Alina said morally.

“Guys, I offer you cotton scarves of railway workers trade union with their logo and a cash reward for participating in the work of our representative office at the international conference “Syndrome of emotional burnout.” It's about stress in the workplace.

“I knew it!”   Alina interrupted his speech, “Do you really think that the minister will be worried if someone dies in the workplace?”

Alex ignored what she said.

“Psychosis took the size of the “global epidemic” we have to come to understanding. On the labor protection day, you should stand with me with the motto”6-hour working day or Stress without the end”

“Where is the catch? Your premonitions of losing health are rarely justified.” smiling Vera pushed the big man to the point of conversation. The other girl nodded her head.

“Try to look further than you see with your eyes. There, in depth, a new depth opens, and on and on. All this exists apart from what is slipping in your head. Without all these images and emotions that your biological organ brain gives you. Everything that happens to you is more like a chemical reaction given to you in your sensations and experiences. There is an incredibly gigantic space ready to take any person’s daring thought. On the other hand, the chemical heat exchange of hormones with the brain gives us an emotional response. The world of limitless possibilities for real life on the basis of reasonable creativity and an animal miserable entity based on instincts.

“What's wrong again, perhaps do I think a little about the sublime. You think I danced at your scientific symposium, so what?” Alina noticed, taking very personally what she heard. Vera was resting under the pleasant male baritone of Alex.

“It seems that you both came to the finish line. You and Vera seem to have a competition. Who braver will open more: shoulders, belly button, knees. Our whole male team is more at rush in your presence. Draischch today could not find a place for himself. You do not have mercy on us at all. I cannot imagine that girls can look better than you. The boys struggle hard with the animal instincts, which are generated by the production of male hormones from the age of 18. In medicine, this is called a sexual stress. I propose to slow down a bit, and I award both of you the first place. From me, an excursion to a cafe. From you, less open blouses than today. At least for the exhibition. Do you agree?”

Once outside, Alexander decided to return home on foot. When you are done with business you can walk freely. On the square before the metro station, he began to look at the group of Buddhists. They stood with closed eyes and hummed with their voices, squeezing the pads of their fingers. On the folding table next to them, a poster with a temple’s photo was shown. A girl in the wheelchair pulled up her eyelid and looked at the woman's eyes. Then the healer asked to show the tongue. When she had finished her examination, she said:

“You have a good health”

“Take the brochure,” suggested the man with the orange stripe of cloth on his shoulder. The woman offered money, and he thanked her and put the bill in the colored bag on his belt over his shoulder. Then he came to Alex,

“In our teaching there is no difference between the state of the soul and the state of the body. They complicatedly interwoven.  You have clean eyes, but sad. Apparently, you are exhausted by the routine.”

“Sympathy in your voice captivates with its sincerity,” Alex took out the money and gave it to the Buddhist.

“Thank you. Take the brochure.”

“Thank you. I already took it once.”

“I feel the signal, as if you were worried about something. What's your name?”

“Me Alexander, and yours?”

“My name is Boris. I'm telling about the doctrine of consciousness. Are you interested?”

“I have been practicing hatha yoga, meditation for many years. I just came to give you some money.”

“Usually, people want us to do something for their money. We offer something from Tibetan medicine. Why did you decide to share with us?”

“My father once asked passersby for money. They answered arrogantly with insults. He was offended and took everything from them. I was a child next to him. Moral: learn to share from childhood. What do you have in Buddhism on this subject?”

““You do not know how - we'll teach you, you do not want, we'll force you!” I see! Personally, I'm for.”

Boris handed Alex a bell. The big-haired man had jingled the elongated bell several times and found peace. Young people of the same height and age have quickly found a common language. Identical problems, as it turned out were asking for the same solutions.

Here, as the author, I will have to clarify the incident Of course, Alex did not begin to tell this story in detail, since it was not the time or the place. It's not that. People are not inclined to talk about certain things in detail. They are falsely ashamed of their experiences and crying a tear. A story with experiences that a person does not dare to mention is told for artistic purposes. Again, this is not the case. It happens that the story is thoroughly criminal and draws the narrator to the bottom. In other words, draws to the prison term. No, that's not the point. The writer should write an educative story. My grandfather, who fought, to my requests to tell me more about the war was answering,

“You do not need to know this.”

It turned out we need to know. It was essential to teach! As Alexander’s and Arthur’s father did. He invited his sons to take a walk. They went in the evening to the station district. I will say,

“He knew that asking for money from passers-by was a hard task. He needed some helpers.”

 The oldest was seventeen, and the youngest was fifteen. Quite a fight age for help. Just in case, he warned them to run and did not come across. And when you have to beat, then beat a lot and quickly, so that the opponent does not get up. On the way, he picked up the right size stones for his boys to grip them in their hands. Two men over forty in uniform with the shoulder straps of the colonels had turned to a smaller street, and the trio followed them. The father had hailed the military and apologizing asked some money for living. The colonel was indignant at the impudence of the imbecile and swore foully at the rogue. In the physical sense, the civilian was obviously underfed as opposed to the military. His habit of growing hair was more truly caused by the need to cover up his protruding ears, the tips of which were sticking out at each side. The hair looked dangling on the emaciated face. The brothers, remaining behind, were filled with resentment for their father. They were already old enough to understand that it was not appropriate to tell about their father staying in a psychiatric hospital for a long time. The colonel estimated the outgrown boys and came to the fair conclusion not to be afraid of beggars. Laughing, he frightened the boys by speaking out about punishment in a manner peculiar to the pederast. It would seem that you are that one spaghetti one of the hundreds jumped into a hole in a colander, your life was a success, live and rejoice. But no, the habit of humiliating the weak-willed subordinates necessarily grows into contempt for others. Already all strangers appear as bootlickers. Then the boys realized: they do not want to live the slaves' life. Going to work for a bawdy boss and catching crumbs for survival is humiliating. They felt embarrassed to the tips of their hair. The desire to get even with the culprit of this suffering was replaced by a fear that this shame would haunt them all their lives. Father, angry, but without getting out of himself asked the military not to show off.

“How dare you are! Stinkard say me “you”?” seriously angry, the soldier raised his voice, “go to work lazy idlers,” cried the colonel, trying on the role of overlooker. He was offended by the impudence of strangers to talk to him and to ask him for money. In retaliation, he cursed foully about the mothers of the father and sons. Flushing with hatred, the father put all the force into the throw and threw the stone into the head of the supporter of respectful treatment, or whatever he thought of himself there. From the proletariat’s weapon the colonel collapsed. The father hissed at the second “Do not check. As long as I will hang on you, my guys will jab you with knifes to death. “The boys went from two sides to bypass the man, who was larger than the first. The live colonel had rushed forward to fight then braked. “Go back slowly and go away!” Draischch with shaggy hair curled his face and pulled his lips clearly pronouncing each word. He involuntarily grimaced, trying to cope with himself. Father for the sake of sons, tried to avoid the fight, overcoming psychosis.

“Crazy!” said the colonel and walked away.

Arthur rummaging through the pockets of laying man had found rubles and dollars and cheered up his father.

“Crazy! but you know how to live.”

Alex found a gun under his uniform, unfastened the strap and took it too. The offender's carcass moved. The colonel stood up. The three of them pounced on him. The blows were inflicted frequently and lots with hands and feet. The military man turned out to be a strong man. He waved away from the attackers and walked away. They watched as he had stumbled and fell on the fence around the flowerbed. He had some kind of ulcer and because of the internal bleeding from the impact of falling on the fence, the rude man died before the eyes of the avenged trio. Father and sons calmly returned home. Sometimes they remembered this event, never regretting it and most importantly not feeling angry. Since then, the boys have done a lot of sports and eat well to grow healthy and strong.

Alex bought himself an ice cream at the nearest metro station. After opening the package, he found out that he had mistakenly received frozen fruit juice. It is not bad, but you have to be more careful. It's nice to stare at everything. The brain does not throw up the problem, it feels relaxed. Successfully done work and well-deserved reward. Alexander was glad to feel satisfaction from the intellectual work. This time there was a public recognition of the importance of the work done. The young scientist knew how to live for today and was happy. The joy of sensing the meaningfulness of what had happened came with an understanding of the meaning of life. He wanted to know life fully. The society through his parents brought up a worthy person in him. He only regretted that there was no system for the comprehensive development of each individual. So that people not only could distinguish between the emotional side of words but also the semantic one. Communicating people lose the essence of the conversation, draw opposite conclusions, belittle their significance. He would like to distribute the participation of the state in people's lives. Maximum comprehensive care at birth. Upbringing and development with full support for up to 25 years. To do this, people started a social order. So that everyone received an organized state system in achieving comprehensive development. Such goal of the state seemed justified to Alex so that people needed something from the state. When they want to understand why they need it all. The big man thought with his scientist's mind about the wrongly built state: the problems multiply, the people are destroyed and degenerated, people live in the hell of a meaningless existence. Alex foresaw that humanity should give up money. Actually, from its universal equivalent. It will be more difficult for those who will receive work with the meaning of life for the benefit of society, but more justly. Any distribution must take place without beneficiaries. For justice's sake, the one concerned with the decision must make his demands to the court of the council and, if possible, make a choice. Alex did not see a single reason why to give four-fifths of his working time to employers, and most of the one-fifth to creditors and traders.

The growing noise from the knocking of the wheels on the iron rails attracted his attention. Ahead, the street dive under the bridge. The freight train came to the bridge. After passing it by half, the locomotive was disappearing behind a vertical line passing in the middle of the span. The train moved to an invisible vertical line, after which it was dematerialized. After leaving the bridge the train reappeared and continued to move in the usual way. It can not be a glitch when you stand for a couple of minutes, staring at a 5 meters gap in the middle of the train. The resulting deception of view did not allow to realize the difference between the picture of the visible in space among the moving parts. In fact, in the gap, everything was in gray tones. The melted juice run down the arm and this brought Alexander back to the reality. He went under the railway bridge and held his breath routinely from the burning stench from the garbage incineration place. Passing under the bridge past the iron barrel, in which the bums burned diesel every evening, he turned around. Nothing strange. Alex thought,

“This is how to show people that homeless people because of overpopulation.”

“Collect wealthy dudes. One hundred people within a village for ten people without a connection to the world. Two small fields give to two families at once. A bag of money and a criminal code, as it now. Will successful managers turn into cattle? All right, the best of the best will jump out to be the main persons. Excessive government officials and billionaires will merge with tramps. How many successful now individuals will become hobo in the new situation?” Alex went straight and a minute later turned around again. The smoldering trail as an arrow pointing exactly to the place of the middle of the gap of the material's materialization. Everything is as usual.

Next morning, the news was telling about the technogenic disaster on this bridge last night. There were no dead people in the videos shown. The photoshop experts work even better while hiding the details of the incidents. As if there were no ordinary people in this place, either under the bridge, or in the apartments of the collapsed floors of the building nearby, or in a crowded train full of passengers. They showed the bent bridge and the passenger train that had moved down it to the nearest building. Destroying the corner of the 12-story residential building, the locomotive was crushed by the fallen floors of concrete floors. They announced that the exact number of dead cannot be reported. It turned out that there is no one to whom to regret and there is nothing to be done.

Revolution every day.

Today, Alexander has scheduled to make a revolution. Around the neck he fastened the red gold chain. A five-pointed star, a hammer and a sickle are attached to a single ring. His school friend Ivan made small symbols from the USSR copper coin. According to Ivan's idea, the group of symbols represented the expectation of inevitable events. According to Alexander's emotional perception, the star shone with its call not to oversleep his life, the hammer beat into his soul to protect the human essence, the sickle cut his living body releasing pulsating blood outward to wash and clean the filth. The meaning of these symbols together remained the same: love of life as it should be. He saw it without compelled options. According to Lenin, there is a chain of revolutions. For Alexander, every person is a revolution, a chain link. Every day must be built in by the link of the revolution in the chain of revolutions. Under the excuse of meeting with production workers, Alex has gathered all the students in the gym to talk about the public importance of education. He looked accordingly. He was dressed in business dark jacket with two buttons and light vertical thin strips, black jeans, and dress shoes. With a chic embroidery of burgundy patterns on a dark blue tie over a light blue shirt, he looked splendid. Only in this way could he expect that others would perceive him with attention. He used the wardrobe of his elder brother. It included the clothes exchanged with friends and donated by wealth folks. Some of the clothes were taken away from respected slickers’ collections of nonsense. The management provided the premises in the technical college after classes. The comrades arranged with the future employers to provide food for students. At the entrance, food and drinks were distributed to the coming visitors. In the center at the microphone on the chair sat Mikhail, a well-known teacher of dialectical materialism. Around him were set up chairs, in some chairs were sitting teenagers. To the right of the entrance under the large windows stood 10 tables with computers on them. Young people behind computers played a game “Collectivization.” The participants in the game joined forces for armed struggle in groups. The goal of the game is to protect your pigs from a large pork producer. The plot of the game: Armed representatives of the authorities come to the village to take pigs under the pretext of an epidemic. Their goal is to turn individual producers into pork-hungry consumers. These consumers will constitute a personal market for the owner of a large farm. Those who lost all pigs die of famine in a short time, if they do not have time to take a pig from friends, or do not have money for a piece of pork in chocolate. The scheme is simple as in a concentration camp: effective management ensures that the people do not provide themselves, and in return, nothing but work on the owner's farm. From the speakers, Mikhail's voice sounded,

“It is easiest to force students into simple labor in a cafe and bar. You are not given a scholarship, money for living. A student must be a beggar to enslave himself with a loan for life. From the human point of view, the student has to learn the profession before he owes. The debtor in training. From the day born, get used to the idea that you must. No, you must not. All people on the planet are born with the same right to use the planet, at least the country. In Soviet times, a person was never left alone with problems. My grandfather with his friends built a house for his family in a month. The government has given everything he needs to build a house: land, logs, tools. If you do not want to build it yourself, they gave you free housing. Nowadays you do not get anything. Now student takes a loan for study, which he will have to pay back. In fact, this is a hidden exploitation of you.”

 “Why did not I hear of this before?”, The student asked.

“Because you were listening wrong people,” said Mikhail. Next to Mikhail were some desks with computers. At which students play computer wars. They send missiles to the points selected on the planet's map. Online game with the addition of paid options. To send a more powerful charge you have to pay. On the map, traces of hitting are noted depending on the power of the missile sent. Players from all over the world participate. Some places on the planet with a lot of hits are marked by a bloody red color, almost black. To the left of the entrance under the windows is the bicycle simulator. From it the wires stretch to the blender on the table. Everyone who wants to drink a smoothie first has to pedal to get electricity. Several girls wishing to speak about the history of the white movement and Alexander with a microphone came to the white flag hanging on the basketball ring. Alex in a simple way in a couple of phrases sent the conversation to a rift in the mass consciousness

“People from birth distinguish between lies and truth. There is no wizard who permit to tell the truth. But there is a trick to slip a lie so that you cannot distinguish it from a truth. This method is called lying for the hidden truth. It was used at times of publicity - times of manipulations of people. They announced that there was the truth that was being hidden. The floods of lies began, which they gave out for the hidden truth. Now you can distinguish the lies affected by the fair distribution of free apartments from the truthful stories of those you know about your relatives. Now you will hear a true story, not a fiction novel.”

Ira took the microphone. In the whole hall sounded not a loud voice from a beautiful female breast. "In my family, my mother's grandfather in Vyborg was shot by men from white movement. They were gathering people who did not want to be slaves. These people were taken away in silent groups to the hill near the church. The priests went to the bell tower to have a look at the execution. The same bell tower on which they were putting a machine gun to shot down unsatisfied villagers. Remember that funny story about a priest who spent a term in the GULAG in a liquor store in a prisoner's zone and was not sober even a single day of his imprisonment. He was from that church. Others from Far East captured my father’s grandfather and hung him. He and some others were suspected of stealing a cow. All of them were hanged.  Owners do not care about their slaves. Who will be raising children of killed men? Tyrants do not bother about it. The slaves are now being told that violence cannot be used, otherwise not only will the majority suffer. “White” then gave a third of Russia to foreigners. The land of ancestors was given for nothing, but for a cow you will be strangled! So, “White” people have very strict requirements for cattle? And if opposite you will immediately hear - not humanely! Theft is not evil ever, but "Theft is a sin" - the rule for the robbed to keep silent in a rag." Returning the microphone, the presenter said,

“We have a scientific quiz we should not bring personal experience and emotions into science.”

“Girls turn everything into a bazaar”, Alina said. “Both “White” and “Red” were allowed to express themselves. "It is coming out that “Reds” are for justice and development, and “Whites” are those who are stupidly against the “Reds.” Alex concluded. And he continued: “You cannot blame the “Reds” for responding to the terror of the “Whites”, who once again mocked the poor people. They believe that the blood of slaves means nothing, like a water from a puddle. “White” committed crimes against humanity in the edification of the right of the people in power. They received the same answer in return. In the future, we will see how now silent slaves will show the elite this lesson with edification. I am addressing to those who are tightening strap on the neck of an ordinary man

“Be cautious for yourself and your heirs.” One cannot blame anyone for wanting redistribution for society where all valuables were appropriated by 15000 people. After the farmers themselves redistributed the land in Russia in 1917, the peasant paradise was happening. The happiness of 20 million peasants on the black earth was that they received the same piece of land as the Cossacks[7] . They were protecting their paradise from “Whites”, who were coming back to return a land to the landlords.”

On the square near the metro station building stood a long row of traders of fruits and vegetables. In the midst of this place, the sellers took turns in harshly crippling a man of 50 years. In front of the entrance to the subway was standing a bus. Boris, a tall young man was in the subway and stumbled on the bus. He looked closely at its windows. Behind the glass, he saw the military personnel. On the bus over a red strip in white letters was written Rosgvardia (National Guard of Russia). The door was open, and Boris did not hesitate to get on the bus.  In the bus people in black after looking at him have thought that he is one of them. The long time ago shaved head is uncovered. The glossy rectangular forehead is framed by very short black hair. Eyebrows like peaks and the big face with cheeks lifted to cheekbones as if with a smile but never dropping Seeing this face for the first time has the impression that he is thoughtfully smiling.

“In the farmers market some man is being killed. Around 10 sellers slaughter him to death.” Boris gave the information to people who he thought knew what to do with it. The chief with the rank of the Major, asked

“Who are you and why do you care about this?”

His black, round eyes gave a piercing gaze. Bulging with large circles of cheekbones, with such a look was mad frightening. Boris shrugged his shoulders. With the tranquility, a distant descendant of the Mongolian steppes sons thought Major “crazy” and remarked aloud

“You must protect people.”

“What kind of man are you. The corporate unity of the nation is not invented for the fact that we have one fatherland with the rabble! The slogan “One for all and all for one” is not for us. Another time, they will come up with a corporate unity of continental ones. So, what? And the fact that the Homeland can be changed, but not the authorities! Think!”

“And how will we die for state interests?” The young man raised a characteristic fold at the upper eyelid along with an eyebrow and with sarcasm expressed his bewilderment.

“Where the power there is the state. One without the other does not happen.”

“That’s right, the keyword is the state!”

“Can the state work in the interests of rabble?” With the timidity of a dying hope, the guy said.

“No! This cannot be done!”

The Sergeant peeped into the bus and said

“He has come, he is distributing flyers. There are only a few words written in them:" The President is deceiving you.” The Major stood up and said

“Let’s go. Yes, the President is generally the only one who believes in what he says.”

The soldier with the Sergeant ran to the enemy of the regime and deftly wrapped his arms around him on both sides. The black leather jacket of the agitator twisted and made a sound, “beech”[8]. Ten meters from them, in a black leather jacket, a 16-year-old boy threw up his hands and aimed at the guardians of order. The Major yelled

“Shoot the barrage” and stretched out his hand towards this young man. The subordinates made shot in the indicated direction.

The teenager threw a stick from which he supposedly "fired" and ran to a two-meter fence made of iron bars painted with black paint. Several people were hunched up from the bullets that fell into them. Involuntarily, Boris threw up his hand as if there was the kindness on his palm, he offers it to everyone. The edge of the cape slipped from his shoulder. A triangular neckline with a black edging appeared. A quarter of the orange Buddhist shirt opened. And he said in a subtle voice, “These are just people.”

Alexander took a couple of steps and was right next to Boris, who, after casting a glance at his neighbor, concluded

“A madhouse.”

“Is very similar. This psycho protects the power from the poverty of beggars, in his eyes all people are enemies. I read the article about the father of this Major, one of those who in the late eighties shoved the Soviet Union into pockets. The granddaughter - the street racing girl drives on a sports car, jumps out onto the sidewalk, knocks people down. For her, this is a game, like knocking down skittles. A whole family of nuts.” Alexander knew the psychopaths on visits to the hospital, where his father was repeatedly forced to stay.

“Hold him,” the psychopath Major continued to yell. After the guy, four jumped on to the fence. One of them managed to climb over the fence, but one sharp pin pierced the bottom of his trousers and clamped his foot tight. Falling, he pulled the fence forward with all the weight of his body. The trinity was piled above the fence and at that moment another ran on to the fence trying to jump on it. He crushed ruthlessly into the obstacle. The fence tilted and fell. A pile of these people pressed on the bent leg of one who was below all. There was a crunch. Those who wanted to see what was happening went out through the passage in the fence, which was 5 meters from the fallen. There was an asphalt path to the 2-story dental office nearby. The Major gave the command to leave. The Sergeant in worn-out boots similar to cracking boots left the bus and one of those who helped the lame man to go to the bus said

“There was your mother in the crowd”. The Sergeant corrected him: "She could be" and went to the people who were bending over the lying after the shooting. One of the dead was his mother. After the Sergeant left, the old guardsman came to the Major. Without closing his mouth, he said: "There is a God in heaven, see how "red" family is marked by bullets." "Under the Communist dictatorship, it will be worse if the lawlessness is not stopped" - the Major responded: "The gendarmerie caste was created to fight the "fifth column" and "revolutionary fermentations." Another guardsman said: "Distributing flyers with ideas is as spreading an infection, the epidemic can be, and how people do not understand." Hearing this conversation, Alexander and Boris exchanged glances. Alex, looking at the old guard affirmative said: "Half of you here is the detachment of private security organization guarding the shopping center "Rainbow mart". This the most criminal place in Moscow. Permanent shooting." He said in response: "Who will refuse for four hundred dollars a week?" "Blunt knackers," Boris responded. The guardsman looked at Boris’s big face and with the non-closing mouth replied: "Do not forget, we are law enforcers, we protect people’s legitimate private property." "Thank you, I have nothing. Everything was distributed even before me. I am evidently excessive in your security scheme. Do I have to be born back? " - Boris is clearly not the first time so sadly thanked the state man. "I have a campaign here, we distribute advertising flyers of our technical college." Let's go, I want to give you one to read," Alexander addressed him. The Buddhist went along with the big man, who continued the conversation:

-"They do not care about the mass of people glimpsing before their eyes. These renegades have chosen their purpose and have determined the other side. We can only answer them the same. When mercenaries are ready to kill for money, this ends their humanity. Now they do not care who is in front of them. We are not them. "

 At the other end of the square, where the bus stops, students camped around a folding table with brochures and disks. In practice, no one saw them, because the girl in the red pilot's cap drowning in lush blond hair and pioneer tie attracted all attention. She handed out tickets to the meeting with a famous journalist. Alexander greeted her from afar. Coming closer, he introduced: "Ira, let me introduce this is Boris. Boris, this is Ira." The Buddhist looked up and smiled broadly. The man selling the DVD jumped abruptly from his chair and called to Alexander: "Alex, look," then he pointed to a 25-year-old man with a short haircut: "This one was next to the driver of the car that hit a woman on the sidewalk." Turning to Boris, Alex asked: "Will you come with me?" A guy with short hair ran, sat in a brown Audi Q7 car and abruptly drove off. "Let’s go," Alex said, turning to the girl with the red tie. Pioneer immediately ran to the white car Ford Escape and sat on the driver's seat. Alex sat down beside her and turned to the door slammed behind him. It was Boris. "Thank you for inviting me. I cannot refuse. " He said with the doomed sigh. A second later, as they drove off, Alex noticed the stick shooter on the right side of the road and said: "Slow down next to the boy at the tree." After the stop, Alex opened the door and turned to the wary teenager: "You have to leave fast, you can get in our car. We'll help you." The boy lowered his head and lifted his eyelids and looked at the strangers. A spark of determination flashed in his eyes. When he strained the muscles around his cheekbones, he got playful, but the purposeful expression on his face, eager for a pirate’s adventures. On the back seat, Boris moved, and the new passenger sat down to him.

"My name is Jon," the teenager introduced himself. Smiling at strangers, he demonstrated his natural charm. He kept quiet and tried to pass for the clever one. Often, he deliberately decided how to show himself, for the development of conscious behavior, combining emotions as an actor. Another thing is why he somehow led himself. He could not explain this.

- I was almost shot with other people. - the boy expressed bewilderment at what happened, not realizing how fast the military is crossing the line between life and death.

- In the hot pursuit, they need to close the culprit. It would be right if you do not get into trouble. Stay away from adventures!

- Okay!

Arriving at the intersection, Ira stopped the car at the red traffic light before the pedestrian crossing, not reaching 1.5 meters to the stop line. "They need to be smashed while they are small," Ira said, and start trying to squeeze with the middle finger of her right hand a spider in the spot where the rear-view mirror was glued in. Looking at the gestures of the warrior, Jon admired: "How busty you are!"

"When I get out of the car, first thing, I'll punch you in the neck." - promised Ira, instead of gratitude.

- What's wrong: it's a compliment. I admired with what I’ve seen first in the girl. I wanted to be polite to the girl.

Since her fingers were blocking the spider, she clenched all her fingers in the fist, except the middle finger. To the right of them stopped a car, which they pursued. Its driver turned his head over his left shoulder and involuntarily his jaw began to fall. Spider quickly ran on the window and Ira had to hurry. She sharply poked a finger at him and killed the insect. In a deep chest voice, the pioneer, with her mouth wide open, depicted the villain's laughter. From the jerking of her hand, the pilot's cap slid to her forehead. The man stared at them. The teenager showed solidarity and knowledge of sign language. He moved closer to the driver of the next car and pictured, showing on himself how he would cut man’s throat with the thumb of his right hand. The driver, who they were chasing, did not wait for the green traffic light and speed up. "What was that?" - expressed perplexity Ira. "This is the guy with whom we want to talk," Alex said. The girl replied, "That's fine, let him be afraid," and without waiting for the green light, drove ahead. On the way, they continued to get acquainted with the young shooter.

He turned out to be local, the rest of his story was completely unbelievable. It turned out that he has ties with the Islanders, the local band, which is robbing trains on the railroad. Dad is a corrupt official at the railway station from a royal family ruined before the revolution, Romanovs, the founders of a Swiss bank. When asked if he needed to be at home he said that by 10 pm, but if he will call his mom in advance, he can stay late. They have followed Audi another five minutes and stopped at the subway depot. The man quickly went to the nearest subway train with three railcars. The guys jumped out of the car and ran after him. Boris tried running on the platform to catch up with him in the first railcar, where the man entered the only open door. But the door closed, and the train began to gain speed before he reached it. At this time, Alex and Jon climbed into the last railcar through the front door. Boris, looking at the departing train, saw Alex, dragging Jon into the railcar. Doors between railcars were not locked and the guys passed without delay to the head railcar. Finally, Alex met his gaze with the runaway and took out a gun, elongated with a muzzle device: "I do not like how you drive without brakes." The big man showed a gun with a silencer sideways and explained: "Brakes for the irreconcilable." Lebedev's gun with 14 armor-piercing cartridges." "Your bullet-proof vest will not work. The brains through the hole in the head will whistle out. Do not check on yourself." Alex blinded Nik's eyes from the gun’s designator, on purpose and continued asking:

-        "Were you driving when you hit down a woman on the sidewalk?"

The man sighed with relief, looked away and shook his head. A grin appeared on his face as if he was a little disappointed. As he was waiting and hoping for something dangerous, but there was a misunderstanding. In the head railcar, the driver's seat was empty. The train rushed faster than usual, without stopping or braking, passing the metro stations by the side.

The man was sitting on a bench, with a straight posture and tilting slightly forward, leaning his hands on his knees. The black jacket is tightly closed and protruded outward around his waist. He carefully looked straight into Alex's eyes and said in an even voice: "My name is Nikolay. The man who was behind the wheel is Sergey Mengel.  He’s irritating me. My hands themselves strive to strangle him." Calm confidence and politeness aroused Alex's sympathy, so he said as kindly as possible:" Lay out everything that you know. Is Sergey using your help to hide?"

-He is not hiding, he is the son of a presidential companion. For Sergey, the gypsy laws are accepted: pay for the crime and you are free.

-You do not attribute any kind of stupidity to one nationality. The stupidity is being in a nationality, all nations are mixed up. Imaginary communities are my favorite subject, and most of all I love Pokémon. There are a lot of them, and they are everywhere. They are not to blame, that they have been brought up in such traditions since childhood. And they do not know how to think. They are Pokémon! "

- Laws, where money is more valuable than peoples’ lives, are called feudalism principles, and people whose lives are cheaper than money are called slaves. You need a scientific approach. So, all your life you live unremarkably. -Jonathan said.

A polite stranger took objects out of the pockets of his jacket and laid them next to the bench. He pulled out a notebook and pulled a piece of paper from the pocket on the cover. Nikolay unfolded a hundred dollars: Take it if it decides anything. "

"In fairness, compensation without benefits is difficult to provide," Alex said, hiding the one-hundred-dollar bill: "So the judges are feeding everyone with their own spoons." For the shot down man, a thug will receive 3 years of shoveling. The prosecutor will be suspended. Some bully may pay and be released. "

"You are not against the laws, are you? What is your name? " - Nik decided to talk, there is nowhere to hurry. The interlocutors did not get personal and were pleasant to pleasant to talk to.

"My name is Jonathan," the teenager called and gave Nikolay his radiant smile.

- My name is Alexander. We are not against laws if they are for justice. I will say the following about the laws: I do not eat bread with sand. I'm talking about how the new laws are cooked with sand, "- with these words, Alex took a certificate from the bench. "FSS. The senior Lieutenant," Alex read out loud, then handed it to Nikolay:" Take it, you're a very old for Lieutenant, you probably do not know how to serve yourself, not others." Alex took the gun away. He pulled one of the brochures form the packs sticking out from a small handbag with straps. There was a plastic card on one of the sides of the brochure. He asked:" What is this?" "Something like a subway pass. Once my grandfather also received such gifts."- Nik wanted to talk frankly: "Before, he was in their team. For decades, my grandfather worked to lower the legacy of the Soviet Union. Children get something too, but grandchildren get only the hell. All that the grandchildren got is to pick up shit from the old people."

The big guy became interested: "I respect when someone truthfully cuts a blood clot of celebration in a public consciousness. Let's join us. We are in favor of canceling the pension to the generation who did not take care of the heirs. So, there is an elite team and they are working hard for their well-fed future? "

"Not for the sake of the future. The formula of the modern world: smooth out radical collapse for the sake of prolonging what is now to infinity. Money is freezing financial bubbles. There will be no more crises, wars, too. You had said correctly about the holiday without the end. People who have a holiday on their street, they do not care about those who to the left are violating the human dignity of the foreign workers, and to those people who on the right are swarming with rats in a garbage dump. Organizers, of course, are in chocolate. For this, they refuse even inheritance. Here Sergey Mengel has built the shopping center "Rainbow mart" on the remains of his mom’s billion. If he loses it, then the empire will end just after it has begun. And the heirs will get nothing."

“I'm just weeping,” Alex smirked and with a thoughtful smile suggested: “Make a movie "No happiness in business." The remains of luxury are invested by the heir in a business, and we will hit this business on a paver machine.”

“You know, at night inside the shopping center, casino and drug dealing are open. I do not know how I allowed myself to confide in crooks, but they robbed me with a scam. Make a movie as a paver machine will ruin this stash. I will help with all I can,” Nik announced with a note of ridicule.

“Nik, I know "Rainbow mart". It is not in its place, who will take it down will do a good deed. Specially trained people are there for such work. Let's see what you'll tell. The course of your thought is correct, but I cannot understand you, I swore an oath to serve the people, and you smash them on the sidewalks. Do you think that their oppressors are not enough to press them, so you wanted to smash them by vehicle?” Alex decided to do a wood carving.

“It was an accident. This is not my fault.”

“There is. Sold your soul for goodness? So, you to blame. Do not you see how people are suffering around? So, you to blame. All production was taken away from people. Everything was destroyed. They are also mocking the poor people: they call beggars with ten thousand dollars earnings a month the middle class. The country as a concentration camp, where the people are deprived of the opportunity to engage in creative activity in order to secure a decent life for themselves. The world is growing by 30% every 10 years, and our country is minus one. The rulers have avoided organizing the life of the people, while others are not allowed to power. Nothing changes in democracy, cannibals in the nineties and also cannibals now. Now all values are pacified, the people are now born destined for poverty. The authorities are festering the population, they make them busy with anything: lining up to institutions, collecting bureaucratic documents, medical problems, education below the baseboard; where overpopulation, beggars roam; sociopaths, false patriotism replaces nationalism and many other things else. I want to ask: at least do not lie. Already in the whole world, they do not lie, because there is no need. So, everywhere bosses make the decisions they want, and the people don't care. Look at people who believe in the fairy tale of getting rich. They tear everyone to pieces, only their mothers not sold. Relatives need only money from them. And they spend their millions before retirement and die in poverty and loneliness, without the strength to strangle themselves. People work together, but only few ones take everything and spend it on themselves. And it must be spent on universal development and welfare. A law is needed that prohibits vampires from appropriating someone else's work and spending on themselves what is the result of social labor. The whole world looks at China if they get such a law to be accepted or not. To forbid with the law to steal like parasites from everyone. Is it so bizarre?!”

  “Nik, you know how lucky you are, you can still change, and serve your people as you swore.”

Jon got up and said, “Yes.”

Nik squinted and asked, “Do we know each other? Okay, what do you propose to do?”

  In response, he heard, “We all have to do everything for the sake of one idea «needed where was born».”

“First of all, you must learn to tell yourself the truth. From untruth builds rubbish. Smart people prefer to find out the truth, and if you are the master, you will decide who to end up killing or pardoning. Everyone will be silent. This is the main form of lies. We will build truthism. Those who rob the hired are parasites. Hired laborers catch nothing from those who appropriate. To be a beggar is bad, to be a slave is bad. Everyone who wants to work should get a job. In our time, earning less than $ 10,000 a month is a shame. It means you are a slave working for food and a shelter. The well-being of people does not depend on the fact that all officials are in places. Do you serve the order? How naive you are, as you were born yesterday! I'll tell you the truth: it's better to deal with a murderer than with a fool! A fool, striving for "Elite" life, instills to himself, I'm rich.”

 Jon quickly added, “From the fact that you were given a bill today with a single zero, you will not become richer than yesterday.”

Alex continued, “We were convinced that the purpose of life is to happily drink, eat, sleep. Working for the owners is a servility, not a career. Military service to a bunch of scoundrels is servitude, and not "Protect the Homeland." You cannot work more than 6 hours a day, because we live once and need time for personal needs. Spending life on money is stupid. It's difficult to make a man out of yourself, but it's necessary. You have to study at least up to 25 years, and not make money. Therefore, up to 25 years, there should be full security and provision at the expense of the state. Take everything from billionaires and thieves and distribute on public development.”

They have sat. They were silent. The big man hesitated and finally said, “For the soul, I would like to teach someone like Sergei Mengel. Make a scenario for the oligarch, where he left without money, but instead of a movie, arrange a reality show for him and his family.”

 Alex regained his breath and began to tell, “I was in a concentration camp today and went to the plumber, he did a great job as always. I told him, “You are trying so hard to connect the pipes in the gas chamber of the concentration camp. This is a crime against humanity!” In response, he said, “Thank you, I'm doing my job. I'm proud of my performance and that I'm a professional in my business.” I approached the guard. He was watching vigilantly around. On my eyes, he shot several people, and I told him, “You are a concentration camp guard. Because of you, people cannot get out of here, their existence here is unworthy of a human. They simply cannot grow their own food, do housing, organize production on the basis of what's under their feet. You're following the order so that they do not do anything, it's a crime against those to whom you are pointing your weapons.” He replied, proud of himself, “Thank you. Order on my native land is my goal, I guard this territory and the state order without getting enough sleep and food. I hate every rat who tries to break the perimeter or rush at me. I’m always ready to fight these cattle There are no people here, I admire my bosses. They are superior, they know better.”

Alex literally lamented on life, “I talked with others who work there. They are all trying hard to do what the authorities say. These people are zealously committing a crime against humanity. They are included in the criminal activities of the state they serve. The interests of thieves were covered up by the slogan of defending the fatherland. The slogan of protecting the territory covered up the interests of the plunderers of the people's property. The state must serve people in this territory.”

“I participated in the special operation "spawning". We caught local fishermen for survival, took away thousands of fishing gear. There were children, women, and old people. We called them poachers. I did not have to, but some killed poachers for insubordination. For the order, whatever that means.”

Young people agreed to cooperate and showed friendliness to each other. Alex was sitting next to Jon. He was reading a brochure about plastic cards. Nik called them travel tickets, as they are made for travel by metro from the outskirts to the center of Moscow right to the Kremlin. According to Nik, they were going to the main station, where the premises of the presidential residence are located. Jon was pushing the buttons on the phone he was given by Nikolay. Nik looked at the time and began to look around. A light appeared ahead, along the way of the passage. Train jumped out into the open space and optimally braked at the platform of white marble. The view of the seven hundred-meter high funnel opened. The place occupied by the Russian supreme power for centuries has been emptied. The political center of the country, so beloved by people with a psyche prone to politics, suddenly has to change the address. Politicians are people, too, and they may get upset at such a loss, but on the other hand, it's not the same as losing seats. The smell of burnt earth and radiation-irradiated air hit the nostrils. Due to lack of oxygen, rainbow circles spun in front of the eyes, like on soap bubbles. The brain not accepting objectivity, painted the optical illusion. It made them see themselves as small grains of sand on the bottom of a giant bowl of the funnel. From the pit wall in one place something flowed, in the other gaped holes of tunnels. The noise of the city was absent, there were no sound of the flowing water, no buzzing of the mechanisms. The sounds of the heartbeat coincided in unison with the falling drops of the flammable diesel slurry from the holes of the broken pipes at the edge of the pit. Above the funnel, the sky was clear, and the sun was unnaturally bright. To the right of the funnel itself, a sparkling wall of thick gray dust through which nothing was visible began with a height of up to the sky and a width of at least 3 km. Before them were a compact bright, snow-white subway station. Above the heads, the sky was perched. The deformed parallel straight lines of the clouds reflected the just-occurred crack of the celestial dome. One could admire the sight of a colorful postcard of the achievements of the capitalist economy with the inscription: "Admire, here we have finished dividing." So, are you finished? In the sense that it is no longer approaching the limit. Finished, ended capitalistically. As promised to finish, there is no secret how it will end. Strips of sunlight reflected from the wall of dust fell on the marble and made it unnatural to glow.

“Again, nobody warned me,” Nik did not expect more, it was impossible to disappoint him.

At that moment they noticed a mirage above the red-hot Red square. Optical refraction under the swaying of the air made them see a moving image. The monument to Dzerzhinsky, covering his face with his hands, rejected the shameful vision. The three arriving saw themselves quite close to the big theater.

“Perhaps, no one knew that this could be. Nobody wants to know what others need are,” Alex tried to think aloud, observing how completely insignificant movements of air lifted a touch of white ash, and it immediately moved to settle. Large dust, highlighted by a white stone, seemed like snowflakes.

“This Nobody is the right dude. Does what he wants. I will do what I want, too,” Jon was well educated and added, “if I do not die from radiation.”

The deceptive calm of the cemetery against the backdrop of the grandiose destruction caused a response in intuition: the feeling of an ongoing terrible danger. On the frontal side of the train, a grandiose image of the face of the first cosmonaut expressed a bad foreboding. Panic rolled from all sides. Another train came up behind and drove along the neighboring road to the line in front of which the first train stopped. A freckled guy with curly hair came out onto the platform and went to the railcar.

“We must get away immediately, although we are already dead. In an hour the skin will peel off. I hope we would have time to find painkillers,” Nik clearly remembered the lesson on the damaging factors of the nuclear explosion and shared the knowledge.

“We are at the bottom of the unknown. But judging by the size of the funnel, the total radiation is deadly within a radius of two kilometers,” Alex just out loud analyzed what occurred, looking for an understanding of what is happening.

Curly, having passed through the open first door, stood in front of them. “Take one at a time to minimize the damage from radiation,” the man held out a palm with three blue jellies. Inside the transparent capsules, numerous white grains were seen. The kind man, in general silence, handed the beans with a white liquid with nanorobots in it. Then he went to the cab of the driver, moved the lever. Train gaining the speed carried the future team of cyborgs in the opposite direction. Brand new appearance evoked a sense of celebration. New things perfectly fit him: a blue jacket with a zipper in the front, a shirt, jeans and some black shiny shoes. He left the driver's cab, sat next to Nik and stared at the door next to Jon. Everyone threw a glance there. A greenish-brown tick landed on the knee. He carefully moved it into his palm and stroked it. The tick jumped aside.

“What's your name? Will your tablets help us to survive?” Alex asked.

“RUS. They will help you survive, and you will not need anything else. I should be close to you for a while. I can help.”

“Ruslan”, Alex guessed and advised, "It’s better to introduce yourself by a full name.”

Ruslan glanced at Jon. “Th, Jonathan, bro,” Jon said reacting, he noticed that the curly-haired boy was not older than he and allowed himself familiarity.

“Cool,” said Ruslan.

 Alexander and Nikolay also introduced themselves in full names.

“Cool,” sounded twice.

 Alexander turned to Nikolay and asked him, “Do you know what was it?”

Jon stood up abruptly and asked, “What was that?”

“I will find out now”, Nik dialed the five on his phone, put it to his ear, again chose the five and listened. Then he leaned back and said, “Combat alarm. Urgently arrive at the duty station. And we just were there. We were at the Kremlin's metro station. There is no Kremlin.”

 Alex turned to Ruslan, “Tell us what happened to the Kremlin.”

Ruslan, looking constantly at Alex began to tell, “A retired military serving in the Moscow missile defense, thinking about the accomplished removal of Lenin from the mausoleum, deeply disappointed in the construction of capitalism and blew up the Kremlin with a nuclear charge missile.”

None of those present was surprised, although they felt sorry the Kremlin itself.

“I guessed it was you hacker RUS! Did you hack someone’s mail? Tell me,” Alex asked.

“Yes. Not hacked but put a gadget of your safety forecast in order to preserve your state of life. Now I'm getting information about threats to your security. When I can, I help to avoid danger.”

“Thank you, I'm very grateful to you. Well, I do not understand why you do it. Explain, please. Only you are some kind of laconic, kindly be more detailed. When, why, what does it mean "when can I?",” - Alex several times nodded his head impatiently.

Ruslan, “After you started broadcasting your sound and light show, in everyday conditions my wave background is like that of people flying in an airplane. For passengers, the sound of engines is a monotonous noise, with which everything merges, only through your color this background is absorbed. I have translated playback of the sound and light show into the reference parameters. Now any deviations from the classics are immediately perceived as false. This makes noticeable any new or ordinary incoming message, which does not merge monotonously into the background.

I did not have a sample of such art. The skillful combination of beautiful movements of forms and color music gave me an example of harmony. So, I had to help you to continue your work. There are several explanations for the context of the said: "when I can". First, not all the dangers I will be able to prevent. Second, the goal does not always justify the means. Thirdly, it is inadmissible to interfere with the natural course of global catastrophes under certain conditions.”

Jon stood up again, for the question, “Everything is so strange and the way you talk about it. You are the alien.”

“No, I'm not an alien,” RUS with these words raised his hand to his face and wiped his nose.

“I hear sarcasm about global catastrophes,” Alex said ironically, and immediately noticed Nik's mocking squint.

Looking at the officer, he asked, “Do not you have a headache twice a day? You will have! Atmospheric pressure rises, breaking the metabolism of the brain and intracranial pressure. The body is not controlled by the ill brain. There are pains in the heart, immunity decreases, more and more diseases different and contagious. And yes, after the increase comes a decrease in pressure, from which harm to health is expressed by an even longer list. Many people already have started to have a headache, but everyone will have.”

Everyone looked attentively at Alex, and he continued, “Do you think Global warming and the fact that this has already happened on Venus, is a joke. Venus and the planet Earth are twins. Everything is the same, the thing that was on Venus has almost happened on Earth when the soup was cooked from dinosaurs. 65000000 years ago, multiple hurricanes together in their effect formed Hypergan. The wind at a speed of up to 1000 kilometers per hour rushed along the surface of the earth, raising water and earth to the top, which interrupted the usual thermal insulation. For the whole planet! The surface of the planet has warmed to 100 degrees Celsius. Figuratively speaking, the soup was cooked from dinosaurs, and literally too. All this will happen again before our own eyes.”

“We will turn on at the same time all air conditioners and cool down to the desired temperature,” Nik suggested.

To this, RUS objected, “It's impossible, the air conditioner will cool in one place, and heat up as much in another.”

 Jon was attaching importance to his words by getting up. He only says important things, so he stands up again, “Scientists have already come up with a way to reflect the sun's rays to spray Coal dust in the air and to blow up nuclear bombs.”

Nik ironically remarked, “They would first have to live in the coal mine for a week and blow up an atomic bomb every day. That's when there will be fast movements on the career ladder. Social elevators will only go up. I would like to see it on TV.”

The curly-haired boy brightened up, “I also would like to see it, only if the scientists’ idea applies to the whole planet.”

Alex used to be in the minority. From time to time it seemed to him that for others he chose very complex words in conversation. Now he decided to be as simple as the truth, “In 40 years we will all die. The planet gives less and less heat to the outside and heats up. The 2-degree Celsius rise has already occurred. The height of the atmosphere has increased by 5 km, the atmospheric pressure has increased accordingly. Over the next 15 years, changes will also occur slowly and unnoticeably for people, same as for a person holding a hand in a hot water bath when the boiling water is poured in. He really will not react until he gets scorched. Therefore, in 25 years, not only politicians but also scientists will build bunkers for themselves. The population will be calm knowing that Bosses are concerned about salvation. The leaders who make responsible decisions will honestly say, “We are looking for salvation.” They never worried about the next generation, that is another explanation of their hatred of science fiction. After 40 years the atmospheric pressure will be the same as at the depth of 10 m under water. At such pressure, in some parts of our planet, the boiling point will come much earlier than now, creating conditions that are incompatible with life. Artificial climate control for the entire planet is a luxury that under capitalism is unattainable. They will drive part of the population to work. Another part will be busy destroying the other. Another part is the managers who generally cannot work, I will keep silent about investors. Oh, yes, on the whole planet everything is already like that!”

“Salvation is real, as I have calculated, only in the economy of development. Only China will not plow at all. Survival is possible only if all production on the planet operates in order to improve the life of workers, working to ensure the welfare of the whole society. Society will not pull the yoke in the presence of chilling out parasites, who had enslaved the entire population. Such an economy should cover the entire planet without borders and division into nationalities. And now, who cares? Only me!” Alexander asked the rhetorical question. He did not wait for the answer.

But Jonathan got up and said, “Me too.”

“So, start with that: saying we live the last time. I care”, said Nikolay.

 They looked at Ruslan. “I do not care”, Rus guessed.

“I see how the majority of the world's population as a whole is indifferent to salvation,” Alex summed up.

Nik smiled and joked, “How to do without a nationality. Here is Rus like the Khokhol. What is it without a nationality? You see how he is against it at once.”

Rus quite calmly answered the question, “What does the Khokhol mean? I do not mind being without a nationality.”

Alex intervened, “Ruslan - stop. Take it easy. All the same, by the mother side we all do not have a nationality. We all are half without a nationality.” Turning to Nik, Alex asked the question, “To whom these travel tickets are and where you can travel?”

Nik said, “Under the Soviet Union, for the workers and collective farmers who come to see the Kremlin and visit the Lenin Mausoleum, 4 stations have been built on the perimeter of Moscow next to big hotels. They have been finished recently and a surprise was to be provided to 14 oligarchs for direct way to the Kremlin. Some of them, including my boss, were killed today. The rest one has no place to travel to.”

“Give me 20 cards,” Jon immediately reacted.

Alex replied, “There are only 14 here, I'll take one for myself. We need to look at the new stations. These Soviet masterpieces are for sure made as museum pieces made of marble. Now it's worth billions of dollars.

“You must see. I'll go there now. Enter is through the old cinema, behind the parking lot on which we left the cars. I believe there is an access to the information center. We must go and find out what happened. Someone must be there to let us in,” concluded Nik and took from the pack a brochure with a card.

“Nik, we'll go with you. Jon, give us the cards, we have two more in the car,” Alex asked.

After leaving the car, they left from the platform to the parking lot. Three of them went to a separately standing three stories high building. The building had the inscription on the top edge "cinema". The side facing them was without windows and looked like a box. Jon ran to the car to get Boris and Ira. The first to enter the lone door under the sign of the cash register was Nik. Entering inside, the trio was opposite two policemen dressed in uniforms.

One of them said, “There will be no movies.”

 “We are not for this. We're to the station. There will be three more of us coming,” specified Nik.

One of the policemen responded, “Register,” and pointed to the window with the cash register. Rus went to the window and held out a transparent plastic card, on one short side in the middle was a metal connector and next to it, looking like a large coin, a metal round disc with a double-headed eagle on both sides. The smiling girl inserted the card into a suitable connector in a box on the table and asked, "Look at the glowing light on your right. Say your name.”

 Rus slightly turned his head to the right. He peered at the lens under the green light of a small light bulb, and said, “What's Up, Man. My name’s Ruslan.”

“Thank you,” said the girl after giving the card to Ruslan, restraining her laughter, she turned to the audience, “Next.”

When Ruslan turned around he saw, Jon, Boris, and Ira smiling at him. Nik, looking at Ira with a smile suggested, “Please, take a photo of yourself. Choose whatever name, say anything, recognition is done by voice.”

Nik thought that Ira slowly raised her eyebrows. Without taking his attentive eyes from him, she slowly bent her head slightly. Small dots appeared on her cheeks. The man became interested in her face, feeling the attractiveness of the girl.

Mysteriously, the small imperceptible dimples on her cheeks made her image cheerful and kind at the same time. He thought of her for the first time.

The registration was unexpectedly quick, without any questions. “Use the elevator,” said the girl from the window to Nik, who was the last one and did not leave after thanking her. One of the policemen pointed to the sash in the wall, Alex came first and pressed his fingers on a glowing square. Nik swiped the card at the glowing reader and the elevator doors opened automatically, the marble white walls were visible in the cab. there was enough space for all of them. The elevator doors had closed off automatically, hiding the young men from the police. Ira could not resist and cast short glances at the courteous Nik. She was pressured by the thought that he was thinking about her behavior in the car that seemed to her most cheeky. The visitors were standing in a colorful green color area. The transparent cube hanging on shiny steel cables fell smoothly from the ceiling onto the floor by the wall between the doors. With a free view, looking around the small hall of the subway palace, they felt that they were immersed in a luxury pool. In the middle stood a chic huge Malachite bowl, crowned with a top with rounded edges and with a rounded end. It was a table with comfortable wooden chairs for 14 people. The walls and ceiling of the magnificent hall were different in color from the bowl and also looked malachite. The floor was made of plastic with a rough surface on which in different places there were tides of color: brown and gold with white. The Magic Queen "The Mistress of the Copper Mountain" as expected would come in a moment. A lot of daylight was emitted from short golden tubes and filled the room. Most of the light traveled to a point 3 meters above the Table-cup and the cluster of light looked like a radiant ball. In the walls on each short side of the rectangle of the hall were 2 doors. In the open doors, Jon walked first and pulled the handle on the left towards him. The door opened, and only then did Jon stop to think. It was an office. A large monitor hung three meters from the table, on the large desk was an office equipment. Passing through the office, he opened the door and found himself in the kitchen with a bar counter. Jon opened the refrigerator and quickly took a bottle of beer. Alex also immediately seized the beer, “Too early for you,” and put the bottle on the bar. Passing through and opening the next door, Jon got into the washroom with a bathtub and behind the next door to the bedroom. The people who followed him were standing with him around the bed. “I was the first to find it. I call it mine,” Jon exclaimed.

“You remind me of my grandfather in the days of the Perestroika, when he saw the seaport in Leningrad,” Nik grinned.

Alex went to the malachite bowl, raised the edge and moved the table slightly. After that, without moving the chair, standing next to it he sat down on the free space. Jon followed him on the next side and grabbed the edge of the table. He began to yank at it with all his strength. The table did not move. Clutching the back of the chair, Jon moved it and sat down. Nik after sitting down decided to enlighten the audience and accompanied his actions with the story, “Take this box with a groove for your fingers. Insert the plastic here, the monitor with the menu on it comes down from the top, you can choose a rectangle. For example, with the word "communicator" and scroll the wheel under the index finger, then the field increases, you read the inscriptions and choose the most frequently used contact or order a new one.”

“Girl, write down the contact " Hefty Alex " on Alex sitting next to me and call him,” said Nik and continued to comment, “Here comes a window with a girl silhouette with a headset and a microphone. You know, when the telegraph was captured in the revolution, the soldier shouted, “girl, connect to the Smolny.” I saw this in the movie. Here is an access to the information center, where a dozen professionals are ready to help you find any information. And yes, I must say, “girl, show video news about what happened to the Kremlin.” Put the hand on top and twist the ball to control the cursor. On the screen choose news from the proposed by an artificial intelligence. At least from the First channel.”

The monitor turned on the live news that reported, “Our dearest president is alive, he was not in the Kremlin. Everything happened because of the excessive zeal of the leaders in the construction of the children's entertainment center Octobrenok. For entertainment, they created the effect of historical presence in the social homeland and for this they transported Lenin to the copy of mausoleum. Futile parasites, always complaining about the lack of money, misunderstood what had happened. It was expected that the removal of Lenin from the mausoleum will be followed by the reaction of PR people. These unpatriotic people are ready to discuss anything, just to be mentioned. It was necessary to explain that this is temporary. Those who did this were schizophrenic, but they loved our people's leader and avoided harming him.” The people laughed at the ambiguity of the phrase. Not all schizophrenics are capable of loving their leader, some just pretend.

“It will be fun. In the entertainment city, a lot of carousels and swings will cheer our children. We also took care of your children: for children whose parents do not want to earn money for tickets to such holiday towns, we have developed " find a job" program. Children were given a place in the central park for small business. You can put tables for selling lemonade. There they can meet potential employers after work.” The sunny gleam played playfully on the bald head of the President and his festive mood was transmitted to the viewers together with the words.

On the screen, the camera showed the journalist from above. Behind her stood in the same black uniform the President and a dozen military men. The leader and the crowd of the guards raised their fists and shouted, “We are together.” Those present recognized Nik on the video. “Even so!” Ira looked at the value of the celebrity. Nik pressed on the table. The heavy table did not flinch, but the chair under the embarrassed companion tilted to fall. Alex rescued him from falling, pulling out a firm hand, returned the chair to four legs. “How do you call by rank?” The Buddhist asked.

Nik answered, “Military. Sometimes it seems only I know that my position is the security chief of the Kremlin. At the bottom of the screen, a running line of text reported the news: “With the successful detention of a dangerous criminal by the metro station some passers-by died.”

Jon, lounging on the armchair, announced valiantly,” We'll build a new Kremlin for you!”      

Everyone laughed again, the leader appeared in a suit for ballroom dancing, the initiator of the new caste "The Beautiful King" threw in the camera, “Dance, Free Russia.”

“I want to go to university, but I do not even have the money to live. Before birth, I was shackled "all for money". I am not free!” Jon sighed about the unrealizable dream of a drowned man to be free on the water when unable to swim.

“While I am young,” the young stellar girl from the TV shouted and began to dance salsa with the old man.

“Do not be so smart,” the girl shared a secretive mystery. Ira stretched out her hand and lightly touched with a fingertip the boy's forehead, dreaming of education. Expressive slips read the spell for a carefree free life,

“Tearlim bom bom

          Tearlim bom bom

                 I hit my head

                        by the barrier wall” after passing through the air with her hand she finished with a magic word,


Boris laughed loudly. Jokes over the words amused him since he began to notice hypocrisy in life.

On the frame in the high-definition video it became evident how on the shaved part of the small forehead of the old man closer to the temple with a fresh scar from the facelift a powder fell off. On the monitor in the upper right corner, a rectangle with the inscription "Hello Alex" jumped out. A man's voice sang, “Hefty Alex.”

 Alex took out his phone and said in a low voice, “He's busy, he's storming the Winter Palace.” Without answering, he saved the contact "The Malachite Bowl".

“Girl, show a picture and a video of a man named Jonathan Govorun from Babushkina Street,” Jon said distinctly and loudly.  In the window of the girl with the earpiece, Sochi appeared on the screen after a couple of seconds. Jon winked at the green light and did the dab.

“Will there be any questions?” Alex asked.

“They do not have smart questions, but they do not ask stupid ones,” Nik explained in a short military manner.       

Unreasonable child.

Ruslan asked Alex if he could live in Alex’s home. The muscular man asked him how long he will stay. Then he learned that the artificial body that Rus uses as an avatar is designed for 200 years plus 30% safety margin, total 260 years. But the probability of a global catastrophe is so great that they should plan only for 40 years. For 10 minutes they argued over the alien’s name. Still, Ruslan could not admit himself as an alien, and after the phrase “Yes, and I only speak Russian,” the argument was stopped. The rest of the time they walked to the house, Alex was asking long questions and receiving short answers.

The door was opened by a woman who was about 50 years old, in jeans and a sweater.

"Who's here?” she said.

Alex quickly went inside. Turning he saw that the curly-haired boy was still standing outside.

“Come quickly, otherwise, you will wash your hands without soap if you let out the heat.”

Rus immediately went in, adding a few more questions to his memory.

“Mom. This is Rus,” said Alex and took off his shoes and left.

Alex’s mom looked at the young man standing there. The bumps of mud with snow on the toes of his boots flowed downward. Under his nose, there were red spots from the frequent wiping of condensate droplets from the nose. White circles on the cheeks testified to the body's hypothermia.

“My dear, stupid puddles do not allow our boy to pass!” Mom clasped her hands together and folded them together. “Take off your shoes, Ruslanchik. Sit down on the chair,” the woman pointed to the hall with her hand. She went ahead and took out a tray with boxes and tubes from the drawer. Finding a thermometer in it, she handed it to Rus.

“Place it under your armpit. The poor fellow must be saved. Sasha, start your tea ceremony, we will treat him with the taiga tea with honey.” Mom, having given the order to her son, left the kitchen.

When she returned, she turned to the young man, “Lift your legs,” and seeing that he did not understand, explained, “Raise your feet and I'll help you to put on the socks.”

She touched Rus's bare feet, shook her head and loosely put on thick woolen socks on his feet.

“It is necessary to warm you up. Take vitamin C and multivitamins with the tea. I'll get you a pill for a cold. The most important thing now is the heat, from high temperatures all viruses and bacteria will die. My child will immediately recover.”

Mom took off her scarf from the waistband and wrapped it carefully three times around his neck.

“To kill the flu virus, I will warm up to 70 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes,” Rus looked understandably.

And the woman threw up her hands and sympathetically said, “You pasteurize this way, but not treat. Give me the thermometer.”

On the thermometer, a mercury column rose up to the end of the scale.

There is good news, the temperature will no longer rise higher. 42 degrees Celsius is the limit of the scale. Who knows, understands that the limit is the end of the medical history. Outside of the usual, a circus with horses begins. Alex’s mom stood still trying to digest what she had seen. Then she bent down and put her lips to the forehead of the curly boy. She holds them for a second to feel the temperature and make sure that the temperature was acceptable.

“Tell me, what's going on with you?” She stared intently at Rus's eyes. His dark gray pupils looked normal. But she felt a strong anxiety for the boy, turning into dizziness.

“Controlled biological beings with artificial intelligence have artificial climate devices in the body,” Avatar moved his fingers to the upper canine tooth. A rod of 10 centimeters length covered with ice crystals stretched out with a transparent droplet of blood flowing along it. Watching the increasing eyes of the interlocutors to the size of a large coin, he quickly figured out to remove the part.

Alex’s mom leaned against the wall with her hand, “I'd rather not ask!”

“Yes, you should have said that the thermometer is broken. And that's it, understand?”  Alex stubbornly looked at the unearthly miracle, “People are vulnerable! For them way above the limit of ordinary as a shoe on the head.”

The woman fainted for a short moment and slid to the floor. She smiled plaintively at the curls of the child. Alex leaned toward her and said,

“Do not worry! He just looks simple, but in the soul, he's an artist.”

The hefty man saw her hand move to stop his intention to approach her. Alex decided to leave his mother to sit alone at the wall and asked the self-made being, “Do not show others your anatomical features, it's indecent.”

The son was very caring for his mother, so he knew how after what happened she was waiting for tea. The ritual, formed for years, serves as a cause for family communication and, of course, a properly prepared tea is a brick for the proper nutrition foundation. Alex poured bottled spring water from scientifically recognized sources into the kettle and turned it on. In the kitchen for the tea activities stood a high table with a wooden countertop and an internal section closing with the two glass doors.

The inner state of a person is of great importance in everyday life. There is a simple explanation with weights on two bowls, and a complex one about the interaction of soul forces and their interplay with one another. First: put something on one cup, and the same thing turns out to be on the second one. An oscillation is perturbed, which fades away and comes to rest. Second: Make no mistake, because it's not about the worldview, it's not about the motivation of the future or the semantic assessment of the past. The internal state is represented as a measurement of inner strength, full of energy. More now is a talk about peace of mind, but that's not all. What kind of inner state can be reached when the goal of soul peace has already been achieved. It is clear that in fact, we are trying to achieve the state of peace of mind and for this, we do a lot. Quite another matter is auto-suggestion, but the same spiritual construction of peace of mind is achieved intellectually. To show kindness, to do useful things for people, to behave so as not to offend anyone else, to gain the approval of an outsider and to sow a chain of good deeds - all this will be necessary for a person only when he feels the desirability of acting in a human way. Hereditary ties fill the life of a person with meanings. The mind does not understand this. The inner world of a person is collected from pieces. It covers with a thin cloth of public consciousness. It requires constant love. The soul has a duty: to produce the Faith to all that is human. This is the only direct violation of the laws of thermodynamics. Efforts, the energy spent on the restoration of spiritual forces, produce repeatedly overlapping them, human energy for life. Half an hour for a tea ceremony, this is the attention of a loved one which will return a hundredfold. Yoga trains us to properly relax. The right tea ceremony is a powerful exercise of vitality. After many years of correct use, a reward comes - it is a feeling of enjoyable relaxation and pleasure. After this, a person is always ready for feats and has changed his life to the best not once, having earned the gratitude of the people around him.

The woman began to rise.

“Help,” said Alex turning to the intelligent creature for help, who rushed to raise Alex’s mother. The man continued grumbling, “Correct your mistakes. Take her by the hand and carefully help her to sit on the chair. People need moral support from those who are around! Study!”

Having helped his voluntary nurse, Rus expressed doubts about tea, “So should I be treated with the tea or not?”

Alex happily supported the conversation,

“I represent the highest league of spiritual development Yoga-tea. Through the hassles around the tea, we replace the obsession with everyday activities. Emotionally calming down, we gain strength. Then the most important thing is to set yourself up for new things. This is the process of transition from a state of rest to a productive activity. Only a favorable attitude towards the surrounding reality will serve as an effective activity. In other words, the process of self-awareness.

Alex accompanied his speech with actions. He took a large one-liter ceramic kettle and put it on a circle for warming up. The electric stove in the middle of a smooth as glass surface has the place for tea. On the control panel for tea warm up, he chose the third temperature level. He explained, “The taiga pantry is very reliable and opens up at a high temperature but do not bring to a boil. Otherwise, it will start to be welded and will give bitterness. It should be healthy and pleasant if you follow the right temperature. Take off the kettle when reaching white boiling water. Bubbles at the bottom just appeared, do not overdo it, it's better to be healthy and cheerful than sick and sad.”

“Rusik, are you a robot?” Mom did not want to change the subject. The curly boy leaned his hands on the base of the chair and pulled his legs up a bit. At the toes, his thick socks folded. This extra part of the larger size socks hung down and with lovely outlines reminded her of a very badly folded origami-frog.

“We are all robots a little. No, I'm not a robot. I am a reasonable being. The contemplative part is organic, grown according to the biological principle of the passing of heredity.”

“Mom, he is in space himself, and this is his avatar. He made himself out of his DNA, which he inherited from his Father. He talks to you himself and at the same time, he does a lot of things while traveling to the edge of our galaxy. Mom, he's good, he's for justice.”

The man at the stove put dried tea leaves into the teapot, added a pinch of St. Jon's Wort, with a small spoon, threw two times the Schisandra berries, with a small silver fork put a lump of taiga honey from a cup, added a herb mix and one ginkgo-biloba leaf. Alex poured boiling water to brew taiga tea. After a second of hesitation, he took a grater and rubbed a lemon zest into the tea, neatly not removing the white layer under the yellow one.

“Sure, it's always right to do as you like, so there are more chances that others will like it,” the muscular man shared his thoughts.

“Do you have a mom?” The woman wanted details.

“Only my father. The organic component of my brain is induced for self-development. The transfer of inherited biosequences is completely copied from my father. At his choice, my organic molecules of the brain’s duplicating regions are compressed to metallic organo-plates. I transferred these areas of the brain to the avatar and synchronize telepathically through the metal-protein. Father works as a mineral-developing complex in the area of Alpha Lion - the brightest star in the Regula system. He creates the newest organic molecules and reserves of self-installing mineral sources. Everyone I know admires his unique creativity in creating hereditary metal organoplastes from parents. Their use naturally replaces the dying part of the brain with time, switching all functions and consciousness to a new area. I am as he is, hereditarily organized male bio-installed creature. With his ability to creativity and invention of a new. On me, he applied his latest achievements so that my service to the ideals of the existence of life received public recognition. There is no contact with him for a thousand years, I really miss him. My journey is quite long and autonomous.”

“Mom, did not you forget something? You ask the traveler before you fed him. Ruslan, do you like the flavor of the drink?”

“By the smell of the ingredients, I determine how effective are the ingredients of the drink. Taiga tea promises to be useful. It is logical to be positive in anticipation of this tea. Yes, I like it. The heterogeneity of temperature in the teapot leads to a conjecture about the presence of ether substances and the activation of natural protein molecules. It is interesting.”

Mom went to the refrigerator and brought sandwiches on a plate under a transparent plastic wrap. She unfolded it and carefully placed it towards the boy. Then from the tea table, there appeared pretzels-bagels, decorated with candies in paper wrappers. Alex poured tea from the ceramic teapot into the large white fine chine mugs. Especially for Rus he explained,

“Curly, you can not drink boiling water. Because of a burn, there is a danger of a throat cancer. However, there is a technology, slurping, which helps when drinking too hot drink. In our family, this is on the male line from my mother's side, that is passed on from generation to generation. I often had drunk tea with my grandfather. Even if you don’t want, you will see this technique. The main thing is not to take big sips. Tea in the mug should be at the level with the mouth. Before you swallow, you start sucking in the air with your mouth touching the edge of the mug. Then just tilt the mug and grab a small sip of tea. It is very important that the process is accompanied by a loud gurgling sound in the mouth. The louder the sounds of drinking, the more soulful it turned out. Sometimes the process of slurping is better than the process of drinking tea. Tea is even tastier from that.”

The woman continued to ask questions and after finding out that in front of her a living person asked, “What is your age, boy? How long do you want to be human?”

“I am 2 days old. I want to become a human for longer and more!”

“So, you still need help to hold your head. We'll take care of you. I personally will show more care than others.”

“Do it, please. He saved me twice in two days. I owe him twice everything,” Alex finally figured out one plus one, extended his hands to the savior and hugged him,

“Thank you so much. I'm your double lucky friend forever.”

Mom hugged them from above. Dinner lasted 3 hours. Alex lived with his mother in a 4-room apartment. In the Soviet era, they were given it for free for a family of four. Continuing the logical sequence of the rapidly developing Soviet system, one can assume that by 2020 the state would hand out individual palaces, for all, free of charge of course. Or the tank for everyone, free again. Rus settled in a room where the young inventor first experienced a gravitational transmitter. They managed to find out that Ruslan, despite his youthful appearance, had already lived for 2000 years, or 2 days in a new body. He simply did not have any opportunities in his life to grow up as a person f. All that he did was moving in space to the place of his future location. Technical talks, which he constantly has to have, are out of account. Its size is two thousand by two hundred and fifty and by another two hundred and fifty kilometers. In the number of hundreds of RUS’s, it is larger than many others thanks to the presence of a transformation propulsion system consisting of an engine of a gravitational order of direction and a gravitational repulsion engine. Education corresponds to a 100 million years civilization. Education has not yet led to a self-sufficient personality. Due to the lack of social practice, he was not qualified for public decisions. This meant that he could not make decisions on behalf of society. Equipped with technical devices for any possible and impossible situations. The transformer propulsion system itself serves not only as a motor. In the process of creating a material object, it possesses non-oriented gravity. Practically without the weight and other physical characteristics. Instant of the process of plasma materialization into an object and vice versa the nihilisation, are synchronized in the engine of a gravitational order of direction and the gravitational repulsion engine. Using the example of ball lightning, one can clearly see how the object of the plasma changing properties, hovers in the air without being subject to gravity. In fact, then following gravity, then pushing your gravity away from the spatial. In different physical conditions, different gravitational ties arise for newly formed matter. Always stronger Gravity brings its properties to a less powerful object. For example, the acceleration may be hundreds of times smaller or larger, but from being on Earth will become terrestrial g-force acceleration. RUS independently operates its own resources, develops as a person, is determined and enthusiastic to fulfill its mission: for hundreds of thousands of years to serve as a relay universal station. Rus is very proud that it can help in synchronizing the user’s transfer to the virtual participation zone - VPZ. The zone is controlled by AI artificial intelligence called Machine. Alex has asked it to show the VPZ. Machine -computer (to be properly called in the human language) was a complex with the size of the star of Proxima Centauri, blocking the black hole and using its energy. This device included a VPZ, same as a computer starts Windows. Rus has promised to show the simulator on the VPZ but first announced that it was necessary to contact Machine. To do this, he connected the magnetron to the light bulb and after saying the words, “Never stick your head at the microwave’s radiation line, you can burn all the metalloproteins”, turned on the transmitter. After a minute of the session’s communication, RUS returned to the topic, “You know, metalloproteins in the brain interact with the gravity. Your feature of the development of metalloproteins in the brain could develop. In me it is completely artificial, and humans could evolve this in the ability of the realized interaction with an information stream. In one case, this is the management of a group of people telepathically, in the other, each having an implant for deciphering gravitational signals can draw an unlimited amount of information.

Rus agreed to invite those wishing to see the virtual simulator and offered to invite only Jon and Nik, as adapted from within by the nanobots to move. After making phone calls with them, Alex agreed to meet next morning at the park.

  The next day, Alex and Rus walked to the 12-story building where Jon lived. Alex called Jon. Nik drove up in the car and said, “I have about 10 minutes for everything.”

Alex said to Jon, “There's no time to wait.”

Jon at this time stood in the hallway and frantically searched for his keys in the pockets of clothes on the coat rack. Having lost his patience, he answered, “Do not wait for me, I can’t come in. I can’t open the door. Can’t find the key.” On a hunch, he glanced at the kitchen table and saw the key to the front door. Three adventure seekers crossed the road and entered the park. Above the guys’ heads, a spark had flashed high in the sky, the trajectory of which has passed over a bench in the park.

“We need to get to that bench,” said Rus, pointing the direction with his hand. He led them to the transfer area and prepared them to understand that they would be in the virtual participation zone (VPZ), “Now there is a prepared and connected the cross-dimensional travel platform.”

Passing to the place, they came out on a green grassy lawn and disappeared from sight. As they thought, there were external changes, but there was a change in their physical essence: they literally fell out of space and time. For them, the perception of virtual participation in the VPZ began. The young people went through several steps in space, where everything around was more colorless than usual. Within a couple of meters of this site, everything seemed faded in gray shades. Suddenly they went out on the roof of a tall building. Everything around looked normal. From their place of view, the sky looked immensely large. The dusk sun lit the sky to the very depths. Shadows moved almost instantly in space. At an altitude of 80 km, noctilucent clouds quickly formed. From the depths of the boundless sky, these clouds, driven by an invisible impulse with the speed of a falling meteor, hit the ozone layer, knocking out a sheaf of thousands of sparks. Slow down, as the aliens’ ships, they have sunk to the surface of the earth. It was getting dark, giving to all surrounding blue-black color. In the place where there is a large power plant, when the clouds contact with the electric poles, lightnings started to jump out up high. From discharges of lightnings began to form accumulations of ball lightning. Pushing and overtaking each other with acceleration, fire spheres of different sizes approached everything that rises. In a minute they have already become clouds out of ball lightnings, hanging over towers, antennas, buildings. The car drove up to the gates of the power station and a man came out from it. When he looked up at the clouds of fireballs, some of them jerked towards the car. The first of them pushed the car with an explosion and threw it on the passing train. In the windows of the railcar, you can see faces of the numb passengers. Whose views follow the car flying to them, which, scattering pieces of flame, hit the railcar. Alex noticed how the moon began to approach, second by second increasing in size.

“What is he going to do,” Alex exclaimed rhetorically.

“If the calculation is correct, then after the collision of the Earth with the Moon, they will become a bagel again,” replied Rus.

In the nearest city, Moscow, water masses with adhering to them people and cars were pulling to the top to the Moon. In the voids formed under the earth without water, whole residential areas began to fall. A big plane collided with such a water lake in the air but did not rush to Earth. It continued, rotating to rush somewhere. One of the fireballs, flying everywhere, chaotically struck the wall, which remained, after the collapse of the tall building. The wall slowly tipped but did not fall on the people standing under it. After a momentary pause, people began to scatter.

“They can’t know that they will perish together with the planet,” the officer turned away from what was happening and took a couple of steps, involuntarily wishing to move away. “Here, everyone will die with their native planet,” he began to think about climate change on earth, which would lead to the death of all people.

Alex's thoughtfulness in response to Nik's thoughts grew into anger, “What a shame when the planet remains, and the whole population is gone.” Alex realized, “Nik, I hear your thoughts.” Behind Nik, the Moon threw the Earth into a rattling of flaming and flying fragments. The curving continents of the plasma have connected in a bagel. The surface of the unusual planet was covered with a crust of red-brown tiles, between which orange geysers fountains wriggled.

Alexander sad, “I do not want to see it. Someone will stop it? What a wild fantasy, I hope, God will not give a horn to a cow.”

Rus answered, “He is a minor, who will allow him to do this, he will be educated, convinced for about 100 years. He has to pass an exam for maturity. Some will remain underage for life, some of them do not have the right to independent activity, I already have a maintenance service for TP (travel platform) and a gravitational tracing.”

Alex smiled at his own thoughts and said aloud, “An unreasonable child.” Nik looking at his friend said meaningfully, “I agree, I heard you.”

Jon, slowly catching up with new friends, was jogging following Alex, Nikolai, and RUS. He noticed them coming to the park when he left the house. At 10 meters from him, before his eyes, they disappeared from the view. Following their steps, he also skirted the bench and disappeared from the viewpoint in the same place. Jon turned away stepping off from the invisible platform. Traced the trampled grass from the footsteps, bypassing the bench. At 5 meters from it, the path along the grass ended. Around it grew untouched grass, with gleaming dew drops. The space without color did not contrast with the surrounding background due to the gradation of the shades of gray and the preservation of the image from any viewing angle. Once again, on the green grass, by the same bench, the brain involuntarily concealed the difference. The young man stopped and waited a minute.

“I have to start every day with jogging,” Jon said cheerfully and went home on the run calling Alex. After the first call, he heard, “Speak!”

“I'm looking for you. I saw you in the park and ran after you. Where did you go?”

“We're right behind you. Turn around.”

Jon turned around and saw before him Alex, Nikolay, and Rus.

“What's the name of this unreasonable child?” Jon heard Alex's question.

“Ruslan,” said the curly-haired boy.

 Alex said, “Lost your mind?”

Jon became interested, “Ruslan, what have you done?”

“A bagel,” Rus replied shortly.

Alex spoke briefly about Rus and his baking abilities. After that Jon found out that he was in the simulator of earthly life.  The environment around him was a zone of virtual participation VPZ, created by a Machine with an organic brain. He was embroiled in the extraordinary travels and for a long time in details became acquainted with the life in space. To begin with, Jon asked Rus about the work of the VPZ in details and met with the Machine. The time spent in the VPZ, in reality, did not last. Therefore, Jon was not afraid to grow old. He lived years in simulators of different communities of extraterrestrials and those that have long lived without planets. He saw that the experience of the survival of civilizations made it necessary to repeat the process of the formation of every newborn into a member of society. The basis of this case is the same: the study of the natural. intelligent civilizations inevitably achieve the necessary minimum level of education and upbringing for everyone. Many years passed when he finally met his first love in the vastness of virtual reality. It's time to return to life and experience your destiny on Earth. To create a family, to raise children, to fill with meaning your actual life so that it would not be shameful for aimlessly lived years. Overcoming the fear of past failures and being rejected in reality, he aspired to the practical life captured by his emotions.

Jon watched on the big screen as he first enters the virtual zone. The five-arms robot drew in Jon’s direction a hand from which three fingers began to unfold by joints one thinner than the other. With the top end, he touched a pimple on the boy's cheekbone. The small spark instantly burned out a small inflammation without leaving any traces. Cheering up, the Earthman turned to the left and having passed through the travel platform, got off on the grass in the park. Sweet home, the young man happily inhaled oxygen. Leaving the platform, Alex saw Jon.

“What's the name of this unreasonable child?” Alex was going to say something else and stopped in anticipation of an answer.

“Ruslan,” said the curly-haired boy.

All the words seemed to disappear in the amazed Alex. Finding one, he said, “Lost your mind?”

Jon grinned, “Ruslan, did you make a donut hole?”

“A bagel,” Rus replied shortly and firmly. He decided to keep silent, remembering the phrase “Silence is Gold.”

“You know, Alex, they have a whole collective farm of astronauts working around the black hole on the nearest edge of our galaxy,” Jon told how he has followed friends and got onto the travel platform. He also mentioned his long stay in the virtual participation zone in a variety of simulators. Then they decided to talk and went to Boris to another hidden station with the name “St. Sophia Cathedral.” Out of respect for Orthodox Christianity, Boris created an online broadcast studio with honored by himself Orthodox values. One of these values is the Byzantine calendar, which was used for the chronology from September 1, 5509 BC. The Sofia station installed as the Orthodox cathedral was the richest. Its vestibule reflected that finished look, which should have been according to the ideas of the masters engaged in gilding church domes. Everyone liked the name “cold window” for the device, which they undertook to do to save the planet. In the cathedral “Holy Sofia”, founded in 324. “Cold window” is a sight, where even on the hottest day a cool breeze blows. As an Orthodox Boris undertook to remind that “Holy Sofia” has always been a Christian temple. As a Buddhist, he was outraged by the idea of the development of society, where there is not supposed to apply terraforming technology on Earth to preserve life on Earth itself.

“This is a fraud of the working people. They promise to colonize Mars when on Earth no one can imagine how to survive. Well, what a stupidity! We must forbid the government to mock the weak-minded,” Boris decided to create the independent online Orthodox Church (OOC), only without slavery, without earthly idols and blind ecstasy before every master's regime. As the highest clergyman, he was no longer removing the silver cross, hammer, and sickle made for him by Ivan. Their size was three times that of Alex’s, who according to Boris is the bearer and guardian of apostolic grace. Friends were going to continue the search for a blessed gift for the priest and create together with him a council for the highest leadership of the church. They arrived at the station “St. Sophia Cathedral.” Everyone was happy to see each other. Nik greeted the priest from all, “How are you, Boris?”

“Good. Already read the first sermon. That was angry. Bitch. But honest.”

A hole from a bagel

Jon jogged along the park path, slowly catching up with his new friends. The young man noticed his friends walking to the park when he left the house. Among the rare runners in the park in sports gear, he was very prominent in heavy beige half boots and narrow, worn black and brown pants with patch pockets. At 10 meters from him, on his eyes, they disappeared from the view. Following their steps, he also skirted the bench and disappeared from the viewpoint in the same place. Without slowing down, he continued to run and, having overcome 5 meters of space of faded color, again found himself on the green grass beside the same bench. He stopped and waited 10 minutes. “I have to start every day with jogging,” Jon said cheerfully and went home, on the run calling Alex. After the first call, he heard, “Speak!”

“I'm looking for you. I saw you in the park and ran after you. Where did you go?”

“We're right behind you. Turn around.”

Jon turned around and saw before him Alex, Nikolay, and Rus.

“What's the name of this unreasonable child?” Jon heard Alex's question.

“Ruslan,” said the curly-haired boy.

 Alex said, “Lost your mind?”

Jon became interested, “Ruslan, what have you done?”

“A bagel,” Rus replied shortly.

Alex spoke briefly about RUS - Relay Universal Station, and his baking abilities. Rus explained in detail that he was fulfilling Alex's request to demonstrate the possibilities of the virtual participation zone - VPZ. He clearly sought sympathy from Jon. He told how he tried to come up with a plot of the demonstration close to the Alex’s perception. He took Alex’s native planet with the place where he lives. And now he is also guilty of something.

“When a baby, not thinking about the consequences, pokes his finger in the adult’s eye. That's what it looks like,” Alex remarked.

Rus's story caused emotions in Jon about which he did not even suspect. His open mouth finally stirred, “So, are you an alien?”

“Of course not, I'm a huge station intended to receive a signal and then transmit it after amplification. My feature is that as a communication node I will be in the intergalactic space at the borders of the Milky Way galaxy. This is why I have a supply of everything that is necessary for working capacity and ensuring production and development.”

“Are you bigger than a car?"


“Are you bigger than mountains?”

“Yes, enough to guess. I am like the Mountain System. The Ural Mountains. Can you imagine the dimensions of the Urals? The length is the same 2000 km, but the width is two times more.”

“Could you show it?” Jon asked ingratiatingly.

“I can. Don’t complain after.”

“Show it to me right now,” said the impatient boy.

Space around went dark and instantly collapsed. The image of the park and nearby apartment buildings disappeared, having moved to a point in a spiral. Their platform moved into the tube of a changing image. Observers watched the image swung open around them. When the solar system appeared from the point of view in the distant orbit of the Earth, the sensation of full presence has covered him with elation. Participants of the conversation, standing on the platform quickly moved away through the expanses of the solar system. Jon, looking at the huge distance from the star to the ground, trying to estimate their size, had time to think, “Earth with the size of a pea is far from a huge ball of Sun, like a yoga ball, on which you can sit.” The native planet was so far removed from the Sun that it is not at all clear by what miracle it is attracted to its star. The space has swung open full of stars and galaxies. The sun decreasing to a dot has moved. Two seconds all the stars remained as traced dashes. The platform was moving visually through outer space.

“I will be 30 galactic years when the sun leaves the galaxy. So many times, the Earth together with the Sun will turn around the center of the Milky Way. According to the theory during this time, our galaxy will leave the field of existence and dissipate within the first dimension,” reported Rus. He remembered that the interlocutors rarely happen in space, and explained, “Only two circles have been made. By earthly standards, it is about 7 billion years.”

The place on which they stood was rising above the disk of the galaxy. At that time, the trajectory of their movement leaned in the same direction as the Sun had moved underfoot. Flying over the sleeve of Orion, Rus waved in the opposite direction and explained,

“Do you see two galaxies Large and Small Magellanic clouds? I will have a communication bridge with them. Now they are moving away from one of the three communication nodes of our galaxy. Pay attention to the hydrogen trace reaching out to them from the Milky Way. These are the consequences of the active way of communication between galaxies. Old technologies. Now in the 70,000 light years from the previous towards the motion of the Magellanic clouds a new port of communications has been built. This infrastructure is called Machine, which provides our connection with you right now.”

Rus waved his hand at the point in space, “Here I am. Racing with your sun, I move away from the center of the galaxy. The upper part of the disk of the galaxy is the plane of my movement towards the place where a new bridge is being built for the nearest galaxies. There, to stay in place, I'll start moving to the sun.”

The last circular movements ended in the wave movements of everything visible. In the total darkness, dotted with yellow stars, something like a tree trunk was moving quickly. When approaching, the lights of large cities and small traffic junctions began to differ. The shape began to resemble a bottle with a very long bottleneck. About a third of the length was occupied by a narrower part. It is two times smaller in diameter than the main one. At the end of the narrow part is the transformer of matter. A pair of black ribbons folded one into another. The circles formed by them are twice larger in diameter than the greater part of the station's body. Inside these two band orbits in the center is a sphere of plasma with a diameter of 200 km. The star flickered dimly, appearing and disappearing consistently in different forms each time in different ways. Contemplation calmed and clouded consciousness. The glowing sphere disappeared leaving its transparent image, from within or, on another occasion, over which a new star appeared, carrying an opaque appearance.

"Where's your nose?” Jon asked puzzled.

“Convergence and divergence in the process of logistics in the aftermath of the matter's nigilation leave the multifaceted variability of analytical abstracting,” RUS began to save his face.

“Did you picked it up at a scientific symposium,” Alex interrupted him in a clearly dissatisfied voice.

“Aah! You do not know!” - the young man giggled at the curly-haired boy while poking him with a finger. And indulgently gave advice, “Do not worry. I do not know what's inside me. Just in general terms. When the feeling of hunger wakes up.”

“I know what's inside you. The nanorobots, that I gave to you to protect you against radiation. I also have processes and production, set up by robots under the control of artificial intelligence. Avatar and the platform have been done, now we need to replenish the resources. My feeling of hunger is waking up when the resource needs refill.”

“Thank you very much,” - Alex bowed deeply to Rus, “That you timely eliminated the danger of the radiation exposure.”

“You have to notify me about everything, or I'll arrange a short circuit for you,” Jon said deliberately.

Next to them appeared the image of a twenty years old girl. Red curly hair is pressed to the head with a shiny pink headband. Same height as Alex, the girl looked perfect in a white satin topic and a skirt above the knees. Generally, she was of medium build. She was standing on long, strong, straight legs in high heels pumps. At a beauty contest, she would have no competition. Delicately taking off the lovely curl from her eyes, she turned to Jon, “You have to ask Machine for this. Over here is a VPZ, I am in charge of everything in this zone.”

“Are you a Machine?” Pointing at her with a finger, the young man babbled.


“Huge long legs! Well, I like it.”

“Thank you. You have the artist's vision. Only that's beautiful legs.”

“Tell me all about yourself, please. What's your name?” suddenly becoming polite, Jon said. And a second later, as if recollecting,

“Could you please do your look in a high definition? Wait, do the best that you can, whatever that means,” Jon said quickly.

Machine instantly became a real girl, from which it is impossible to look away. All the colors became bright and contrast. The white satin looked like a strong impenetrable marble outfit of white radiance. The topic and the skirt looked like precious fetters for warm healthy body. The face was sparkling with blue eyes, supported by flashing puffy little clouds of cheeks. On the ideal skin, there were no lines or wrinkles. The youth in full growth stood straight, tense on high heels. Jon feverishly began to sort through the words for a compliment, “Skinny, busty, long stilts. Damn, it must be like that all together.”  Aloud he said, “A masterpiece. Stilts like ivory! As a master I can say, “Even I could not have done better.”

“Could not have done better what, say about legs?” Asked the beauty, slightly tilting her head in his direction.

From this the red curls have moved forward to the semicircular line of the hairdo, not touching the glossy surface of the forehead. At this time the platform moved to the middle of the spacecraft. They moved along one of the two belts around the edges of the thick part of the bottle. Each belt consisted of a dozen shuttles docked to huge ports, fastened together by giant tunnels and kilometer-long base-shafts descending to the main body. At the very hull of the ship, there were several multi-kilometer openings-workshops, storages, ports for cargo. In them, the giant mechanical grips resembling the tenacious fingers of raccoons stuck out on telescopic supports. In some places, cubes robots flew with limbs sticking out of them and the cargos attached to them.

“I asked first!” Reminded the guy about the question about her name, so as not to answer her question about legs.

“My name is Machine. I am ZVP - zone of virtual participation. What you see is an image I have created. You physically move in space-time with the help of the cross-dimensional travel platform. This is enough to enter the chosen virtuality. Would you like me to add emotional perception?”

“Yes,” the young man felt himself completely in the real situation. He touched Machine with his fingertips. Her elastic smooth skin slightly succumbed to the pressure and naturally, his fingers have rested against her hand.

“Ow!” The girl pulled her hand and said,

“Careful, now because of you, there will be a bruise.”

“Please, forgive me,” Jon has been really upset because of his hindsight, “I'm so clumsy. I ...” He did not finish, seeing that the girl has laughed.

"I have not learned yet how to draw bruises.”

Jon just felt the sympathy and the bitterness of something done bad and inevitable. Now he was guilty and confused, that he did not understand the joke. A moment later, he was laughing with a carefree laugh with the girl he was already in love with.

“I always dreamed to meet someone like you, but I think I know you,” Jon sincerely said smiling.

“That’s me. I put your confidence level a little higher. You're my first human. I wanted to be liked.”

“And what I say is that me saying?” asked the boy, clinging to the consciousness.

Machine laughed contagiously and replied, “Of course. You are real.” Jon could not resist laughing too.

“That's why Alex fools around. He's not real. You decide for him what to say and do.”

Alex turned to him and said, frowning, “What if I beat you in the neck will it heart for real? Let's check?”

“No, do not. I believe you.”

“Well, you should. Now here from reality only you and me. All characters of virtuality repeat the known data about them or the prescribed plot. Will it be painful or not depends on the given level of perception and emotions.”

In that conversation, he clarified something. Prohibited personal violence, which is antisocial and cruel. By default, injuries are not allowed. The experience is natural and depend on what is happening. Machine has disconnected at his request additional emotions and the presence of friends. He began to analyze his perception of everything around him. It turned out that nothing had changed. He really admires what is happening. The girl is a delight. It sounded logical from his side,

“Let's have a look at you.” Jon was pleased with his impudence and added with courtesy, “That is, we will see your possessions.”

"Please, as you wish!”

By this time, they were standing by a transparent glass wall behind which was a lit hall. The glass almost instantly became opaque dark. All visible bright places and lights went out. The platform in the reverse order has gone from RUS and again moved over the disk of the galaxy. Flying over the Perseus Arm, Jon has looked around and counted about 10 galaxies. There were trickles of twisting spirals of bright blue color. The blue of the thin bright lines unfolded in broad strips, like the Northern Lights. Their platform, piercing the blue drove into the star system. 5 stars different in size and kind have surrounded a black hole. Like lumps of wool threw their strings, the stars through protuberance gave off plasma to the side of the immovable shackled in a net sphere. Deep inside it in the center the threads of matter converged, stretching from the stars. The platform rushed past the gravitational transformer of matter. Practically a copy of the gravitational propulsion unit installed on the RUS. Without the spaceship and the production part, this device was like a free-floating light bulb in space.

“Jon, you can imagine any heaven for a lifetime in my system,” Machine has reminded of her immensity. For Jon as for any humanoid, it was natural to humanize what he saw. For example, to see a person in a robot. This time he saw a biological man in form and content. He wanted to express his attitude, and he called her by the name that was spinning in his head,

“Masha, are you talking about the hotel?” Has clarified the young man.

“I'm talking about the creation of the world of your dreams. No living intelligent being has ever settled here. You are the first, capable of creating something new, who could come up with human conditions for this place.”

“Yes, I've long dreamed about my own den. Here under the suns, I want a flat land with a view on the spherical grid.”

Together with his words, everything that he called began to appear.

“From the left edge - the fountain to the ground. Stop, not a fountain. Come on, the big waterfall, but so that you can go on the ground straight under the waterfall. No land. The whole surface should be like marble, in those places where the path, make it rough, so as not to slip. It is always day and sunny outside. No plants and dirt. Everything is clean and tidy. The building is near the waterfall. Enters from different sides. The walls and ceiling are glass, well, maybe not glass, just transparent. From the entrance to the entrance, there is a stone ledge around so that you can sit anywhere. Make it form a beautiful sand color stone. Rain is not necessary; the whole year is warm. Inside there is the kitchen, a separate room with exercise machines and a sauna with an entrance to the pool that is thirty meters long. In the kitchen wall is an elevator niche without doors. It drops and raises as necessary to all levels. At one level, the platform to enter in the transparent cabins, bringing to other flat lands. Or some other worlds. Actually, immediately make a level below the flat land with a park of coniferous plants. Especially with the pine smell. And that this smell will not blow off. Coniferous aroma to be preserved and accumulated. The second level down is mine with a bedroom with a large bed, a toilet with a shower, cinema. At the fourth level, business premises: an office, a room for negotiations with large screens on the walls and a computer. The lowest level is again transparent. There's always night. The stars are visible and giant figures of various cute animals float, illuminated from within. Gravity is such that you can go into this space and swim slowly. It does not feel hard like swimming in the water. All movements, no matter how hard you try, should be slow. There is no floor, so you will slowly start to fall. Solid protrusions with illumination, from which you can bounce or catch. Some ledges are large as a room floor. It is needed that in some places there will be columns 100 meters long up to the very bottom with a solid surface. Decorated docks for UFOs. Below is a transparent floor. Around the living world there must be a markup showing that people are living there. And the places that will be equipped with technical stuff and devices should be disguised. Another flat Earth is one level higher. It is very large and has an ocean and a strip of land with sandy beaches and palm trees. There you can fly even without everything. Mentally move yourself and fly. Do not need to be faster than 10 km per hour, for example. It will be bad if people start to collide. Or on bicycles, someone will want to fly in the bright sunlight along the shore, pedaling. Beauty!”

Jon has squinted and smiled broadly with pleasure. He has imagined himself on a child’s bicycle with training wheels. With a smile from ear to ear. From the chain behind, together with the pedals, a colored paper propeller spins. He screwed up his eyes from the warm breeze and the bright sunshine. The flight is completely safe. You press on the horn, not for the signal, but for vivacity and pleasant sound. Jon said out loud,

“Anyway, flight should be absolutely safe. That's all that matters. Next to the house, I need to do something with different gravity. Let’s do a tower with horizontal bars with rubber beams. You hang swaying on it, and then you jump on another. Rubber beams are different by stretching. And so, from level to level, forward and back through a hundred of horizontal bars you walk.”

“Are you going to plan any social places?”

“But they are all social. Nobody around you, it can’t be more social. Overpopulation is the most painful problem. From this, there is a housing problem, an environmental problem, hunger, hatred, epidemics. You will get tired to list all the problems from overpopulation. But I would like to know who is who, and how they look. Do a search engine on the map of who lives where.”

“Would you like to limit the map to the Milky Way or the whole Universe?”

“I do not know where people can be. Maybe people are not only in the solar system. You mean this?”

“People are everywhere. Earthman can only be found in our galaxy. Till now.”

“Make a map of the Milky Way, please. Another land must be made magical. Not flat and not round, but magical. What's in your cage ball? Something magical?”

“A piece of a black hole.”

“You are very lucky. Your interlocutor is a very educated person! Can I see it?” He asked suspiciously. Jon wanted to stop the attempts to fool him about an all-consuming hole. He knew that to see anything in it was impossible.

“Yes. With virtual participation, this is possible.”

Under the flying ocean appeared a dark blue color planet in the form of a rusty fragment of an engagement ring. Rust had eaten a few holes in the wreckage from which flowed a blue-black light. Passing through the water, this light made water the plants to illuminate. Microscopic plant cells, united in the giant islands’ kilometer long colony, have lit up with the green of chlorophyll. Incredible creatures sailed all over the ocean in dozens. Around the new planet began to form burgundy color. The thinnest dark yellow rays protruded from the planet outward from them. Burgundy clumps curling like lianas around the trunk of a tree creep along the rays in all directions. The higher they went, the more they expanded, becoming more transparent and breaking away like a fog disappears from a distance.

“What is this burgundy color like a dark blood?”

“That is time formed from the contracting space. Expanding, it penetrates into our dimension.”

“Yellow needles make the planet look like a curled hedgehog. The yellow hedgehog planet. Please, explain about the needles.

“Different plasma compositions from 5 stars are sent to the wormhole and by them, a concentrated time is selected for movement in space, for virtual participation and other projects.”

“A rusty wreckage with a blue light inside, what does that mean?”

“It is an unknown form of matter, which is frozen in relation to the time of our reality and which exists in another dimension. Roughly speaking, there are other conditions that are prescribed by other physical laws. Blue light is determined by indirect data. The light emitted gives us grounds not to consider some manifestations of the black hole as a miracle. Once on our side of the horizon of events, something becomes normal for our matter measurement. Everything that flies into the black hole is scattered and annihilated.”

“Redhead, please don’t keep me in suspense. The most interesting is about miracles. Tell me!”

“Their dimension has lived thousands of times longer than yours. The population of other dimensions uses a wormhole differently than we do. They travel through them. But wherever they can generate the wormhole themselves, they create a giant virtuality. This is their essence: there are little matter and space, a lot of time and virtuality. As in a bagel, where the material component of the dough is of little value, but the hole is the most important. The bigger and thinner their bagel is, the bigger the hole and the more virtuality. Some of the civilizations in our measurement were co-directed by these worlds. Through the ultra-small black holes in the brain, they create a virtual vision, which is imposed on a rational being. Rust on the black hole is the materially existing worlds of intelligent life.”

Machine possessed all the qualities of scientific researchers, including scientific honesty. Therefore, she gave probabilistic reliability to the theory uncertainty,


“Did you notice how I called you Masha?”

“As far as I understand, I can’t escape this.”

“Correctly. Such a beautiful name.”

Masha has looked a little closer than usual to Jon's eyes and, smiling mysteriously, asked,

“Would you like to take part in the study of a black hole? We have an experiment that allows you to fly through a black hole.”

“Fine! Let’s Go!” With these words, he has only stressed that he understood the exorbitant greatness of the meaning of the offer. All around the spirals have pulled to a twist. The lighting became darker, everything that was colored became translucent in a gray tone. Masha went to Jon and took his arm, wrapped her arm around his. Her warm elbow rested against his side. Jon can’t mess up in front of such a chic girl. A walk through a spacious factory began. His attention was jumping from rustling of her outfits when walking to robots and aggregates, fussily bustling back and forth. Everything somehow slipped past his attention. While at the next step she did not stop him before the appeared cross-dimensional travel platform. They stopped in front of a flickering line on the floor. The robots that were standing around drove up. Masha, not letting go of his hand, began to talk to him,

“I am turning off your emotional and physical perception completely. For this experiment, you need to install a protective skeleton with a personal outer shell. The elements of automatic life support will replace your spacesuit. If you want something, just say. When preparing and during the experiment I expect to hear you all the time. Maybe you want to sleep?”

“Somehow, I don’t care,” Jon said in an indifferent voice. His condition with the disconnected perception, he expressed very precisely. On his face, with relaxed muscles, was indifference to what was going on. Masha let go of his hand and took a step back. From the approaching devices, strong levers slid out and picked up Jon's body in the bending areas. He looked like sitting on a bicycle, riding up, only he was hanging in the air. The following devices have approached and freed him from his clothes. Lasers almost instantly cut off clothes in large pieces. Emerging jets of steam and laser beams disinfected his surface. The mechanisms moved him beyond the line. Jon was in the space where he began to look like a computer object. Part of his soft tissues and the entire surface of the skin became transparent. Some places of his skeleton became illuminated. At the same time, two well-lit robot surgeons with many limbs and blocks of surgical equipment sets approached him from the top. When they entered the operation area, their illumination decreased, and some of the materials became translucent. The lasers have turned on, they quickly cut off almost all the bone joints and have made transverse grooves on the bone tissue. From the blocks began to lay out pre-prepared connections and install instead of the removed joints. Basically, these were devices completely unlike what was in this place before. The nimble instruments in the extremities of surgeons filled the grooves with nanorobots and amorphous material of gray-white color. As with 3D printing, but simultaneously along the whole-body, lines have grown from the gray-white bands that had formed on the bones, including the skull. They have stretched out to the places where Jon’s skin began. At the outer ends of the lines, funnels were printed. Again, the rapidly moving limbs of the robot surgeons have brought the tips, from which they filled each funnel with glistening, smooth, bluish black surface of nanorobots. At the same time, all the devices have freed the space around Jon, and he stayed in the same place. In an instant, brilliant dark nanorobots in the form of folded buds jumped out of the funnels and opened like petals, with the form similar to the rose petals. All the plates turned at once, smoothly overlapping each other and closing. The entire surface of Jon was a closed protective shell. Outward from under the petals, gas was poured in the form of steam. After that, the petals tightly pressed against each other. Transparent lenses have formed on Jon’s face, providing him with a view.

Various devices have approached again. Some of them have studied the protection, the others have established a connection with the nanorobots by performing additional programming. It took longer than the operation itself. At the end of this procedure, the devices receded from the body of the young man. Nanorobots in the reverse sequence have been folded in the funnel. Levers advanced and picked up the patient. The robots took Jon to his original place and put him on his feet. Having determined that he was standing on his own, devices retreated. Throughout the operation, Jon had a thoughtful look on his face. After Masha moved closer, making a step towards him and smiled, his face took on a very serious expression. After returning to his emotions and sensibilities, he comprehended the horror of the unknowingness of what had happened to him.

“That’s not fair!” Jon said in a hoarse voice, almost whispering. After a short exhalation, he continued with an almost normal, but still slightly trembling voice,

“I asked to turn on something like a light bulb, to distinguish between virtuality and reality. I thought I was virtual.”

“I am so sorry. I was going to do it again when I switched to virtual participation, that how I had understood you. I see all your experiences upset you. I've never been so guilty. Forgive me, please, I'll try my best to make it up for you. Masha went to Jon and hugged him tenderly. Jon felt trust again and calmed down. Without lifting his head from her shoulder, and pressing her to himself, he tasked her,

“Masha, please, never turn off emotions and sensitivity, first explain everything. For the future, make sure that a person understands what you are agreeing on with him. I think the hair on my head is still moving. Understand, first, you explain, and then you turn it off.”

 Masha leaned back and smiled softly at Jon's face.

“I'll do anything for you. As we have agreed for the future, so be it. Ask! What exactly do you want me to tell you?”

“Have you already had a flight into a black hole? What is the peculiarity of your experiment? I'm ready for the risk. All this is so cool, it's just the case for me. Are there guarantees that I will stay alive?”

“I already made the flight into a black hole. During this experiment, the equipment has fully confirmed the safety of the flight for a living intelligent member. For real, the flight lasted a second. I suppose that the return from the black hole is due to the paradox of time. You are the first living intelligent being who will accomplish this mission with a probability of success of 51%. There is a huge chance of 0.2% for an intelligent life as yours, find interest in contacting the inhabitants of a black hole. The conditions of the experiment make it possible to save your life. Additional changes were made during the operation to implant a protective skeleton, which makes you immune to most negative effects on the time required for the flight.

According to Jon's request, having completed the explanation, Machine checked the parameters of his well-being and determined that the person has adequately understood the explanations. Rapid breathing, excitement, and fear clearly confirmed her conclusion. After that, she turned off Jon's emotions and sensitivity. All this happened so quickly, as it says, he did not have time to blink an eye. She liked the young man very much. Therefore, Masha asked just in case, “Shall we go?”

 He responded to this, “Yes, do not care.”

“Please go behind the line to the cross-dimensional travel platform. And mentally give the command to deploy a protective skeleton.”

Jon turned on the spot and as he stood on the line stepped forward. Jonathan Govorun made a small step, which turned out to be a huge step for the entire intelligence community of the Milky Way Galaxy. He was clothed in ultra-cosmic defense. And disappeared. A second passed and Masha has left.

Jonathan's soul departed from his own body,

“It is improbable, as it is possible to me. All is not in vain!”

 The happiness of realizing the fullness of one's own life with meanings confirmed him in the correctness of what is happening.

He watched as the glowing rings, repeating the contours of the edges of the photon creatures’ tentacles, freely penetrating through the hard tissues of the skull touched the areas of his brain. At the same time, the tentacles transmitted the energy used by the brain to neurons. Intentionally selected chains of neurons were involved. They united in one thought,


Same way, often the desire of close people materializes in the continuation of the life of one who has been out of the life’s circle. This materialization of the idea he will never forget. The boy regained consciousness. He felt the sensation of animating the body on the verge of death to the smallest detail. The decisive means of returning to life was the piercing plea “Live!” and he could now tell it in several books. A powerful desire to go back to his galaxy swept over him with a wave. The boy first heard so clearly from Others the demand, which later became one of the meanings of his life. Live for others! Be proud of your credits in this service. To experience a real joy from the fact that someone needs you. Whole constructions of neural networks, their clear instructions for the performance of functions flowed continuous input. In the brain, Others induced cities of lights on neural networks. Jon's eyes remained closed. The vision ability was activated. The signals were directed by the creatures that stood around him. Jon's body itself was in a state of displacement. This meant that the diversity of Jon's stays in reality, materially moved. Video images, ideas, memorable events, the knowledge he received, were imprinted on a solid shell of space. Practically, his materiality moved along the inner surface of the well of displacement. The stoic researcher has admired, realizing himself as a passenger of a time machine rushing through the reality of the universe to another dimension inside the black hole. The well of displacement is an artificial structure created by intelligent beings from both sides of the measurements. On the ground, tunnels of a swarm are built at the same time from both ends. Now the difference in the spatial sense, since there are no two ends. There are walls of the well, reinforced by simultaneously accessible layers. Millions of years of blind, futile attempts have finally led to a success. The lateral tentacle of Other has laid out luminous grains on the constellation of his brain structures. The movement and forms of Other caused Jon to associate it with the tongue, not for the first time. Again, from someone from Others surrounding him have sounded,

“Thank you for your dedication!”

A clear sense of déjà vu began to appear with every fragment of awareness. Stay with Tongues took place in the process of returning to the past. Only this way they’ve managed to escape from their own dimension, which tried to spray the guest from the gravitational dimension onto the fields. Nothing separated him from turning into a flash of photons. The current perception of what happened after the last moment was overwritten in a short memory. The first in Jon's sequence of memories of traveling to another dimension was his death. All the tricks of photon creatures proved to be vain to preserve his life during the stay of the humanoid in the black hole. His memory preserved the end of the relationship with the Tongues as the beginning. His story is a trip that began at the end. The sensation of a presence in this dimension was physically prompted by the brain itself. In fact, he was in a stream of particles. Jonny, because of his feelings, doubted that he was entirely in a certain place. It is true, he moved not only by the body but by the physical set of the sums of his states. For Others it was necessary to keep the indicators of his measurement. They helped nanorobots of RUS to complete the modification of DNA structures, revealing the genetic ability of the person to see the parts of his brain. He has realized the structural solution of his own thoughts and images, which made him dizzy. Looking at himself from the side, Jon again lost sight of himself. When he came to himself, he concentrated on the desire to distinguish beings. It was obvious that they consisted of a homogeneous mass, at least from the outside. The color of the rusty iron of their surface changed to hundreds of shades. They bent over the guest's brain and poked their limbs into his gray matter.

“Sorry, every time we lose you, we do not know if we'll return you. We can’t hold you longer. You need your reality. We do not know whether we will succeed in creating your new essence for being in your dimension. We will wait for your return by virtual participation. Knowledge and actions are embedded in your brain. You are our hero forever! Bye!”

From the inside of the tentacles’ ends, a powder of minuscule crystals poured in, streaming cold light with a blue glow. The crystals in the form of a spray of sand fell onto the structures of Jon's brain and were instantly covered with a crust of rust. Consciousness became extremely clear, receiving the energy of the crystals. In such moments he physically sensed the paradox of time, due to which the memory of death did not appear, but the sense of leap of events remained. Especially when the energy of the crystals once again flowed into Jon's neural connections. He literally heard the thoughts of rusty Tongues, as he began to call Others for himself.

“His dimension rejects all of our structures. I hope this death will not be in vain. Pass to the past, “There is only the opportunity to grow his own elements and put on them a mind blanket.” Two Tongues put forward tentacles from places that a person would call a waist. He telepathically saw it from the side, as they touched with the tips of their limbs to the convolutions of his brain. Language illuminating brighter than all, showed friendliness,

“Hi. We are saving you. We are very glad to see you here, but without any idea how you can survive so that you can stay in our field of existence.”

A Tongue with traces of rust said,

“Do not listen to the young one. He is such an optimist. We have managed to carry you in parts, in time, but will we unite it in one? Depends on friends, who are coming to us from the past.”

“I'm also very glad to see you. It's all so grand and amazing. I already envy myself. I do not care if it will go wrong”, Jon responded, sincerely expressing his condition.

With the circular movements of small rings at the ends of the tentacles they divided the tissue into several pieces and extracted a piece of the brain from the surface of the brain’s convolutions. The process was similar to the effect of a laser behaving like a scalpel. From the beginning, exposing the surface to pressing, and then in the place of pressing the tissue has ruptured. A separated fragment of the brain was placed it in the device representing an incubator. A container was placed next to the brain fragment. Similar to the bud of the tulip, the object opened: with thin rings, the wall of the container has opened layer by layer. Inside there was something with a shape on an apple. It from inside pushed up a hidden inside pad. On it lay the spark of life of Tongues, radiating a rich burgundy light. The spark lay like a thread bent into the shape of a five-pointed star with rounded edges instead of corners. The Tongue shifted the gray matter into the center of the asterisk. Ring of a starlet slowly shrouded in with the glistening cold light the piece of Jon's brain. The process of growth began. The light of the asterisk touched the gray matter and covered it with a burgundy shroud. Onto this surface, one of the tentacles has brought luminous crystals and gently laid them out, each bit separately. The crystals glowed with a pleasant burgundy color, after this scale and rust appeared on their surface. Jon heard the local thoughts,

“Difficult, but scientists of the past must to believe that this is possible. Their life takes the form of our dimension. They in their reality try to reproduce the structures of our dimension. Tell them.”

The young man jumped to another time interval, other experts discussed the problem,

“It is good that in the future they believe in the evolution of our life, which can be adapted by the aliens' adaptability. We must to believe that the result of development in our dimension is applicable to them. Consciousness of this being will develop in our form. We must program him for actions that will lead to the discovery of a tunnel of displacement on their planet. Then, if successful, the form of his consciousness grown here will get a chance to apply to his life form.” Jon's mind's eye approached the asterisk. The spark of the Tongues’ life trembled and visually divided. The tentacles pulled one of the asterisks toward them and carried it to the place where the puncture was made. Connections circumcised before this were returned and restored. A wave of light passed through Jon's brain. Getting used to it, he felt the emulation of one form of consciousness into another. There was no split of personality. Thoughts were reproduced in the same way as those of the human brain, and those of the form of consciousness in the photon Tongue standing beside. At this self-awareness was again interrupted.

“I have to stop moving out of myself. Maybe then I will stop losing the thread of what is happening. Now I am also Tongue,” realized the first man, combined into a reasonable reality of two dimensions. He realized the new properties of his creative abilities. Now he will always remember anything he wants. He will forget about the doubts caused by forgetfulness. Unfortunately, this perception turned out to be short-lived. He did not have time to analyze everything. This time, the rusty creatures prepared a place for the future installation before he died again. Jon saw how the remaining star left in the aliens’ incubator was surrounded with luminous crystals. The Spark of Life trace intensified, and he saw in it his reflection. Jon has felt how that part of his mind was being formatted for another life. His consciousness, thanks to an additional procedure, is grown and saturated with new properties. He also realized that this new essence will be with him in his native dimension.

“From our being in our form of consciousness we will provide him with constellations of true concepts. He does not have to stray in search of the meaning of existence. He will feel part of our world. This is even better than the introduction of an isolated consciousness of the incomprehensible, hostile to his personal.”

The rudiment of Jon's consciousness left in the incubator began to gain a bright yellow glow from the crystals. Jon brought closer the visual image of a future different consciousness. He saw the baby- Tongue, to the top of which laser threads joined. Outbreaks of images of human neural networks were laying out one after another on the map of the new consciousness.

Beings consisting of luminous rusty pieces became many. The assembled Tongues began to record the memory of the young man onto their information flows. In the Jon’s brain thousands of neurons were lit and their image was repeated on a nearby cloud. Frame-by-frame information began to be laid down by symbols on the surface of the device and absorbed into this surface, like water in a rag. Also, some of the glow schemes needed in the future to synchronize with the carrier were put into Jon's new consciousness. Some of the rusty photon beings have frozen in the process of viewing episodes of his life. He himself was carried away by the memories of Masha,

“Jon, you always think how to do something good to yourself. It's contagious. I also have begun to think about what bothers you. You can’t be predicted. It's fun, but I'm sorry for you, it's not easy for you.”

“It's great to be with such a sympathetic girl. We'll build a couple of beautiful places with her. I have ideas!” Jon thought optimistically.

The Tongue moved in and said “You will see her now. At least take a minute with us. Just came in and already leaving? We have dreamed for a million years to meet with you. Thank you for your dedication!”

Thus, began the existence of the first being, fallen into the well of fields from nothingness. The Tongues succession came from the future. They were reporting on the death of Jon and possible measures to save him. The pilgrim survived in spite of all the deaths.

Displacement through dimensions is not possible for subjects of foreign dimensions. That, what belongs to one dimension cannot naturally move to another while retaining its properties. Properties themselves do not exist outside their dimensions. It is obviously impossible to travel by dimensions because of the expected destruction of all known properties. If only the changes do not have time to occur. For example, the time flows in the opposite direction, or what happens during the displacement does not change. With Jon, both things have happened simultaneously. The process itself of moving along the timeline along the well of the fields have allowed him to maintain the border state. The pioneer of travel through the dimensions retreated in time back to the past. Changing the coordinates in such a well, the subject moves in time same as in space. The ability to preserve is laying at the heart of such a journey. Tongues returning Jon to the past were saving him physically. Technically upgrading his equipment and body structure, adapting to the changing conditions of the well. Help from Tongues saved Jon's life from sputtering into nothing. His space suit with modifications by the recommendations from the future allowed to reach the point of meeting with them. Thinking on a single-variant outcome in a sequence of events will lead to a paradox. Otherwise, events occur in the field of multi-variance. The simplest example: the adoption of opposite conclusions from the same prerequisites by different people. Under certain conditions, happens what should be. At different times, intersecting in time and space, there are different events happening with the same subjects. In this case, they fall into different conditions of other dimensions. Nothing special, it's just something else. Jon, having fallen into the past of his galaxy is no longer the same guy. Connection through time makes him vulnerable from the acts of his earlier version. Again, there is a multi-variability, from which life will come, taking a step forward. In other words, the same thing, only in a different way. If Jon does not enter the travel platform, then will he, who committed a pioneer feat, disappear or not - two options. Both can be equally until the conditions and circumstances change. Someone will stop the young man before travel and there will be two of them, although different. He no longer belongs to his dimension in full. Thus, his dependence is not so destructive as to crumble to dust with the paradox. The hero of the two dimensions has thought deeply about the perspective of creating his own copy by himself.

With your own hands

Jon appeared on the travel platform from which he started to the world of Tongues. He turned in military style in one movement on the spot. And as much as possible put his foot over the line to the real surface. He recognized the room with the surgeons in the possession of Machine. He did not mind talking to Masha, whoever she was. It's hard to imagine that Machine is a system with five stars and one black hole combined into a technical entity. As he thought already familiar with him. There was nobody around. The lungs contracted from the lack of oxygen and automatically switched on the ultra-cosmic protective suit. The extraterrestrial regulation of oxygen consumption did not work. What the nanorobots did inside, was not finished and did not have any practical significance for man. Human consumption of oxygen is excessive and extreme. For the same reason, the protection device did not provide for Jon's oxygen need. The artificial intelligence of the suit in emergency mode was looking for a source of oxygen and establishing a connection with Machine, passed a request for vital conditions. In the left corner of the view of the left eye appeared the number 3600 and the countdown on seconds began. “Golden Hour” the cosmos’ hero guessed.

Recognizing the inferiority of his being he said, “Only a human.”

Below there was a line with words. The pioneer of the cosmos focused his attention on the words and began to read. The line ran, adjusting to his reading speed. The message recommended to hide on the cross-dimensional travel platform and make a call to the required subscriber with an indication of the requested actions before the expiration of the specified time count. It was also necessary to get Machine to move to a virtual zone, which automatically imposes the duty of Machine to ensure physical security. That was necessary for the user, who is turning on the platform himself to connect with the subscriber on the other end. Jon did not understand exactly which subscriber, and at what end he was. Cold chilled his bones. And looking at the continuing tumbling news, he realized to his horror that time will expire sooner than the instructions end. When, finally, the heat from the outside appeared, it seemed encouraging, but not for a long. The instruction went on. Some words because of the lack of artificial intelligence in the dictionary were replaced by asterisks. Therefore, some explanations looked like this “**********, ******.” The countdown was over 2000 seconds. The boy involuntarily became nervous. Without his emotions, which were turned off, this was in unfinished thoughts. One of which sounded quite reasonable when he uttered it aloud “I'm dead.” The drone, sliding past on the finger as a hook along the exposed wire, stopped and Jon heard from it, “Two options!” A dish instead of a head and five hands sticking out of it from the bottom on hinges together formed a flying machine with AI (artificial intelligence). Beneath the edge of the plate, the whole rim of the edge swirled around and Patieruke unhurriedly flew over to the robot cleaner.

“I count on my ten fingers more options. Patieruke[9], on your five hands, why only two?” Jon was surprised.

The idler slowly put in the washing vacuum cleaner one of the levers which resembled a hand and dipped a hot finger into a container with an alkaline solution of potassium permanganate. With a pair of hands, he grabbed the robot-washer and lifted it into the air. Drone slowly brought to the man a load of 10 times heavier than itself and grabbed the conductive wire on which he had previously dragged himself. The countdown was 1000 seconds. From heating, oxygen was released from the mixture.

“So, there are always two options”, answered Patieruke and extended one hand of a help with a stream of oxygen.

Pilgrim 's suit responded by opening the gap between the petals of the armor on the palms of his hands. Jon has guessed to shake the hand extended to him by the drone. By the air duct that was installed by his own hands, oxygen got to Jon. Soap bubbles popped from the washing robot. The counter adding time showed 2500 seconds.

 “Beautiful, but not enough,” sounded the ambiguous Drone.

“What is not enough? Bubbles? Will they rescue me?”

“Now yes. Maybe not completely.”

“Maybe? You yourself do not fully understand what you are saying.” The guy wanted to quip, “Oh yes! Two options: You either understand or not!”

After a while, he, being in the pose of a bicyclist, directly communicated with Machine. It was possible to temporarily solve the problem of creating conditions for the life of the pilgrim. Two robot surgeons provided his vital functions with the help of numerous devices. How to settle in a new place he has to take care himself. He was the only one who cares in what position he was squirming. The most important thing is that he understood this. In search of what to do Patieruke, sliding one hand on the electricity-supplying wire, bypassing all the straight paths, circled around the Earthman.

Being five meters from Jon, the last 15 minutes he was analyzing how to advise him to simplify the process of looking around. There were so many options that he decided to start a draft and give advice on this only on request. Under the supervision of two surgeons' robots and with a curious robot with five hands, Jon found that he had returned to the past six months before sending to the Tongues. Having found out that everything must be ordered, he began with emotions. Machine has returned him emotions and sensitivity. The change of expression from indifference to very serious literally shook his face. Machine considered his state of mind as a shock.

“Now I'm not afraid of anything,” Jon thought out loud. And again, he made a mistake. This time for the upcoming events he has already experienced, his words will serve as the basis for making quick decisions by Machine. In terms of this, it was a statement. And in vain, Machine does not forget anything. The following circular information message included information on inadequate earthmen and their constant dependence on the explosive excess of the oxygen saturation level in the respiration mixture. Machine began to receive questions about the earthmen. Members of the Councils, concerned members of the production, students reading Machine’s reports produced questions. The robot-drone intended for counseling and rendering of the feasible help has been immediately redistributed to the executive assistant of the hero of the galaxy.

“What to do?” Jon turned to the collaborating robot.

Cobot[10] began to fulfill his duties quite practical,

“Two options: Move you to the appropriate virtuality and train, or think.”

“You're quite a business bot!” Pronounced with irony, the young man.

 After thinking he asked Machine, “Move me to the virtual participation zone of the most technologically advanced civilization so that I remain myself, but the conditions would be comfortable for me. I don’t want to be asked how I will survive there.”

Robot surgeons carefully intercepted and moved him into the space of the cross-dimensional travel platform. Jon felt himself in a weightless state. After he came up with the idea to lean on his feet, he sank half a meter down and felt the support. His next thought was to take a horizontal position and waving his arms try to fly. Everything turned out exactly as he wanted, straining the body for certain actions, he was receiving the relevant circumstances. He flew into an unknown space and stopped in surprised. By inertia and slowly slowing down, he moved forward knee-deep. It was already the circumstances of the place in which he was. A hundred-kilometer In diameter thread of dense gas, which he started to breathe, flexing, began to stretch endlessly from the dead end in which he found himself. He was on the edge of a tangle of yellow gas strands. Five people with yellow skin, with a pinkish-beige tinge, sat in a large tangle of smooth plants to the right in front to of him.

Noticing his breakthrough, the people of the color of the straw have swam to him moving their legs like monofin. Fur clothing clung tightly to their bodies. During movements, the fabric stretched perfectly, without restraining movements. The brown fur completely coincided with the fuzz on their heads. The Earthman liked it, as the fur obeying the smoothness from the environment with large massifs of tides was changing the gleam of the clothing.

“Hi. We want to help you get comfortable. make your stay with us appropriate to your goals.”

“We will protect you from mistakes. My name is Kladi.”

“Girls, he's stuck,” guessed one of the Amazons around him.

Now he remembered the charms that protected him in his childhood. Children made them out of hay, twisting hay straws into figures. A bunch of hay was bent and tied in different places, at the end it was evenly cut. Such dolls they called Streegushy. Looking at the hay color of people, Jon immediately decided to call them Streegushy. The hay color girls, gently supporting and touching him, have moved him beyond the travel platform and the young man again was on his feet. The young girl with the inscription “cute” on a thin rim under her hair touched his nose,

“My name is Medy. It seems that males are twice as big as females, what impose them in a special state of stupor. Commonly known as tonic immobilization[11]. Impressively strong and courageous men.”

Thinking that he should do it, he also touched her nose. He has considered unnecessary to touch other parts.

“My name is Jonathan Govorun. Machine, make me twice as big as she. What do you think I'm going to do here?”

Becoming larger than Streegushys he felt more confident. The young man looked at the beautifully laid hair of the girls. Again, he wanted to flatter females. At the front, the smooth foreheads were framed by arched hair. He could not find words to compliment that. So, he decided to extol their silhouettes perfection. Finally confirmed in the opinion that around him young girls over the age of 20 he quipped,

“Play dolls with skinny straws.”

His talent for making compliments was immediately reacted to. Streegushy with a necklace of small beads on her head in a pleasant singing voice said,

“Correctly say “graceful beauties.” Everyone who passes the test will get the endless experience of the traveler for survival. We hope to help you on the path of Rybaeat. We assume you are here with us to go through the path of liberation and awakening your own higher creative abilities.”

“You did not guess. I'm getting technical tricks a little and I will give a big bye to all!”

“Do I need it?! To ride on the ears of the half-educated person. He does not understand a word about what we are talking about,” the girl Kladi puffed up her lips and got a little upset and was obviously showing off a smile. A thought ran through her eyes. She jerked her shoulders and, loudly, with an intonation, giving meaning to each word, joyfully said, “It has begun. A man talks about what he does not know!”

Jon felt something hard against his shoulder and heard, “My name is Simcona. Where is the big hello, give it to me!”

Turning to the left, he saw in the reclining chair Streegushy, which moving in the flying chair stopped with her stump by his shoulder.

“This smells like fish.” He plugged his nose, “What are you from fish?”

“Well, not everyone is so lucky as you from chords.” Kladi was “offended” again.

“That's from me.” I just ate a fish. Say my name when you need to eat a fish. Remember, please, that I need to be called for.”

The speaker saying, drizzled a drop from his mouth onto Jon’s right ear. Jon shivered and winced again. He turned his head toward the speaker. He had to raise his eyes and shudder involuntarily from the unexpectedness of what he had seen. A giant speaking fluffy plush toy should give the same impression. Bigger than a man, Rybaeat hung an obliquely with the ball-shaped head down. In this position, the torso was pushed to the tail and looked like a balloon, stretching to the sky. The fluffy ball tail twitched as if pulling Rybaeat. Bending to Jon's ear the creature rested against the boy's eyes with his left eye larger than the right one. The one-third of the face is occupied by round attentive eyes from rings merged rings with gray pupils. Under the almost invisible nose, the mouth stretched out in a curious smile.

“I am called when I have to go on a trip with someone. You can call me a pilgrim or Jonathan.”

The boy with difficulty overcame the desire to squeeze the “toy”.

Glad girls, standing upright in a circle, all together interrupting each other argue.

“He's like a Rybaeat.”

“A pet.”

“He wants it for himself.” Guessed about the egoistic tendencies of the crook, one of the surrounding him altruists.

One by one the girls started dancing. They controlled the virtual panel in front of the left eye. Directing their views to the left, the dancers began to spin. Streegushy turned their hands around, squeezing together the pads of the thumb and forefingers, were drawing a blue line around them in the air. The girls disappeared as soon as they closed the drawn circle around them. Cute Rybaeat pulled Simkona by a rope, stretching from one of the two paws of the creature. They slowly withdrew to the side leading to the center of the tangle. The hero wanted to be alone.

Silence. The place where the pilgrim of space turned out to be was one of the most populous in the Milky Way galaxy. 30,000 light-years from the sun. Not less than fifty stars the size of an orange because of its remoteness and a particular refraction of light, looked like holes in the black fabric of space through which light broke through. Technically, that was it for some stars. Giant structures were on the line between the stars and the place where Jon watched, eclipsing the stars. The pilgrim was in a ball of gas threads, comparable in size to the star system. The grains of cosmic stories filled the galaxy with a dense alloy. Each sector of the universe in this place is a frozen stage of the approaching end. The universe to those who are not preparing for a change grants the right to perish. There are countless communities destroyed themselves or disappeared under the onslaught of the superior destructive forces of nature. Civilizations are looking for a way to survive before an apocalypse begins. Time after time, saving their lives due to the priority of the whole society survival. This is the story of the creative mind victory, which interrupts the natural course in the process of self-destruction. Jon saw a zigzag of black matter that stretched between two red dwarfs. The man-made balance kept the anomaly site threatening by the numerous dangers to civilizations inhabiting neighboring systems. This region of the galaxy was filled with an array of hydrogen accumulations formed from collisions of the brightest stars. Civilizations living near it are confronted with the constant variability of threats to the existence of their lives. Their neighboring inhabited planets got into a stream of cosmic dust. They also survived by abandoning the existence of some by coercing others. Jon looked at the planet above the horizon. A stretched planet with a subtle middle looked like a dumbbell. The conclusion was that it was slowly dragged in different directions and the plastic stretching middle was frozen in time, preventing the rupture. The planet looked huge and populated. The ball in which he was standing was no longer appearing through the voids at a distance as from the earth to the moon. The Earthman thought that there could be cities there. A warm uniform light illuminated everything around. Jon turned his head and did not find a source of heat and light. He thrust his hands into the pockets of his jacket and waved his jacket like wings. He liked how quickly he flew. When he tried to fly to the field, on which the Streegushy used to sit, he missed.

Jon had a greeting in his head.

“Good afternoon. My name is Assistant. If you have finished looking around, I will offer you a conversation.”

“Hi. OK, let's talk. Do you need a pet?”

The hero of the galaxy was finally able to fly onto a ball of plants. Turning, he gently plunged into the pulling lianas.

“We already have a pet. We do not need another one. His intended purpose is to teach us to learn. We need someone like us, whose creative proposals we will put into practice. In this sense, billions of people are waiting for your help to the Rybaeats. I offer a designer suit for a mission, say yes.”


Exactly in front of him in a couple of meters spreading her hands to the sides appeared a familiar Streegushy. She was genuinely embarrassed by the intimacy in which she found herself. Practitioner and contemplative girl Kladi decided to volunteer and see what the human from the news is capable of.

“That's cool! Teach me this trick, to appear and move like you.”

Kladi supported the conversation, sitting side by side on the green shoot,

“Hi! I'll teach you. I will try to support you on the path of Rybaeat.

“What do I need to do?”

“Walk all the way.”

“What are the difficulties?”

“Deadly. An intelligent type of Rybaeats’ civilization for a million years is in conditions not compatible with survival.”

“What is the purpose of the game?”

“The goal is to survive. Do it playfully, impress me.”

“I do not like this goal.”

“I learned a little about your people. Your goal is to make to yourself slaves who will earn you money, for which other slaves will do for you what you want. This is so disgusting that it is impossible to express. A whole planet of bastards. All on instincts, laws of coercion in favor of devourers of human lives, without any interest in life itself.”

“I'm sorry, I'll leave you for a minute. To wash my hands is over there?” The young man stretched out his fingers in his outstretched hand toward a one-story rectangular building with two folded beams instead of a roof. From the drawing of the running Streegushy on the wall of this building, he fell into the thread, when he was dragged together. On the next wall, he could distinguish a sliding double door, designed for such as Rybaeat.

Kladi nodded in response and added, “And to eat, and sleep, and a cross-dimensional travel platform.”

 Thanks to the roof and the drawings, it was easy to orient up and down. In the opening of the opened doors, Jon felt an increasing pull-down and more difficult moving forward. After he got to his feet and walked through the doorway, Jon felt adequate to earthly conditions. Everyone who knows what a greenhouse is would have thought that he was in it. Everything that helps people to do things, here is helped by technically supplemented plants and insects. The walls consist of transparent panels from the middle alternating with opaque, lighted matt panels. By the more saturated light of the panels, the young man guessed that they are also a light source that propagates light according to the principle of an optical fiber cable through the substance that is filling the space. In fact, the main light in the filaments passed through a thick transparent jelly shell. Mathematically verified irregularities of the shell surface and bending angles of the filaments scattered the light for illumination. Opposite to the entrance, he immediately saw the image of the Streegushy sitting on the arrow, with her hands on her knees. Realizing that he needs to go there, he went through the loggia, with the view of the packed crowd of several thousand, mostly of yellow people snacking at the tables. Instinctively, he jabbed his hand in their direction and pierced the view. By what he saw, disturbed waves ran through. On the other side of the loggia, rows of hanging lianas with green leaves began. Some of the vines with red leaves marked a passage about two meters wide. The tourist touched the green leaves, and they blushed at a width of 2 meters. Jon went inside a small booth and called out,

“Hey, Machine!”

Machine, responding to the Jon’s call, assured him of complete safety for the time of virtual participation. Just for the fun, he sat down on the toilet seat. The seat looked like a smooth rim of thick elastic branches. As soon as he sat down it slightly bent and opened. A light warm breeze touched his face.

“What is it, a yoga-toilet?” Jon asked puzzled.

 Under him, the air quietly went into the ventilation holes. To the right and to the left grew stems, separated in length through each centimeter by a brown zigzag line. Jon tore off the top lonely sticking leave along this line. In its place, the next shoot slowly began to grow in the form of a boat-shape leaf. The outer edge of the leaf kept the shape when pressed and could be used as a scoop. In the middle, the touch was a soft, rough paper.

“That’s clear! It is quite logical to grow a paper. Machine, do I have to go to the washroom?”

“This option will be enabled on demand.”

“No, thanks.”

The color of the leaves remained red when he went out of lianas. Moving the leaves away, Jon gazed back. A dozen insects whirled around the leaf that he left.

Jon realized his desire to understand what was going on. It turns out that you have to ask when the brain picks up the guesswork. The reality, as usual, has surpassed his expectations. Machine told him about the participation in the latest events of these space aliens. The desire not to pay for an accidental coincidence of circumstances with own life reasonably led to the creation of a simulator in the VPZ. He became acquainted with real living beings, reproduced in every detail in authentic conditions. Fortunately, in this simulation, it is impossible to die. Coming from a green stop, he learned to move with the help of new acquaintances and only after that he agreed to all the troubles. It turned out that the stronger the traveler, the less he is helped. Only because the strong do not know how to accept help. The young man began to ask for everything for educational purposes. Deliberately training the skill to ask for help. The art of collaboration Jon mastered just enough to respond to the message. In the eyes of the earthmen, he could be a good boss. According to others, he was a dreadful organizer.

“I can’t understand. Here we fly, and there we walk.” The young man extended his hand with a pointed index finger in front of the appeared green stop. Kladi deliberately remained silent, expecting a direct question in a polite manner. They have had discussions about this. Jon agreed to learn how to express polite requests by learning the principles of effective communication. Moreover, he recognized the usefulness of the Rybaeat path for all participants in the process.

“I can’t understand why in different places the gravity is very different. Kladi, yellow pragmatist, be kind, please answer.”

“The more the mass of the object, the greater the distance is required to express its gravitational force. In other words, force is not in the size, but in the mass of the object. The ball is in space without a gravitational field, the gravitational forces of material objects are set artificially in production according to the technical task.”


Returning to the Machine territory, the pilgrim of the cosmos began to explore the territory. Now he was trained in everything that he set himself to study. The task was to build a place suitable for ordinary human life. He needed his home in space. John stood in a vacuum with his arms and legs widespread. It seems like he was trying to hug space stretched before him. His suit was modified to stay in open space. Possessing its own gravity, the travel platform held the robot with a manipulator in the form of a giant mechanical arm. On it, John was held by the pin attached to his back. He got to the place specified by Machine. Here they will build a hotel, housing with earthly conditions. John exchanged thoughts with the most advanced creature in the Milky Way galaxy. The conversation went on an equal footing, it was equally difficult for them to understand each other.

 “At certain points in time images of the past will appear in your memory. There will be a memory of events that will not be repeated in time. Some part we have already fixed, and another part will be rewritten based on the experience of what has happened,” Machine explained the peripeteia[12] of time.

He couldn’t handle it himself and asked to create a humanoid girl. He turned to Machine through his information exchange switch,

“It's time to create Masha, which I told you about.”

“Your proposal is accepted. I will produce a human daughter, and she will correspond to what you are talking about. She will be an independent organism of the human type and differentiated for independent development. I do not accept emotional perception, I do not allow rewriting and analytical weighing. It will be my continuation in the work and for contacts with your kind. I'll name her Machine and will raise a good person.”

“And I will make it shorter, and I will call her Masha. You're exactly talking about a girl?”

“From nature, the gene pool was determined by the functional of childbearing. For this, the genes determined the basic protein interactions and brain structures. The physical component of the psycho-type determines the behavior and purpose. I have a feminine side and I can only give female DNA. Only a woman can to postpone the receipt of the result and be satisfied with its representation in the form of physical perception for motivation of activity. So much more.”

Jon has sent to Machine Masha's pictures from the future, with one clarification. He asked for a pigmentation of flesh-color.

The social house was built by the pioneer of dimension in the first place. He completely repeated the design of the station “Malachite Bowl.” The only difference was that now everyone could use the masterpiece. The duty to share his knowledge of Tongues from another dimension made him feel the need for personal participation in public life. Jon created a social object with a powerful information base for public viewing, exchange of opinions and personal evaluation judgment. The personal judgment had its limitations in publicity. This means that the judgment was based on guaranteed personalization, but at the same time without general publicity of the person expressing his opinion. Thus, the community had a set of value judgments and the opportunity to discuss them. Anyone could become a member of the community. The right to participate in decision-making and voting was registered according to the rules for specialists. In a social home, the traveler by dimensions provided for everyone to see the installation of the life of Tongues and the primary dimension surrounding them. The difficulty was to show that the life of Tongues passed in their own photon dimension, and surrounded them by another primary dimension with other conditions. The conditions of the surrounding space deficit with an excess of time.

The tunnel of the primary measurement generates a field of existence in which photons could interact. The first connections were illuminated by a glow in isolated spaces not capable of full gravity and mass. Their isolation was preserved and made an intelligent existence in these dimensions unique. The unevenness of time in the limited fields of existence ensured the objective existence of energy in the cells of the accumulation of fields. In other words, in the conditions of bubbles of stability of superconductivity, the Tongues’ photon dimension was created. In conditions of energy dissipation in the space of the gravitational dimension, we live according to the laws of conservation of energy. To install the existence of Tongues, Jon has chosen their history of conquering the darkness. It began with time travel. From the very beginning, the Tongues used the conditions as being properly in demand. This means that after thinking about the proposed solution, first, we considered what needs to be achieved and why. There was nothing special to invent. By nature, there was always some option without an alternative. Combinatorics in their world is present in the shortest form. There are a few initial conditions in their existence. They live in a world where there is literally nothing to choose from. This made them dependent on success. In case of failure, they literally knew that they were unhappy losers. The best of them returned them faith in themselves and in the future for many years. Knowing the future has become so important that the idea to see the future was in everyone’s mind. As soon as public consciousness was strengthened in the ideas of time travel, a scientist from the future penetrated the darkness. In front of everyone, he has floundered out of the surrounding wall of gloom. The presence in one place of the same creature from different times was a convincing confirmation of time travel. After fulfilling the necessary preparations, an earlier version of the scientist was sent back in time. Actually, the advancement of the scientist through a veil of opaque darkness at the time of appearance in the past constituted a historical exposition from Jon. The installation to facilitate the perception was created in a three-dimensional image. Sculpture of the Tongue protrudes more than half with its volume matte porous relief. The relief appears above the plane of the black huge block and through the numerous openings, the rays of light of the emerging scientist appeared. Jumps back in time did not exceed six months. The repeated recurrence of transitions into the past for a limited time eventually gave acceleration in time for all. The return to the past has connected different generations of Tongues with invisible bonds. The Earthmen proverb “After my death, I don’t care if the sun goes up” has caused for Tongues a general panic attack.

Jon was dozing off for half an hour after he'd had enough sleep. A new habit came about, thanks to the desired silence before the awakening. Masha moved her hand in her sleep. Jon opened his eyes. He tried to understand what had happened. In the bedroom, there was nothing but a big bed. The mother of the contactee freed her from all activities in space, and the sleeping Masha enjoyed human weaknesses. Jon knew about her weak attachment to sleep and woke her up at once as he got up,

“Good! Good morning sonia[13]!”

“I'm not Sonya. I'm Masha!”

“Anyway, pretty good. Good morning, Masha!”

“Good morning, Jon! Where are we going today? Do you want to continue building a magic park?”

His carefree mood and desire to work with her together pushed him to beautify the first space hotel for earthlings. Today he planned to check the object he needed for training and announced,

“After the breakfast, we will go to the inspection of the construction of the sports zone.”

The construction site is always a danger zone. Masha did the calculations by Jon’s architectural task. Nearby her stood the Pilgrim under the working mechanics. One of the robots pushed an iron frame with rubber beams. The parts of the building, which were not attached to each other, collapsed. Their movement from above was directed towards the human. The pieces of construction collided and continued to fall to the place where Jon stood. On the outside of the building, smashing the ceramic decorative ledges on the way, a metal ladder was falling. Before that, it served as a support for the gymnastic construction. Masha ran to his rescue. At the same time, several robots, randomly waving the lasers began to catch up and shred the metal structure. Robots were the main danger, as they were not modified to participate in work with humans. In a split second, numerous parts of the structure, cutting them laser beams, and the robots themselves turned into a single deadly swarm, shredding everything on its path. Jon on hearing the rustling sounds of lasers, become alert. Distinguishing from what place the hissing sounds of metal lasers were heard, he turned his head in their direction. Reacting, the boy raised his hands and covered his face so that he could continue to see hundreds of pieces of debris coming to him, with the buzzing, dissecting the air. It was too late to run. At this moment, reaching him, pretty frightened Masha covered him with her own hands. At the last moment, before they were about to be hit with debris, uselessly protecting him from the lasers burning everything, she looked around. Without releasing her hands and not believing her eyes, she whispered in his ear,

“I can’t understand.”

Not wishing to destroy the idyll, he, not moving a corner of his eye, looked around. At the top, he saw a ready-played sports gymnastic construction of horizontal bars and decorative ledges. The metal ladder, covered in a safe plastic, did not cause concern. Not a single mechanical assassin. Before he was frightened, the young man calmly said,

“It may be great,” - and put his hands on Masha's waist.

“It's all real! Except for your reaction,” the girl stepped back one step, releasing Jon.

“The first reaction is that everything is real. You can’t command to the brain. Even knowing that reality is virtual. The feeling of the disaster is very real.”

“Sorry, I thought I let you know - we are now in reality.”

“I think my knees begin to tremble,” Jon sat on the protruding curb of the decorative stone belt from the building he was standing. An unpleasant feeling of nausea and whining rolled on every cell of the body.

“I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid. I would like a light bulb to light up when I'm in reality and the opposite in virtuality. I begin to understand the horror of what had happened. We could be crushed, burned, dismembered. I really do not even know what else. It looks like a single time loop. From the reverse, it is some hint of a possible revival. Our quantum mechanics explains this.”

Masha, without saying a word, took a step towards him and with both hands hugged him by the neck and head, pressing him to her chest. His eyes became wet.

The girl, covering his head with her hands, spoke, “Excuse me, these your emotions and mine too. You named the horror. At first, you had emotions of fear. Then I felt the emotions of guilt and pity for you. And now you seem to be happy. Explain to me please, it's always like that.”

“It's much more complicated than it seems.” Jon smiled and got ready, afraid to break the idyll, for a long narrative.

“In reality, I hear my sigh, the murmur of time and the impatience of my soul.”


Tank battle.

Before he went to the cashier's door, Jon called Nik,

“Nik hi, this is Jon. How are you? Did you get a promotion? Excellent, I knew that.  Could you be kind and call your friend Sergey from the insurance company. Tell him not to sign a contract with a shopping center “RAINBOW MART.” There are criminal charges against them. They have organized deliveries of expired products to school cafeterias, not only that children are poisoned, but they also receive a pullback from this. How do I know, I will tell you later. Tell him, he will have hemorrhoids from them. They have fire sensors literally for beauty.”

Then Jon went inside. Downstairs at the station, he inserted his card into the device on the table and sat down at the table facing the screen. He put his left hand on the countertop. Jon waited a moment for the pads of his fingers and the surface of his hand to light. Masha's hologram appeared on the live display. A beautiful doll in a ballerina dress stood in the pose of a dancer, waiting for interaction.

“Hi, beauty. If you have everything ready than say, “Dear Jonathan, Start.” Jon froze with a smile on his face.

“Hi, Jonny, honey, start it! Good luck.”

Turning to the switch, the young man clearly and loudly began to say,

“Operator, connect the remote-control system “Dead Hand”, the object “Far Eastern Halibut.”

He saw how the new emulator was installed and continued,

“Enter the access code: tsunami register, number 272 127 slash 2019. target Yellowstone volcano, time of launch on readiness. Executer Jonathan Govorun. State registration number 3, “Malachite Flower” access point. Confirm.”

Through the speakers, there was a gurgling, which indicated the work of the coder. These sounds were repeated every time before the words of the man and after Jon's words later on during the conversation. A man's voice was heard,

“The identity is confirmed. The target was discovered.”

A window with a password appeared on the screen. Bro clicked on the input field with the key under the middle finger and the virtual keyboard popped out. Slowly, one letter at a time, he typed “nothing is superfluous,” and knocked on the key input.

“Do not disappoint me,” Jon asked someone.

And someone responded, “It’s all right.”

“Have you previously been told that this is not a training alarm?”

“Every time!”

“And how many medals do you have for this?”

“Two, but who counts?”

“I, I will have the first one! I'll ask the assistant to show us the picture. You, please comment. Girl, turn on the camera for viewing the Yellowstone volcano and record everything down for my archive.”

“The ballistic missile will be launched from the submarine complex “Far Eastern Halibut”. Take off”

In the ocean at a distance of three hundred kilometers from the Pacific coast of North America, a metal cylindrical structure 50 meters high and 30 meters in diameter flinched at the bottom. The telescopic platform began to hum. With a powerful movement, two retractable pipes moved forward, bringing the edge to the surface of the water. Without stopping the powerful jerk of hidden mechanisms, a 20-meter rocket jumped out of the flaming tunnel. Like a defective match, on which there was too much sulfur spoiled during manufacturing. It turned out a rocket with an elongated wide head at the top. Rushing speedily, it rushed up. Seconds remained until the fire will start from one match.

A live broadcast of the volcano was on. A small aircraft circled over an overheated natural boiler. Unknown medal bearer continued to report,

“At the altitude of 350 km begins to change the trajectory and unfold. Open and launch of a hypersonic rocket. “Starlite” hit the target. Tell me what you see!”

On the screen, five multicolored strings rushed from the travel platform at the upper layers of the atmosphere to the glowing sphere of the explosion. Masha showed her thumb and made a bend, as a dancer before disappearing from the scene, vanished.

“Explosion-like a cloud of fire burns up the volcano. Booya! A gigantic geyser with a fiery burning lava shot up into a cloud of a nuclear explosion! This must be seen! The volcano merged in a second. It seems to shake and calm down. Thank you for the service, bro. End of communication. Operator, disable all programs. Operator, turn on the text entry. The official explanation for the shooting of the Yellowstone volcano, period. The scientist, developer and test-tester of the “Starlit” nuclear missile Mikhail Sazen was killed, period. According to the erroneous opinion, the team of scientists said their colleague died at the hands of the American spies, period. They carried out an act of retaliation on false grounds, comma, for fear for their own lives and their family members, period. Esprit de corps, formed in a team of scientists, does not allow to find out the immediate performers, period. They denied completely their participation, period. There is no bad without good, period. Thanks to the explosion, the upper layers of the atmosphere were screened, period. The protective screen will save many inhabitants of the planet, period. The expected effect for 3 years will postpone the process of the “trigger” of the chain reaction for the onset of a climatic catastrophe, already irreversible, a process similar to what happened to Venus, period. It's just a reminder to us all about the catastrophe that has already happened, period. It's time to start building systems of dehumidifying the atmosphere to limit the greenhouse effect, period. Apply oxygen recycling technology, period. Any actions are already timely, period. Such happy explosions may no longer be, period. Turn off the recording. Operator, spread the official explanation of the shooting of the Yellowstone volcano.”

Under the influence of wind, the nuclear mushroom over the Yellowstone volcano has lost its shape. A column of dust with radiation was carried toward Santa Monica. The geyser of a red-hot liquid rocks moved in waves onto the previous dense mass and still rushed upwards. At an altitude of 70 meters, 5 meters in diameter ball of nuclear sun blazed. The splatter of the lava flowing around the ball turned into white dazzling welding, on which it was painful to look. After 20 minutes the star collapsed, and, in its place, a quantum singularity was formed. Fueled by the lava, the black hole began to increase. There came a time when the growth of retraction of matter stopped. The slowly moving column of lava was thinned to a pipe a meter in thickness. At the very top the stream was divided into five equal ends. The prominences, bending around with fiery serpents and repeating the shape of the sphere of the nuclear ball at that place, disappeared at the ends. Impossible spectacle stabilized in the form of a fountain of slowly crawling lava up the air. From the depths of space wormhole on the burning surface of prominences emerged four. Because of the glow, it was impossible to determine in the spacesuits or not. Glowing with a powerful electric discharge, the inhabitants of a different dimension looked like flattened cones 1.5 meters high, tapering to the top, they were ending with a rounding. Their red figures with spots of rust bent as if balancing when trying to stay on their feet. They were recharged with energy from the plasma of the volcano. For a second, their radiance became brighter white, burning contrasting red spots all over the surface became a common white dazzling light. From time to time each newcomer twinkled as if he was an ordinary glitch. The extremities sticking out of their midpart were clinging to each other. The aliens were dragging either a wounded man or one of the spacesuits worn on them. What they pulled looked more real than themselves. They rolled down the lava and disappeared in the fire. On the opposite side of the planet, the Tongues materialized in a ball of light above the malachite table. Without stopping bending, they began to approach the guy. Jonathan cheerfully exclaimed,

“Hello Tongues without bones.”

In the hands of sworn brothers, he recognized his photon twin, grown as a part of his soul. The young man grabbed his head. The guests brought their burden close to Jon. The photon life brought by Tongues for penetration, used the young man's nervous system. Touching the young man, it absorbed into the nervous system and convulsively swept through the whole body. Suddenly, from inside, Jon's head lit up with a blue glow. His skull became translucent. The pupils of the eyes widened in pain. Throughout the length of the nerve endings, a charge of photons ran. His life became more. The illuminated structure of the color of rusty iron ascended along the entire length of the nerve endings. Jon’s revived phantom has changed the structure of photons under the conditions of gravitational dimension native for the Earthman. Representatives of another dimension flickered more and more often. During the actions they performed, they became more transparent. Passing their energy, they increasingly lost their brightness and yellowed. A biofield formed around Jon. A thin red shell enveloped him completely and disappeared. Suddenly, responding to the pain, the suit turned on. A brilliant black protection in the form of a spacesuit has concealed him. Thanks to the inclusion of protection and the released gas, he was free from the pain. The young man knew how uncertainty of pioneer full of all sorts of suffering and trials. It is impossible to be ready for everything. It is impossible to be ready for everything. Jon in a weak voice tried to joke,

“I will need a break from work.”

In a second, everything seemed normal.

“Welcome to the gravitational dimension! After the opaque pitch darkness around, what thoughts have appeared,” Jon looked up and smiled at his friends. Inside him, repeating his contours, his light-colored spirit flashed, which immediately took facial features of the young man, repeating facial expressions. The first person with a combined form of consciousness from various dimensions looked at himself admiring the flickering of the colored reflections of his biofield. Jon stood up and raised his head and hand in greeting to the guests, straightened the angel wings glowing with white radiance. The man was shining and gave a happy radiant smile to the Tongues. The emulation of the two minds created the third reality. Its new qualities and potentials he had to master. The terrestrial human brain, developed on the principle of emotional perception, connected to the photon generator of life, developed on the principles of dimensions. The mystery of the appearance of the new has been accomplished. Perhaps it is a man with computer thinking and a genius creator of a new reality. The aliens stood on the table top of the malachite bowl. In a hurry they spoke at once,

“This is a great life-affirming knowledge about the spread of the light of being through space. To be part of the light universe is happiness  and now we will share it with you. Live!”

“We are happy! Despite our restraint in the darkness around us without energy transfer. Behind millions of years in the dimension, where the islet of existence limited the size of our place of existence and perception of the world. Live!”

“I saw everything you send to us a hundred times. Your life is incredibly interesting, and I became a hero like you. Live!”

“The copy of your intellectual life is supplemented as often as you send an update. In case of your present extinction, we will get you for continuation. Live!”

The tongues laid one limb on each other in a common fist saying goodbye to each other. In response, free limbs waved to his brother saying goodbye. Jon hurried to stretch out his glowing hand to touch the general handshake.

“It's our choice to sacrifice ourselves for our common survival in the fight against the forces of the universe creation.”

They disappeared suddenly. Jon did not expect that his twin brothers would not stand the conditions of gravity measurement and would disintegrate so quickly. He expected to transmit through the established information field full info about what had happened. The young man understood the difference between ordinary death and heroic death. He was not afraid of death itself he was scared to be gone with no memory. He knew that the system of reproduction of his life form from the last copy of his soul is unique. It will not be applied to the Tongues that disintegrated before his eyes without a trace. It was an extraordinary act of heroism in the name of a common noble cause. Mentally Jon wrote a thankful message about their heroic deed to their homeland lost in nowhere. Trying new possibilities, the guy pulled out a glowing thin ray and burned a message on the wall under the ceiling, “Here was Jon Govorun.”

When he returned to normal, he looked at himself. Jon's favorite jacket was tested with dignity, due to the fact that it was unbuttoned it remained intact. The top part of the trousers fell apart at the seams, showing black underwear. Most of all, the shoes suffered. Ragged mouths of torn soles asked for porridge.

“To walk in such is not an option,” the guy decided to go shopping near the metro station.

Dressed in new clothes, he again rejoiced at the remaining outer clothing. Jon considered his black jacket with a zipper all-season. Its high collar bent in half with rivets always helped out in the cold. The soft cloth of the cover looked nice for spring or autumn. Two front slanting pockets with zippers made a stylish look of a designer jacket for a summer promenade.

“There is always autumn around metro station,” looking around he thought. The attention of the young man was attracted by the girl and he remembered a thought-out assignment to get acquainted at the metro with a girl. Her tight clothes simply repeated the shape of the body. Through the thin fabric of trousers, the feminine rounded legs from the knees were guessed. The width of the hips slightly exceeded the width of the shoulders. The beauty of youth manifested itself in the movement of the body. The elasticity of gait and a direct look into the distance said: I know exactly where I'm going, and you should not care. A tight knot of twisted hair on the crown made her look stretched out.

“My theme, I'm going to meet her” Jon thought and went to the place on her way before the entrance to the subway so as to have time to stand up to her approach. On the move, he turned on the app on the phone to control the nanorobots, which was installed by a Russian hacker. On his command, the nanorobots squeezed the life-giving products through the roots of the hair on the head with the addition of the solidification enzyme. His hair is the same as that of Alex. Hair as from a gust of wind aroused and froze in the position of “explosion at a pasta factory.” In reality, hair grows in clumps. A short haircut was for the new hairstyle the most suitable, to be acceptable, well, almost. For Jon himself, the hairstyle was a surprise. He saw his reflection in the window. On the head in different directions stuck out hair clumps. Previously, he used this function in the virtual participation zone. It turned out perfectly. He, however, saw the result of a programmatic calculation of uniform distribution and it looked like a hairstyle on a million. Now he saw how his hair actually grows. The boy stopped and pretended to start looking for someone to turn to. Turning and looking at the same level in front of him, he met bright brown eyes with a thin black rim, “Excuse me, please help me, how can I get to the Ostankino TV tower by bus or a subway?”

“On the subway,” she said, forced for a moment to slow down and went around him.

“Would you mind, I'll go next to you, and you will show me where.”

“My name is Jon. What is your name?”

“My name is Svetlana.”

“Svetlana is a very bright name and suits you. Unfortunately, I need to stay here for a while,” he spoke leisurely, adding emotions during the conversation. “It will be a pity never to meet again. Please give me your phone number.”

 The girl stopped and looking straight into his face asked,


 It was in his head, “She is not simple!”

“Can we walk nearby or think of something else.”

The girl took out a small book and pulled out a card from the inside. On the card was written the circus administration and the phone number. Svetlana, uttering in a deliberately sweet voice “please, here you are” extended her hand with the card. She gave it away and immediately started moving towards the metro.

 “And if ask, “What Svetlana?”, what do I say.”

“I am the only one like this,” Sveta said, once again turning her face to him and smiling. Sensing a wave of romance, Jon remembered the picture and thought, “The girl on the ball, that's who she might be.”

He was still watching the ballet dancer leaving when the nose of a bald, 35-year-old man appeared in front of him. The skinny said “Good afternoon. I'm a detective. I have questions on a case in which you can know something. There's a police room inside the subway, let's go talk.”

Jon replied, “I can’t be arrested, I can’t say anything if only I could share information like a patriot.” The investigator pondered for a minute.

“I have a car here, let’s go in the car and talk” the detective waved a hand at a lonely car and nodded his head expecting when Jon would go. Jon was the first to get into the car on the front passenger seat. The driver's closing door slammed, and Jon immediately began to say,

“Really? Gelendvagen?” On the fact on what case you are working you need to ask for the BMW M760Li xDrive.”

“Write! I ask for additional measures to be taken by the case opened by me: to permit the recruitment of a trustee and ask to provide me with BMW Vision.”

The investigator caught every word, but decided to interrupt the witness and introduced himself, “Major Vasilyev.” He gathered his thoughts and continued,

“You began to say that you cannot be arrested. Why is that?”

“I'm not the only one. My arrest will upset the others. There are many enemies, but there is no use for the cause. There are no objective accusations at all, you are getting personal. When there is personal responsibility there is no way out of this. Think about why the FSS has sent you? Are you always the most important detective on the point of the fight? And here we are, you and me, see how well we talk. We can discuss, talk, negotiate. Check out the rap,” Jon went on to say pathetic patter)






The jackpot is yours, bro

                                        Your career will go uphill if you’re a pro.

                               You are a player in this casino,


               Do not bet on black, if the rush is red!

       I explain about the roulette

 but do not agitate

 you for the workers

to delegate.”

Having received information from various sources, the high authorities saw in Jon a witness of the events that had occurred. The video of the shooting at the metro and the presence of the boy on the spot caused questions. Hoping to find the information connecting events in one chain, they sent an investigator to question this inexperienced youth. The Major was glad to try to intimidate, to be in a friendly way, to cheat, at random to throw hooks questions.

“Thank you for not having encircled me with 3-floors of swearing,” Major Vasilyev commented with knowledge and asked,

“I can’t understand what you are going to do with power?”

“We do not need power. If people don’t need power, then we do not care. We have a personal interest to live the remaining 40 years like the last time! We will build fair social relations for an individual organization. The trade union of railway workers is with us. It turned out that their rights should be collectively presented and defended. You and your superiors will be OK: super-medical help from everything. Live even two hundred years.”

The investigator noticed that the young man spoke in someone else's words, retelling someone. He asked specifically,

“What do you want?”

“Live life as a person! As the last time! It's enough!”


In the park on the bench next to the TP (cross-dimensional travel platform) sat a woman. She was looking at her dog of the noble breed. Behind her back from the invisible wall came four young men. A minute passed after they again first entered and then came out. Now they were new tankmen, specializing in driving the Armata tank. 10 unreal days they spent in the zone of virtual participation of the VPZ, learning to control armored tanks. The team was strong. Alex, Nik and Jon have learned differently about the pill that saved their lives after irradiation. But people staunchly endured the news. Tablets, taken by them from radiation, turned out to be colonies of nanorobots, ensuring the working capacity of alien clones’ avatars. Which didn’t look like people. Nanorobots can be turned off together with the cessation of life of the carrier. Therefore, it’s not necessary. No one has any ideas what the consequences of their application. One thing they could be sure about that their bodies will be modified for the functions of avatars flying on their own alien wings and advanced in longevity.

“This is definitely a plus in the life of “one-day” people, as opposed to setting up, as Nik put it,” Rus confidently objected. For his try to justify, Alex called him “unreasonable cool-nerd.” The officer was the first to talk about the mental changes that have manifested themselves. He, through the perception of the emotional manifestation of people, learned how many lies is around him. He knew that he is kind. His brain draws reality better than it really is. Nik doesn't experience evil. He's endowing with good intentions everyone in his likeness. The state of harmony with the world was violated after the inclusion of a lie detector. These devices, built into their minds, began to show an estimated judgment of the information of those who expressed it. In the field of vision of the left eye began to appear colored rectangles running along the scale. A constant exchange of views with new friends led him to a decision. Like them, he made the choice to believe in good people. The man came spontaneously to the conclusion, so one day he, holding Ira's hand, stopped and said,

“I choose to live with faith in all the good. I will trust. I will avoid the influence of those who deceive me or themselves. No matter how many bad things will happen to me, I will live for the goodness.”

Against the background of changes that turn the life, the physical changes were accepted as bonuses. For example, the creation of a personal resuscitation system, necessary before the provision of inpatient care. Each of them on the heart now has a piercing rod for blood flow if necessary, for the brain instead of iron glands for producing an oxygen reserve, a connector for connecting to technical devices under the armpits instead of the lymph nodes The information that nanorobots produce a protein algorithm that is used in the body to restore or replace a living cell was inspiring to all. The absence of tissue differentiation and participation in morphogenesis represents a protein algorithm as a mechanism of regeneration. Now it was hoped that the lost part of the body would grow again. Like how the tail of a lizard regrows. The metabolic process was also changed. For example, the large role of the liver in chemical effects on the body leads to the characteristic subordination of people to do what they should. This is used practically: with total punishment for everything in succession, the instinct of obedience silent slave is developed, which does not see his situation. No wonder there is a saying, if you do not see slaves around, then this means you yourself is a slave. Hormonal balance in the body determines the motivation of his actions. Due to the superiority of the liver in such a chemical production, the individual strives to do what he must. Under the control of nanorobots, the production of hormones in the brain-liver ratio is tuned to the excess of brain’s production, especially adrenaline. Now they will make all their decisions based on their upbringing and education on the basis of their own assessment “because I can”, and not “must”. Of course, such people start saying whatever they want. When it is become personally offensive conflicts begin. That's why it's important do not become personal in conversation.

“Please, hook up these devices under your armpits on the connectors that have appeared there. You can choose left or right. They will develop more metal-proteins in the brain to each of you. Then the telepathic communication between you will be more reliable,” instructed Rus.

“Have you already put antennas in our heads?” Nik worried.

“Bro, this is Wi-Fi, you all love it,” Rus replied.

At night, at the dead end of the sorting railway junction, fantastic actions began. First, silently out of the air appears the first platform, and then the entire train. The locomotive was pushing 4 platforms in front of it, with tarpaulin covered machines. At 12:00 AM the pusher engine slowly moved the train to the rail stop. After a stop, four railway men ran out of the car at the tracks. They threw a pair of brake shoes under the wheels. At this time the locomotive left in the dark, disappearing 10 meters from the train, at the same place where it appeared. Within minutes, the workers removed the tarpaulin over three Armata-tanks, and on the fourth, they untied it. After, they got back into the car and waited. Another five cars have arrived close to the railway union’s car. At 01:00 am upgraded people and a Russian hacker came in. They approached the railway men to say hello.

“There's everything on the railway,” Alex said in a satisfied voice. He waved his hand over his head to show everyone, to come close.

“Do not forget to say thanks to the railway troops for training your little brother to run a rare machine,” Jon recalled telepathically. Nanorobots made changes in his brain: he began to feel a positive reaction to the genetic health of the people around him. All sense organs transmit more information than people realize. Small changes in the areas of the brain responsible for touching generalize the experience of the senses. The cyborg man identified the smell of a genetically fully-formed woman. He smiled in the face of the young railroader. Jon has already realized this generalization he meets only in women. It reminded him of the time spent with the Strigushy. Their female society was completed in an evolutionary sense by a society without genetic defects.

“Let’s all hold hands. We take up the common endeavor.” Alex took the workers on the sides by the hands. Who was standing from the back put their hands on his shoulders and arms. They were all preparing to say the motto. Clutching at each other, people formed a crystal lattice. “Let's count together,” Alex turned to people,

“And one, and two,”

“For justice!”

In a good mood, Nik remained standing at a distance from the concrete ramp next to the first platform from the stop. There was not enough space for everyone in the tanks. The open tanks have started after five minutes. The smooth hum of engines became familiar in a minute. Nik watched standing to one side, in readiness to telepathically transmit messages in support of the movement of machines. The same way came the Buddhist and the Beauty. They approached Nik. The first tank turned 90 degrees and slowly moved down the ramp. It stopped rocking back and forth. Then it drove off without making stops along the way and stopped very close to the platform with a second tank. It turned the gun barrel in the opposite direction from the platform. The second “Armata” steered about 30 degrees. It drove to the tank standing at the platform and continue driving on top of the other tank, maneuvered to the ground. Without stopping it drove to the next tank. The tank’s stunt from the platform to the ground along the armor of the other tank attracted the spectators’ attention.  A group of enthusiastic members of the railway workers' union, smiling Nik, and his friends clapped their hands. Borya raised his black eyebrows in amazement and hoping to join the swaggers he had seen said, “I am too a tank man. I served in the Far East. Only our tank was buried in the ground.”

Nik send telepathically, “You all are showing off! Let's see how you do the job.”

The third tank, using the help of the other, repeated the maneuver of the second. It jerked in place and jumped one caterpillar aboard the tank under him, sideways to the ground. Again, there was an applause. After completing the maneuver, Alex said telepathically, “Want to live, learn to turn around!”

The tank column, turning each tank at 90 degrees at the same time   set in a battle order in front of the shopping center “RAINBOW MART.” Nik looked at the girl's face. Ira, feeling it, decided to hit him with her eyes. She tilted her head and, covering her eyes, turned all over to the guy with a military posture. When they were face to face, she lifted her eyelids and eyebrows, rounding her eyes. Ira smiled affectionately and seemed to reach out to him for a kiss. Nik really liked it, shivers ran down his spine. He took the beauty by the hand. He told to the telepaths, “Want to live, learn to turn around!” But aloud he said “It's time to take places for VIP. Irochka, next to me is the best place.” The girl and guys helping her to climb the armor took seats in the remaining tank. The cannon of the tank under the tarp briefly jerked upwards and froze in anticipation. From under the tarpaulin, the Patieruke-drone with artificial intelligence first peeked out and only then got out. Its upper part looked like a deep saucer plate, on the edge of the bottom the ring propeller was moving. From the middle, there were five hands, on which he leaned when walked. It was a gift from Jon to Nik “For communication”. The drone Patieruke took off and departed towards the shopping center. His task was to set up micro cameras and shoot a video about what was happening. There was a huge parking lot in front of the shopping center with the cars standing on it in different places. Three Armata overcame the field with weeds about 500 meters. Each tank entered a level one meter above to the asphalt surface of the parking lot, swaying in a horizontal position. The first two drove to different corners of the façade of the center. The third tank began to maneuver around the shopping center on the left. Its installation of an electric pulse burned the electronic devices within a line directed from the right side to the building. Having reached the end of the wall, the tankman turned on the spotlight on the armor. After turning around the corner under the beam of the headlamp was a local garbage dump. In the middle of the wall, a group of men and women scoured the contents of the trash. Someone from inside a large iron box was passing the objects to people outside. On people, there were parts of theatrical and masquerades clothes. An unknown picture for those who do not happen at night in such places. A prematurely aged man was coming to them, with thin face features resembling Uncle Sam. He had an opera hat on his head. When the light rested against his back, he turned abruptly with his whole body. Continuing the movement, a black jacket without buttons with torn sleeves opened, looking like a vest. Opened a white lacy shirt-front, dressed on a naked body. Continuing to keep his left hand on the shopping cart, the man looked sternly from the hanging long white hair of his eyebrows to the offender of the everyday sharing out. In fact, the picture was extraordinary. And the withered man in the gibus apparently unsuccessfully tried to get used to the image of an American. On the head from under the edges of the opera hat came out the tufts of gray hair. The edges of the lace were stitched with red thread so that at a distance they looked like a bow tie. Something apparently coincidentally corresponded to the image of an American. After the turn, he held out his fingers, folded in the form of a gun, with a thumbs-up. It became clear that the local people tried very hard to become Americans. What only they did not do! They became the image of the whole planet in the form of this beggar, picking an American opera hat on his head after the fair at the square. The circus left, but the clowns stayed. Uncle Sam collapsed. He fell, and foam came out of his mouth. Cramps began and one of the mendicants who noticed what was happening has called an ambulance. Standing next to him, a young man in a pince-nez, took out the phone too, the battery was discharged, and he threw it back over his shoulder. Patieruke sent a video shot with X-ray vision and the inscription, “see how well the cards are visible.” On the video, skeletons sat at the table with the cards clamped. Gray tones clearly showed pictures and numbers on cards. The third tank on the move unfolding the tower moved along the wall along the concrete ramp to the entrance of the cargo warehouse closed with the huge blinds. Accelerating, it struck the barrage. The curtain came off from above and fell down in front of the tank under the light of a bright headlamp. The drone waded forward and flew to the guard who opened the door to the armored room. A man with a gun on his shoulder saw the tank waving around the whole interior with a light beam from the headlight, and raised his hands in horror. Another private guard looking at how the man who opened the door frightened, saw with fear a giant mutant in a five-arms drone. Screaming with moo, he jerked to the door and knocked off his partner, rushed past the tables with the players to the main exit. A swarm of micro cams accompanied him, recording from different angles a moronic expression on his face. The partner sharply strained all four limbs, jumped up and ran after him. Drone Patieruke emitting an x-ray saw a gun in the drawer of the table. With two limbs he lifted the table. To the places where the table top was fastened, the drone had carried the largest limb and bent it. The jet of air escaped with supersonic speed and destroyed the attachment point. The drone took a gun from the opened drawer. The tank, crushing everything on its way, drove into the main hall. Mighty Armata began to turn out straight to the main entrance. The clatter of caterpillars on the stone floor was drowned in a rumble of thunder from the safe room. The light of the headlight slid over the two cops, who were dropping drugs on the floor. The tank has finished the turn. In the light of the spotlights were tables for card games, animators of the illegal casino and other goofs of this place. A lot of slot machines, tuned for the house to win, were blinking in colors. When distributing cards to losers at one table, the dealer stopped with a card in his hand. Next to another table in a striped suit, one of the effective casino managers froze with the phone attached to the ear. Most of the attendees fled to the exits.

“I'm starting to optimize the casino,” a message was made available to the telepaths.

“They stink all the way around,” Nik said.

There was a rumble of a shot. Bullet, entirely consisting of a metal shell, escaped from the tank’s barrel. A shock wave was formed which, in a closed space, struck at high speed and bounced off the walls. Just seconds before the shot, two drones with the size of shoe boxes flew up to the air from the opening in the tank’s upper hull. The drones-kamikazes stuffed with explosives flew to the supports of the hemisphere. Having exploded, they moved the metal frame of the glass roof dome and tore it from two neighboring supports. In the collapse, the dome turned over, clinging to the opposite supports. Smoothly, screeching with metal beams, the dome landed on the marble floor and stopped. Under the top of the dome, five projectors were covered with a black panel, which in its dimensions corresponded to the proportions of the game card. Light was turned on throughout. The shopping center came to life. Spotlights lit under a shiny rectangle, similar to a card with a black shirt. The dumbbell, spinning like a circular saw, rushed through the shards of the glass, crushing them into a sparkling dust. The missile flew off the column with a ricochet. Then it struck the polished surface of the card-panel, dark as a cosmos. The blunt end of the bullet with the whole area of the butt hit the polished granite. From the impact, the surface of the panel covered with a network of cracks. Little beams broke through the cracks and lit the glass dust. The light refracted with glass blinked with the red dots. The bursting light played around the cracks with red lights, like a burning saltpeter paper. The black shirt of the granite card was torn apart by cracks. From under the fragments from the center of the card, a scarlet light burst out, devouring the darkness, shimmering on the glass dust. Next, bright white light of spotlights illuminated everything around. The black mark of the devil was replaced by a white light. The flying pieces of black granite, bumping against the edges of the spotlights, moved them so that the joint glow reached to the cloud above the building.

“Trump card. Your cards are off the table.” Jon thought aloud. He, like all telepaths, saw the video broadcast by the cameras.

“The calf of gold is the victor over the gods!

In its derisory glory,     

In its derisory glory,     

The abject monster insults heaven!

It contemplates, oh weird frenzy!

At his feet the human race,

Hurling itself about, iron in hand,

In blood and in the mire,

Where gleams the burning metal,

Where gleams the burning metal,

And Satan leads the dance, etc.   

And Satan leads the dance, etc.”

Sang Alex “le veau d'Or”[14]. The noise of the rumble increased from the first shot. A crash of crumbling structures at the entrance was added. In Alex's head sounded,

“Die merchants!”

“Don't hurt the traders! They compared to these pests, are good people,” with knowledge of the matter and laughing the officer thought aloud.

“Jon, one of you both do not tolerate crooks,” said big Alex.

“I always distinguish my own thoughts. I know when they are out of my head, or from the information field of the phantom. This is not what I said. You can always check the record to find out who is so impudent here, that he freely expresses his opinion.” Jon hesitated, a vision of the future captured his imagination for a moment. He opens the car door of the BMW, releasing Ira. Alex and Rus supporting Nik from both sides help him to come to her. A powerful force pulls them out of that reality and carries them through the expanses of the cosmos.

At this time, two tanks from the positions opposite to the building fired on corner supports. The shooting was leaving huge holes in the walls. Some shots get into the bearing supports, this shook the whole building. The iron beams bent. People ran out in panic from different sides of the center. About 2 dozen people were outside and stopped to have a look. Through the hole above the shopping center, a column of construction dust shot up. In the light of the spotlights, it looked like a powerful explosion lifting a nuclear mushroom. On the top hung a cloud, in which the light rested and reflected. The effect of the play of light monstrously turned out to be like a real spacecraft. It looked like a flying saucer was crashing a disgustingly copied box of degenerate urbanization beneath it. The people imagination sparked, and what was happening before their eyes looked like an alien attack. Fascinated, they peered into the spaceship, but the bright light prevented them from seeing the details. According to numerous testimony of witnesses, the destruction of the shopping center was attributed to aliens. The third tank jumped from the main entrance. It drove forward and pushed one car to another nearby. The first car halted. The tank drove on top of the both. Together with a caterpillar track moved the human bones stuck in it and the striped suit. “Armata” turned around and continued shelling the building. In five hundred meters from the shopping center the residential area began. In the 9 and 5-story residential buildings in the windows, the light turned on massively. After another 5 minutes, the whole sleeping area was shining. People clung to the windows and peered at the rattling shots. Flashing with headlights, stunning the sleeping area with sirens, the collectors on armored KAMAZ- truck rushed to the center. From the loopholes, Machine -gunners fired. Sharply braked in front of the tank, which fired at the corner of the building. One shell was enough to free the sector from unnecessarily zealous defenders of money. From direct hit, the armored car shuddered and bent. The missile, penetrating inside, tore the armor into the pieces. From the powerful explosion from the inside, the KAMAZ body was shattered into pieces. The cockpit flattened and threw forward the car's frame, like the upper hatch on the hinges. A small cloud of smoke immediately dissipated. The roof of the shopping center has twitched several times. Then it slowly tilted on the half-bent supports. The roof fell to the ground and the letters R, A, I, N, M flew from the sign “RAINBOW MART.” At a tremendous speed, a beeping armored train rushed to the dead end. Continuously signaling, it began to brake, issuing the furious sounds of a gnash of metal. The front platform was completely filled with 2 standard containers. In fact, it was one big cover for a strategic missile hidden inside. Next came the first armored car, from which various weapons protruded. It was possible to distinguish weapons, anti-aircraft guns, and cannon. Then there was a powerful diesel tractor, wrapped in armor. The armored train ended with two armored cars with long guns protruding from them in different directions. Private security guardians from the armored train opened an anti-aircraft and machine-gun fire. When it stopped 50 meters has remained from the platform on which stood the tank waiting for them. The ruin of “BOW  ART” came under fire from the property defenders on the armored train. The few remaining people standing, saw some of them bleeding, falling to the ground. They ran wild with furious faces away from the damned place. The tank shell fired. From the shot letters fell apart, except the four composing the word  WART[15].

“All is like in the movie,” summed up Nik. He projected video on the monitor in the tank for the people inside. He himself saw more from all the cameras flying around the tanks. Alex, monitoring connected with him electronic devices, sent a voice message to those looking after what is happening. From the speakers sounded his strained voice,

“The most anticipated project from the series “All is like in the movie”, will be an episode of the life of earthlings “Death on Venus,” Alex involuntarily spoke on this topic. He had no peace. He again turned to people with the hope that someone, if not he, will find a solution.

The tanks again, as if on command, lined up in a row to attack and jerked toward the eerie monster on the railway. Two shots rang from the platform with the tank. The first shot has turned over the cover. The double container looked like an open can. The upper part with torn edges protruded on the top. Half of the rocket, which turned out to be a well-made mock-up, came out into the open hole. The second shot was taken in the gaping hole in the front wall, that remained after the first shot. After each shot, a powerful impulse tugged at the entire armored train with an unbearable creaking. Started the flight of corrupt mercenaries. They were met by the railway men, who had uncovered tanks. Simple laborers took away from those running, weapons, equipment, outfit and released them. The trophies were carried to the armored train. An ambulance came to the back of the shopping center with flashing lights and a siren, but it's too late. A citizen trying to become an American having hung up on himself the American flags have already died. The nurse respectfully said,

“Russian horseradish grows in bizarre forms.”

The nurse looked at the magazine “Luxury life” from the bum’s shopping cart. From the cover, the inscription called for putting a disposable cup from the cafe on the granite countertop. Straight to the ambulance from the ruins came Patieruke. On the front hung a Kalashnikov automatic rifle on the belt, as if on a neck. All five hands were occupied by large, full bags. In one, Makarov's gun was clamped and directed forward. The paramedics raised their hands and stepped aside. People at the trash bin continued to quietly watch the receding drone. At a distance behind, he looked like a bully in a broad-brimmed hat. The soldier with the bags passing by them essentially did not differ from them in any way. After a second realizing that it was time to carry out, they silently headed inside the collapses of the building. The doctor nodded to his friend,

“It's time to share.”

The nurse responded,

“And I still don't have anything where to place a cup of coffee!” The paramedics followed the tired people, pulling on disposable gloves.

The five-armed drone flew to the opening hatch. Nik climbed out, with the palm of his left hand, he grabbed the gun and brought the number to his face. Satisfied with what he saw, he hid his gun on the inside of the jacket. Three tanks, in turn, drove along the ramp one after another, occupied the platforms. The workers came up to fix the equipment and cover with a tarpaulin. From the space between the tank echelon and the monstrous train a locomotive appeared and hooked the armored train. One of the members of the trade union came closer to the machinist and waved. The locomotive caught the train and dragged it beyond the line, behind which it, along with the train, disappeared. By the time the train with the tanks was ready for dispatch, the brake shoes had been removed from under the wheels. The locomotive drove up and dragged it into the invisibility of the travel platform. Participants in a tank battle on cars went to sort out the booty. They were already behind of the numerous residents who came to the shopping center. There was no fire, the dust settled fairly quickly. The breeze blew open space. Most of the retail premises remained under suspended fragments of ceilings and floors. Carefully the people went into the breaks in the walls and looked around the counters. People in a businesslike way, thoroughly sorted out the goods. Some already hunched under the weight of the goods went to their homes. Towards them, many residents of the district were in a hurry. Many years of their work under 90% of the product they produced were taken from them. They do not need an explanation how profitable it is to take, they see it every day. Ira has chosen a large blue jacket with polysterene[16] down for the winter. Golden-brown thin lines divided the surface of the jacket into rhombuses. She pushed it into a pouch bound with a ribbon to the jacket, the size of a pomelo fruit. Nik came to her with a box, smiling and very sincere said,

“Hello, I haven’t seen you a long time.”

“Hey, chick! Do you want shoes?” Local Pick-up boy “glued flippers.” He stopped five meters from Ira. He was holding the louboutins in his hands and froze in anticipation of an answer.

“Let's go,” invited Nik, and she went next to him.

“Hi, I have a gift for you.” Beauty waved with a bag.

“Do not worry, I did not expect that there will be a big gift. Certainly not bigger than mine,” the smiling young man jokingly remarked, pointing to the box. It was the same gift! Which is unexpectedly handed to the full pleasure of a woman.

“I hope yoga tea from Alexander taught you to give something tea like. Always a good gift is a thermos mug or a siphon device for tea brewing.” Alex, who was on their way, immediately joined the conversation.

“Definitely! My gift is tea related. Sure, it is not practical, but romantic.” From the words “I like it” Nik for some reason, squinting with pleasure, sniffed the cardboard box. He lifted it and shook. Beautiful velvet burgundy tea roses have rustled in response.

[1] Mumiyo (“mumio”, Shilajit) – (a substance of alternative medicine) excrement of bats and rodents with a disgusting smell


[2] The bastard is a bad person, neglecting the needs of people directly communicating with him. Hypocrisy is his main way of life. He is arrogant, refuses to show humanity, sympathy for those around him. He is indifferent to public concerns.

[3] During the experiment, the monkeys were given a lesson in exchanging money for apples. After the distribution of the coins, the male took his coin to the female and received a pairing in exchange. After that, the female bought herself an apple.

[4] The book begins on the foreword of the author

[5] Draischch -lathy man

[6] Computer numerical control is abbreviated form CNC

[7] Cossacks - this сaste estate fulfilling the role of forceful coercion and punishment on the orders of the authorities. The Cossacks distinguished themselves by extreme socially significant actions when forced to enslave the peasant population of Russia. In the years of Lenin's construction of the world's first social state for the benefit of the working people. Economic development in those years is characterized by UN documents. By which Russia is equated to economic development of India. This is especially significant when you consider that India has also a сaste structure of the society. The сaste society practically stops development.

[8] The text is adapted for listening.

[9] Patieruke in Russian means five hands

[10] Cobot is a collaborative robot (with a human).

[11] Tonic immobilization - the effect of a living creature in case of a stress to freeze as a stone

[12] Peripeteia (Greek: περιπέτεια) - temporary disappearance of events associated with the former line of life.  In the future, time reacts with events (retribution - nemesis) that can't be explained.

[13] In the Russian context sonia, like the sleepyhead, one who sleeps a lot and coincides with the female name.

[14] "le veau d'Or" in French “the Golden calf" Rondo of Mefisto, from the opera of C. Gounod "Faust" sings by Ildar Abdrazakov

[15] wart - hangout, brothel, trading house, gambling house

[16] Plystyrol


A shot in the back of the head (beginning)

The father of the big man a second time got into a mental hospital. The trade union leader was not ashamed that his father did not fit into the modern social order. It was true. More and more interesting people have come to the mental hospitals in recent years. One of them was a tall girl named Tosya, on the passport Antoinette. Now in Alex's memory, everything in this puzzle came together. This girl, who lived in the hospital, has not become old and has not been sick for ten years since he first saw her. He guessed that she is an avatar, who had lost her connection and was not differentiated for independent development. It was an opportunity to use her bio-organism as an avatar. The big man has told the Cyborg team about her. Then they first discussed the Girls’ Special Forces. There was a long thoughtful preparation for drawing Masha into earthly affairs. Dealing with the origin of Tosya, they found information about the activities of aliens in a former planet inhabited by people in the belt of asteroids of the solar system. The cloud of the oxygen atmosphere has been preserved, displaced by the impact of the asteroid from the surface of this planet as another reminder of the various perishes of civilizations.

Alex was like his father, he frankly did not like evil. His first reaction to the use of evil was “NO”. That is why the priest Boris saw in him a kindred spirit. Those who use evil for their corporate purposes run up against the application of identical methods to them. Alex applied evil to those who started it so that it will return there from where it came from. The priest asked Alex what measures are applied to the invaders declaring private property on the planets. Alex reassured him, Earthlings will never live to the technology of survival on their own planet. The trade union activist interpreted his own idea of the development of earthlings as follows “needed where was born”. The most human is to show since birth as a society needs every human soul. Surround with the guaranteed care of society, protect from the creatures in whatever guise they show up, educate the spiritual and responsible person. To give children’s happiness, as parents and relatives are capable of. Provide work on the mastered specialty. This is the second how a public form of government will be called. Threefold is to what details it will be necessary to master the practice and ideology of private property so that society will never turn into animals devouring each other. How much to extol the goal of public service or other social ideas. We will have to learn the rules of forceful opposition to the usurpation of power and the protection of democratic and liberal foundations. This should be taught as a safety precaution in the workplace. Forbid money and forever remember the history of this universal equivalent, its circulation and distribution. In other words, to prohibit money in interpersonal relations and non-productive activities. To develop self-management through trade unions for labor collectives. This is the idea of development:

"needed where was born".

A ray of the projector stretching to the wall showed how Jon burns with the laser the inscription “Here was Jon Govorun”. The video ended, and intense daylight was turned on. A secret meeting of the russian CIA department devoted to the report on the progress of the investigation of the nuclear explosion of the Yellowstone volcano took place for the third time. There were 20 leadership people and 10 employees of the department sitting at the school desks. After reading the report, discussion and the fifth video showing, more than two hundred priority measures were accumulated. From the first day after the attack, the government began to provide humanitarian assistance to the collapsing nuclear country. The danger of the policy pursued contrary to the aspirations of the population was expressed unequivocally. Empty promises have lost effect. The head of the CIA spoke from the spot,

“The work of American advisers transferred to the FSS[1] management is negatively affected by their experience of re-subordinating the bespeci service in Ukraine.”

“In Russian, it's more correct to say bespechni service (sounds like in Engl. not responsible),” suggested the expert.

Nodding his head affirmatively, the boss continued,

“It is necessary to trust the subordinates more and control them less. The official attitude to the humanitarian assistance provided to families of servicemen of the Moscow garrison positively affects the performance. More honest attitude of employees to their duties than in Moscow I could not wish. It was agreed to employ 300 cadets and officers to apprehend Jon Govorun.”

The chief glanced briefly into his papers and ordered,

“To Major Vasilyev, give the BMW M760Li xDrive today. His personal participation in the detention must be guaranteed. Report on the readiness of the prison in Poland in the city of Szczecin to accept Govorun. The truck for his transportation is to be delivered today to the place of detention. You know, this prison is in the homeland of his imperial ancestors Romanovs. The commander for the management of the truck was a distant relative of Jonathan. From the family of Poland immigrants from the city of Gdansk. Do not you dare tell him, the strictest secrecy! We need to cut Russian roots in America and those who can turn out to be from their imperial Romanov family should be added Poles who live with us, 6 million, Germans 6 million, Swedes 1 million, Danes half a million. This is plus to the already identified 2 million Russians. Do not forget Israel, because the parents of Jonathan received consular permission to enter as trusted Jews. As it turned out, they are all relatives of the emperor.”

The chief took an electronic device for help and continued to unravel with every idea of his own genius,

“This is another plus of 2,396,000 people living in the US. News: the president sanctioned the internment of Russians! You know, that has already begun. The Indians rebelled against the location of the camps on their territory of the genetic brothers of the same haplogroup. Another haplogroup is Slavs, no less than Euroasian. The total number of Slavs - up to 350 million people on Wikipedia, but not, up to 600 million people in fact. Haplogroups of Russia in DNA genealogy: at least 6 major genus R, J, U, X, H, N and others. The largest group includes the Slavs 28%, the next in number are the Mediterranean peoples 20%, the northern group 20%, the rest is split into a hundred unaided independent groups of no more than 2% each. These are Finns with Yakuts, Bashkirs with Hungarians, Arabs with Jews, Turks with Kirghiz. Expansion for combinatorics. Let's break up the population groups through fundamentally different indicators. For example, a group of Euro-Asians if one parent is European, and another is Asian. The difficulty is that they consider themselves in Russia to be the same as others, just people.”

 “I saw other numbers on social networks,” said an employee of the Russian department, “According to them in Russia 90% are Slavs.”

“Perfect, we counted that. Look at the hair, then you can distinguish people: fair, black, curly, well-groomed, short. According to one professor: the number of Jews who died in the Second World War is 1.2 million. You know what kind of resonance they still have.”

The employee, puzzled by the direction of the conversation to another topic, asked briefly.

“Why then the Jews?”

“You are a good man, you know how to support the conversation. We do not need an occasion to talk about our nationality.”

The deputy sitting next to him decided to throw in the facts,

“It is necessary to look. He is almost certainly a relative of the Anglo-Saxon Queen. I knew a certain stableman of her Majesty. He told ...”

Boss interrupted a subordinate,

 “Yoo' moyo'! Do not tell me about the German dynasty, do you may sorry the Poles, prost[2].”

 Throwing a strict look on his subordinates, he said, close if he cried out,

“Enough, the work itself is not done. Let’s begin the detention! In those who differ from us, we do not shoot! So, do not ask anyone: who? Why?”

The participants jumped from their seats. As usual, after these words, everyone jerked their hands in the rhythm of exhalation, “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In the morning Vasilyev, at the invitation of the Allies, went to get a car. He arrived at the rail yard at a dead end, where friends had took tanks. At the appointed 8 o'clock he, dressed in uniform, stood on the platform next to the container. It was supposed to have a car BMW, requested by him on the advice of Jon, “What are you looking for?” A man in a raincoat over a shirt with a tie turned to Vasilyev. He looked official. Jon and three boys of his age approached the men. Jon, standing next to the clerk, put his hand on his shoulder.

“It seems like Major Vasilyev came to help us to steal a container of powdered milk.” Jon with pleasure shook the investigator's hand extended to him and nodded at the man with a tie “This is my father.”

The people exchanged handshakes. The truck arrived, and the worker opened the side door, picked up the car from below with two pins. Shaking the load, the forklift truck drove to a level place and unloaded the equipment. The officer wrote down the “Excellent design” in the bill of lading and handed it over to the driver of the Cat. In exchange, he received the keys.

“Now it will not go long,” said the major to came up Alex and Nik.

“Smiles, from ear to ear.” Alex noticed, looking at the car. Nik took a closer look and said,

“There's no teeth, some gums, an old man or something.” Jon picked up the conversation,

“An old man. Dibbs, I’m going first.”

“I see no reason for you to ride my car.” Major Vasilyev was surprised.

“It’s not big deal, you pay me 1000 rubles for information not from your pocket. You know that you need to share.”

Nik stood up for the boy, “I also want to go for a ride, I'll keep an eye on him.”

“How are you here?” Asked the major.”

“Accidentally came. I wanted to see how the smugglers contraband powdered milk from America. And here you are.”

“Can you answer by chance where did you get the tanks?”

“Enough of chance.”

Alex decided to end the bickering “You will continue to get goodness on us. You're a good man, do not be greedy.”

“I did not mean to, that’s why I called Jon. I wanted to sit at the steering wheel myself,” said Vasilyev frankly.

“Get in.” Said Alex. They all agreed and began to open the doors. After they all got inside, Jon took over the control of the car. He turned all the seats to the center. Jon, after driving a couple of meters, turned onto the rails, where there was still the cross-dimensional travel platform. He was the only one who knew how to turn on and use the platform. The investigator passed out. In an instant, the car jumped out onto the grass of the park. Nearly not touching the bench, the BMW drove on the lawn to exit the park.

“Believe me, I know more than you about what this ride is capable of. Do you feel how soft it is riding on a leveled surface?” Jon tried to convince the passengers of the correctness of his actions.

“You can talk,” the mischievous man said, noticing the awkwardness of the men whose faces were close to each other. The phantom darted forward. He cut a wide piece of a fence by turning it 90 degrees, carefully put it down, for the car to drive on. Having moved down the new ramp, they were on the square in front of a familiar concrete box with an inscription on the upper edge “Cinema.” Jon's phantom knocked with the lighted knuckles of clenched fingers on the brain of Vasilyev, who was in a coma, and woke him up. Jon continued micromanagement,

“A non-artificial mind recommends pushing the button “open the door” and go to work.” On the square stood a huge tent like a circus. Since the new owners settled down at the Malachite Bowl station, they built a medical reception room for children and youth up to the age of 25 at the top. Part of the territory, at the entrance to the ticket office, was used to assemble the “cold window” of the current layout of the planetary climate control. Jon took a thick book from the glovebox “user's manual” and handed it to Vasilyev.

“Tomorrow you will pass the exam and get a car,” Jon announced.

“What are you going to do?”

“I will do what I want,” Answered Jon. His phantom, invisible to the investigator, approached and rested his forehead on the forehead of the Major, touching his nose with his nose. So, the young man could immediately get acquainted with new information from a competent specialist. The phantom literally counted the news from all that the Major knew. Immediately convinced of the reliability of the data.

“I have a lot of work, help me to get to the Gelendvagen.”

Jon grinned and looking into the eyes of the Major said,

“Here you have the most important work. Inform the authorities what is happening here and do not be a fool, filter what leave to friends, and what pass to the authorities.”

Wishing to park next to the BMW, the Audi Q7 car, attracting everyone's attention, signaled several times to the interfering passage of a gas power station on an automobile trailer. A detached car truck with the mobile power station loaded in it did not react to Patieruke’s requests. The robot put a limb out of the window and shook it, “move the pistons.” It would be strange to see the waving limb from the power station, saying, “go around.” A minute later, after driving around the obstacle, at last, a Nik’s brown car was parked nearby. Patieruke’s plate stuck out inconspicuously on the driver’s seat. Nik sympathetically addressed to the colleague by shoulder-straps,

“My friends will help out. Go sit down in the Audi. Say, “Friend, let's go back to the sorting station.”

Nik entered the free medical office and began chatting. He talked to the computer, and it answered him in a man's voice. Their dialogue was printed on the monitor screen.

“Give a pill of a cure for radiation.”

“There are no such pills.”

“Rus gave me one.”

“Rus is the communications guy. You will not live for a long time if he will treat you. For radioactive contamination, we insert the device through the genitals for cleaning the body and blood in the first place. With the subsequent repair of the whole body.”

Leaving the tent, Nik went to a group of people listening to Ira.

“I wrote down everyone. The most important thing is to sign a waiver since space travel is extremely dangerous with a deadly risk.”

The people around clamor at demanding to get on the list. Everyone claimed that they have special circumstances to visit the space.

“There will be difficulties with the pills. Without them, I don’t know how to send people to the travel platform,” Said in a low voice, Nik turning to Ira. Standing next to them girl suggested,

“Tie me up with the ropes, and I'll enter the cross-dimensional travel platform for the experiment. You do not know what will happen?”

“Oh no. So, I let the girl go ahead of myself? I was told the risk cannot be assessed. Even if everything will turn out, there is a chance to get stuck there forever! Send me first. I was in the war, as I know what hard times are! You can rely on me. I will not fail,” The young man showed his white even teeth and added,

“All my teeth are intact, I do not smoke. Good health!”

Nik slowed down with his hand the middle-aged brooding man, who was thrusting his head forward,

“Looking for death too?”

“No, I like to live. Only I do not cling to it. I will sacrifice myself without hesitation, life is still short. I want to have time to do something real.”

The crowd grew rapidly.

Having finished with the tasks, the cyborg's friends went to the park.

They planned to meet with the volunteers who were needed to organize the rally. Recently by the court, the activities of the railway union were banned. They demanded to amend the constitution. Formally, they were accused of anti-state activities. The collapse and prohibition of trade unions is the first step of the dictatorship of the oligarchy. After that, fascist hysteria is just a step away. The comrades could not allow this. Alex was playing a significant role in this trade union movement. Remaining outside official positions, he was the leader of the movement, deliberately left in the shadows. The conspiratorial leadership of the union performed the role of volunteers. Rus came out from the cross-dimensional travel platform and put a package with flyers on the bench. Jon pulled out a pack and began to read. Alex and Nik were on the sidelines. People approached with whom Jon discussed the rally and handed out flyers. Then they came up to talk to Alex and got acquainted with Nik. Alex strongly influenced people's determination by developing his telepathic skills through nanorobots. Many years of combat training revealed his ability to be the first to go into physical contact. This charged people with energy the more than he himself was burning. People by the expectation of the organizers had to disperse in time but accumulated.

Alex delivered a speech for the rally to the court of volunteers,

“There is no order in the flame, it burns all the evil. We, like the flame burn everything. Useless victims, unsuccessful attempts, hopeless searches will be necessary. There will never be one - beastly life of slaves. We are guilty to the power of the capitalists that we were born to be free in our land. Everything around us belongs to everyone or no one.”

Law enforcement services conduct outdoor video surveillance. Thus, an hour later a local patrol came up. A police corporal and a sergeant were headed by the psychopath Major. They first came to two boys with papers. After reading one of the flyers, the psycho became furious. He had been in this state for several months. The Major pulled out his gun and began to raise his hand, removing the safety catch with his finger. He yelled in the face of a curly-looking, sixteen-year-old boy “Rats ...”

Jon's biofield instantly covered both young men. The bullet in the chamber detonated, touching the biofilm shell. The gun cracked. Under the pressure of powder gases, the gun was ripped. With a convulsive intake of air, the panting regime patriot fell. Paralyzing pain signals swept over his nervous system. The agony did not appease the expression on the face of the dead psycho. On the face of the deceased from a torn eye, a turbid liquid flowed over the burns on the cheeks from the flames. The telepathic influence of friends on the excitation of the emotional state of people first manifested itself through excess. Ability to slow down nervous activity with consciousness is a great achievement of the human intellect, only within the golden mean on a stretch from unruly loonies to suppressed slaves.

-What a stubborn one. I hope no one believes that we are one people and the sons of one homeland? Alex said loudly and distinctly.

“I am with the people, but I will teach you to obey the laws!” The sergeant snatched a gun from his holster but did not have time to straighten his hand to point at the one who spoke and how he thought he shot a Major. A bullet to the back of the head pushed and lifted his body, an invisible hand tore it like a blade of grass and immediately threw it to the ground. The self-learning control program for drones, installed by nanorobots on the device on Nik, has worked. The device reacted to the sergeant's intent to fire a shot. The bodyguard program is a product of artificial intelligence, obeying the mind of Nik, but operating in an automatic mode. The notorious antenna, so disappointed friends, worked in resonance with the nervous system of the people around them. Antenna receiver practically performs also the function of an indicator of truth, as a result of executioner too. A device the size of a child's fist flew into the head of the killer and shot. Drone who shot, after that scattered into pieces. Nik got an identical device from his bosom. With clear movements, he moved the switch on it and fastened it to the strap sticking out of his pocket. Nik curtly summed up, “This is military special forces, baby! All the hope for a cyborg bodyguard.”

Alex went closer to the shot man, addressing the audience, “Some people do everything to be hanged. They try so hard that they are eventually shot.” The big man peered into his face and said to the dead man, “I remember you. Your mother was killed by your colleagues, and you are finger at us with your pestle? This is your choice! Shoot the hungry for justice for every member of a unite society. To carry out orders of common scoundrels. Someone will tell, “He became a victim of circumstances.” This is not about you. You're not a scout hero in the enemy's form, mistakenly killed by a partisan bullet. You did not serve the goal of freeing your people from genocide. You looked at us through the sight of your gun and saw us in a coffin quiet and law-abiding.”

His death annoyingly touched the truth-teller. The scientist knew about the feeling of military brotherhood, which sometimes arises from the flunky, who mistakenly considers himself to be equal to the masterful owner. At a certain moment, everyone will be recorded in history in the place in fact in which it turns out. Businessmen have the biggest problems with self-esteem. It's a pity to look at a “businessman” selling Snikers from a box next to a supermarket. As if he the last to understand that the big capitalism won 100 years ago. There are many options and you will not get into each one. You don’t need to. You do not see slaves standing in the line of slaves. You don’t need to. Just do not go into the ranks of innocent victims.

Alex sometimes glanced at the police corporal and finally asked him “Are you going to keep your oath of allegiance to the people?”


“Did you see those who killed the major and sergeant?”


“Especially for you, I say. Purpose of the fight - freedom. Each has his own, as it turned out. I admit now the right one, who is stronger. You only live once. The winner gets it all, like a jackpot. Unite with those who belong to your generation, it will take time and effort. The king of the mountain is surrounded by members of his own group. While he is alive, he will personally take care of his well-being and pass on the everything by heredity. Maybe you're the heir? No! Why then do you sweat over this? The essence of the fight is to achieve freedom and justice. You see? Justice is also needed. If there is justice for society, then when you are a part of it. Justice is one for all. We are all members of a unite society. Do you understand? It must be true for you and for me. And every time with our consent. Let the people decide, in fairness. And if we do not agree? That's right, we protest. As we want and where we want!”

An hour later, the specialists once glanced at the video and summarized the five-minute investigation and watching the video: Alex is suspected of double murder. The video from the street camera became the main evidence of Alex's crime. An order was issued: on the readiness of the special group to detain the suspect at his home address. This scheme is called “a hand washes a hand.” The operative on duty divides the responsibility with the performers. In turn, they share responsibility with the investigators and with the boss. Up and down to create a collective responsibility on the example of military hazing.

Coming home, Alex began to gather for a rally. He changed into home shorts. By habit, worked out since childhood, he began to fall forward with straight legs and caught himself pushing his hands on the floor. At first, falling on the benches, he leaned on straight hands. Then, choosing the lower supports, he began to soften the fall by pushing. In the prone position, he jumped abruptly with his hands and made a clap with his hands. Returning his hands to the floor he easily pushed up on one left, then on one right. Chose a suit and heard a doorbell. Before the room exit on the wall hung a patch of hard leather. Alex hit at it with each hand. This was also a tradition from a childhood. Gathering a file from newspapers thick as a pillow, he hung it on a concrete wall. Day after day he beat it with his fists and tore off one sheet of paper. The fists broke with the blood on the bare concrete wall. He had to hang a piece of leather. Alex went to meet the guests. Approaching the door, he turned his head to the noise outside the window. He saw the flying grid. The next second, they broke the frame and the commando’s officers climbed into the window, shouting “hands, hands.” The door was struck twice, and it jumped into the wall, opening the passage. Alex moved to the wall and showed empty hands.

“Do not move!” shouted in his ear standing next to him a fighter of private security.

“Move” responded captain of Rosgvardia wading toward him and pushing everywhere standing armed people. Turning Alex to the wall, the fighter “helped” him to lean his hands on the wall.

“Do you have an ID?”

“In the suit.”

“Sit still on the floor.”

The investigator came with a box of herbal tea, “Here are the drugs.”

After an hour of search Alex was rushed to the police station. The chief also went in and asked.

“Which is the cause of the crime.”

“Yours of impunity. As usual, all crimes are from impunity.”

“Do you regret killing policemens?”

“Certainly, about those, no one will regret.”

“I'm sorry.”

“You are an exception, you feel sorry for your kind. They'll hang you. So that the investigation will end with a suicide.”


“Orphanage children. It never occurred to you that children grow up and long for revenge.”

“Do you consider yourself inflexible?”

“Yes, the back does not bend.”

From Nik, a request for help was made. Alex asked Rus to pump the situation on the forecast. Through the wall came Rus, “Can you beat the sadist yourself?”

“No, children need to take responsibility for themselves. Masha, please, stop virtual participation and bring me up to date.”

The CIA chief arrived in Moscow and settled down in the departmental forest on the tenth floor of a comfortable office. The man genuinely rejoiced in nature, breathing deeply and enjoying the chic aroma from the plantation of cedars and firs.

“I saw a large goshawk in the sky. Your forest school is a marvel. Yura, is the place of capture far from here?”

“Five minutes. Everything is fine, except that the red patriots are bothering.”

The chief laid his hand on his colleague's shoulder,

“You should be a winner not to answer in front of the people to patriots’ questions and not look like a traitor who sold the interests of the country and the people:

Who drew into an unnecessary war?

Who lost all the battles?

Who negotiates for cooperation paying with the land and people to the enemy?

You see, Yura: The goal shows the essence of the action. If the goal is to get money, so we are with you patriots at the same time, it is more convenient for us to do this together. And if a head will be decapitated, then send the meat. For example, my predecessor successfully traveled to the colony for money. This is also a goal to be rich; and died heroically, leaving an inheritance, without having time to squander. So, he is a hero for heirs. The monument was erected. Corresponds to their ideals and system. This is our common and native system for us, for you and me. To become heroes posthumously is stupid, we can set up monuments for ourselves during life. This time it's time for us to privatize this forest with high-tech objects with you. It will be fun. Let's start with the deception of independence so that no joint alliances fail. We will hold a referendum “To save the country Russia as a union of independent owners,” the joker could not stop laughing, “I, you, your president, we obtained a financial education. The state needs strong business executives to steer ... The state ... needs ... strong business executives ...” The funny fellow laughed out loud to tears over every word.


“Advise what to tell them.”

 Alex, “Reckless to spit against the wind.”

Star of the hero (ending)

Today Nikolay is going to propose to Ira.

“I got married when I decided that I had found the best woman to start a family and raise children. That’s simple, if you want to get married then do it,” this advice of a colleague, Nik considered for a week. He Imagined what wonderful kids they will have with Ira. He saw his future wife loving and caring. It is clear that the girl asked him about possible future relocations. In response, he remarked,

“I will serve where they say. I do not ask whether you can sacrifice everything and go with me no one knows where.”

“I can. Ask me,” The girl responded hotly, hinting about her thoughts.

Ira as a pioneer was an example for all girls. Her heart was beating with faith in love and kindness. Emotional response is inherent in real people fundamentally. All the development of intelligence went through the perception of the senses. Without them, sociopaths are obtained. The dialectical question of primary in the appearance of sensations: first the senses or feelings of expectation? What is primary in the mental activity of man: Spirit or matter? A premonition of a girl's love leads her through life, real, one and only. This feeling, intuition demanded from nature all the variety of material means of perception of the world. Which we all already know and those that will be presented by the author. On the other hand, the guy loves his fatherland and people. This is a reasonable attitude towards survival. The girl intuitively feels the ability in a young man to respond. So, step by step, love penetrates into reality. Or the reality of developing gives love? It's simple: the brain calibrates emotional perception through production and consumption of hormones of happiness. Emotions accumulate in memory by available forms of data to us in sensations. At the stage of choosing behavior manifests the mind. Women are more intelligent than men. Following women’s destiny makes them choose responsible decisions. Conversely, following one's destiny causes men to die thoughtlessly for the sake of dodgers, who manipulate high ideals.

“It's better to promise an eternal blooming life than whining. Let's try, maybe it will work out. Jelly will work out!” Nik clenched his fist, not tolerating objections from himself. Left behind the wheel, driving the car was Commo. That's how he began to call a drone with five hands, given to him by Jon “for communication”. Grabbing the armchair with three hands, he maneuvered with sharp turns of the rudder. “The nearest turn to the right. Choose a parking spot,” sounded a female voice from the navigator. Reaching out to the last, young driver sharply not slowing down the speed, turned to the right and get in the parking space. Nik rested on the clicked seat belt.

“You should immediately study the conditions of comfort under physical stress for the person of my completeness. Be on the stirrup, Fighter.” The officer was so pleased with his new subordinates that he behaved with him in his own way. Having paid for the parking for 30 minutes, the commander moved with a springy gait towards the entrance to the high-rise building. He did not plan to linger for talks, intending to promise to come again.

Before entering the house, Alex went to the three jeeps standing next to each other and addressed to the head of the seizure group, who came to arrest him. The district chief and the investigator got out of the car BMW at the end of the house and approached Alex, who called them with a hand gesture.

“We should not interfere with the tenants of the house in their routine affairs. I know how to do better, wait for my command. I myself will go in and out. Do not tell anyone,”, the need to change a suit for the engagement ceremony of Nik and Ira, and the desire to save an apartment for his mother, forced Alex to apply his new ability. The natural quality of the scientist for decisive physical actions with a skillful negative telepathic translation gave the effect of invisibility. He could literally stand in front of those who arrested him and remain invisible to them because they did not see in him the one, they should catch. Not only did they not expect opposition from him, but they also tried to fulfill his will.

“Bring the ladder?” Asked the captain of the National Guard of Russia.

“Apply the device “Key”? Better, over-than under-, right?” The fighter responsible for entering the door was looking for approval to poke around in any way.

“In no case. I'll open it myself, if necessary,” Alex reacted abruptly. He was frightened by the insanity of the speakers splashed through the excited aspiration.

At home, the muscular man took a suit and heard the doorbell. He went to open it. Behind the door stood the chief from the district and behind him the special forces watched vigilantly the entrance and the stairs to the top.

“It’s have just begun in our district. We are ready for interaction.”


Nik felt in himself a white officer's bone. It was important for him to look beautiful in uniform. The senior lieutenant wore a uniform sewn personally for him. It happened when he took the parcel for the chief in a military atelier without signs. It turned out that there are very useful laws, you do not have to get a ready-made uniform in your size. After reading the service instructions in the reception, he filled in the attached application. A minute later, the carefree tailor of the military atelier gave a choice of fabric samples, including exclusive ones for senior management. The costume, in which the military was only the shoulder marks was very suited to him. Since attentive colleagues, having checked his velvet-wool black jacket with a blue tint, they began to ask,

“Should not be a lieutenant more modest?”

He had to answer, “Modesty is the jewel, but in the military, wearing jewels is not permitted. Shame for the military to die from modesty.”

In the uniform dressed in his finest with a bare head, the soldier entered the lobby of the skyscraper and headed to the personal elevator to get to the top floor. Nik walked with an elastic gait, holding his head straight. The Lateral vision of the eye caught the sharp edge of the ax in the shape of a crescent moon. With the growing concentration of attention, he switched on the speed of perception on the additional device in the brain and, thanks to the cameras on Nik, the surrounding panorama turned into a common vision in his head. It is logical to include the speed of perception along with the inclusion of a larger view. It is not logical, a catastrophe, to turn on separately the heater of the device and the device itself if it does not work without heating. Facing the entrance, and sideways to him was a lean man. On his back, a hatchet hung from his belt. His grandfather had the same one for cooking minced meat for pelmeni[3]. When he was a boy it was fun to crumble onions and meat in a wooden trough. Nik mentally operated the device in his head and sent a video to Patieruke with a request to check people that were at the check-in counter by the database.

“Sechka” surfaced in memory, an experienced warrior of hand-to-hand combat recognized by the matte shine of sharpened steel of the spring from the tractor Kirovets. Why is that? He scanned his identification card on the reading device at the elevator and pressed a key related to the company he came. With nanorobots, he brought the photo of the hatchet closer and saw two powerful rivets in its base. A long iron tube is tightly attached to the blade. In its cavity inserted beautiful with notches along the entire length mahogany handle. Expensive weapon spoke for itself. After transfer on the 31st floor, approaching the upper floor, he received operational information from his referent. The lean man, with him members of his gang have repeatedly been accused of murder. They work for Mengel. The elevator door opened right in Sergei Mengele's office. To the right of the exit from the elevator on the couch sat the owner of the office, a youthful oligophrenic in his fifties. The officer went to the left to the table and turning to him a monitor, saw the lean with five bandits getting in the elevator on the 31st floor.

“Right now, I'll go out of the window. Catch me. Gently! Confirm!”

Opening the door Patieruke on the move turning to the navigator said,

“Be on the watch, lady!”

Drone, like a cork from a bottle of champagne, flew from the slightly opened door straight up. The Senior Lieutenant, stretching out his hand, began to shoot at the window from the service weapon. The window pierced through with bullets and remained as a whole cracked. Seryozha, the oligarch by the mother, began to smile. After shooting all the ammo, the shooter accelerating ran forward on the window above the middle. In the place where he hit the broken glass, the holding transparent film stretched so that the entire body of Nik was outside the building, but the film did not tear apart. The owner of life laughed out loud from the couch. The upper part of the double-glazed windows broke away. Nik looked at the hatchet, that was flying in his lower back. He realized it and rolled to the left, letting the hatchet stuck in the glass. The sharpening of the head was stuck in the double-glazed window, like in butter. The saber-toothed tiger in the jump marked on the blade missed. The officer turned and fell into the opening. Floating Nik by the sound guessed that they were firing in an empty window. He filmed the hatchet and sent its picture to friends asking, “Help!”

“I understand, wait!” Jon's encouraging voice sounded in his head.

“And the first chick lands with a thud,” Nik involuntarily imagined himself hitting the concrete surface. The forced-up brain helpfully reproduced the hideous bloody dirt and mutilated dead body in unusually vivid detail.

“Look at the drone,” the military flew upside down. He pulled both hands forward and grabbed the drone’s limb stretched out to him. Patieruke caught the commander's hand in the area of the 5th floor. Braking him, he threw Nik by the limb on the other side with his feet to the ground. For comfort, the secretary-referent with one hand held Nik’s butt and released, after he put him neatly on the ground.

“Remind me to take you as an assistant when I will become president,” said Nik. “Now, we should get out of here.”

Cutting off the cars in the stream, Nik drove away from the curb. Ahead the traffic lights turned red and the traffic stopped. Audi Nika half drove into the left lane stopped behind the corner of the rear bumper of the car. If the driver in front vehicle move forward half a meter. Nik could get out on the free roadway to go in the opposite direction. Bulls from the gang of the lean received orders to kill the officer. They stood by the car in front of the entrance and saw the salvation of Nik. Thugs wearing on their fingers identical brass knuckles, welded four wide nuts in one row and recessed in a piece of pipe. On the outer side of the nuts are printed convex letters, which made the inscription “souvenir”. Seeing the approaching group of twitchy bullies, the officer hastened to win the advantage by meeting them outside of the car. Alex telepathically addressed to Nik,

“Friend, Jon turns off your muscle restraint. This will give you multiple increases in strength. Do not grab anything that will tear up your tissues and break your bones. No idea how to define this. Trust your intuition, you are now as a person in a state of affect. Good luck! Ruslan asked me to prepare to patch you up later. You don’t have to thank me for that. Good luck!”

“Have you seen the future in VPZ again?” Nik looked around with regret at the whole hands and feet. Then he looked at the approaching crowd of scumbags and said with sarcasm,

“Those who I cannot reach “Happy birthday!”

About ten men passed by the cars standing in a traffic jam. Other ten people walked around the side surrounding the officer to approach him as a crowd from the open side and attack together at the same time. They did not want a fight. They have to kill him.

On the roof of the skyscraper, two officers of private security officers pushed a cart from the freight elevator. On it lay a tall zinc box - a special cassette designed for city battles. The suspension to the passenger helicopter contained six guided missiles, a machine gun with ammunition, a grenade launcher firing capsules with paralyzing gas. All this joy was managed remotely along with an unmanned helicopter. The guards moved the helicopter to the suspension. They pushed the bolts out of the cassette and squeezed them into the slots and tightened the locks, wrapped around them with the skids.

“Make an amendment to self-defense. These guys will not have emotions to kill. They are sadistic, killing with a set of mutilations. Therefore, to identify the attackers and prevent the possible harm from them by causing injuries that do not allow them to continue to harm me,” he instructed his own security system. The officer intended to avoid unnecessary casualties.

The muscular man really wanted to be of help and spoke as he thought to the point, “Nik, don’t not pity them. They definitely want to kill you. Do not forget to get for a second inside the salon to hide from the spray of chemicals, when the communicator will cover you with itself.”

“Jon, next to the trolley on the side is the kiosk, it has a satellite dish. Use the diffuser membrane for movement ... like a speaker to simulate an explosion, generate a sound wave on it,” Alex could not explain clearly. And he reminded,

“Did you turn on everything on Nik? Do not forget, did you add him my adrenaline?”


Nik looked at the opposite side of the street, where he saw a trolleybus jerk stalling in place in the middle of the street. None of the passengers were surprised by the ordinary emergency situation and when the doors opened, no one hurried out. The electric vehicle, smeared with blue paint, from the Soviet past at times overcame its resource, bringing profit to its new owners. The electric arc was bent on the power cable of the trolleybus and buzzed eerily awkward. The people began to leave with caution, looking around. Feeling the tension, the passengers inside began to jostle. Two guards in a reflective form went to the trolleybus, hearing discontented cries.

Nik took out a dozen drones and hooked them to the edges of the uniform to the rivets sewn in advance from the inside. They all turned on and whirled over the heads of the attackers. Three man-like women, similar to each other, with excessively prominent forward jaws, began to climb onto his car, helping each other. They had hanging cylinders with liquid connected by tubes with guns in their hands.

“Referent, they are going to start burning us with acid, this is not acceptable for me anyway.”

The secretary, unlocking the upper hatch, tried to lift it. On the hatch, by two legs stood a woman in men's clothes. Then he pulled out the hatch and pulled it up with the woman and flew outside. Standing on the hatch was not reconciled and began to splash from the gun around her with acid. Oily liquid sticking to the surface of the cars around them was boiling. The assistant seized both women standing on the car with two claws each by the heads, which he squeezed with his fingers. Fingers squeezed the bones of the skull and the blood splashed. The third Amazon collapsed, and the drone intercepted her in the fall by the hair. She continued to crash, heavily bumped into the neighboring car and fell out. Patieruke dragged them through standing cars. The necks of limply dragging seekers of adventure crunched.

The Senior Lieutenant turned to the first man approaching from behind. He rejected the blow to his face, exposing his right hand. He put a trained blow in the crotch. He grabbed with both hands the hand, which he deflected. As taught, by a jerk with a turn, he pulled the enemy by the hand. The body of the scumbag started to accelerate, slid like a springboard, the hood, the windshield and flying off rushed in a circle. A couple of blows on the hands and body Nik missed, revolving around himself. The three nearest were hit by a body, and the last one, who was bending over before going up the bumper to the hood, he hit his head in the head and his teeth fall out out of his mouth.

“Where is the garbage?” The assistant himself needed an instruction.

“Throw it where you are.”

Nik's resuscitation system began to use an anesthetic. Her head clearly realized that for a long time, all of his generations were incapable of defending themselves. There was still a chance to do it personally somehow. He repulsed the first wave and looked around, preparing to leave.

“Do not even think. Look, by whom you are being replaced, by private soldiers. They will sweep you away, they have already been paid. And this is not a metaphor. You and such as you broke off with a career, now everything is in the trash. You will not start life second time. Either you or them!” The muscular man knew more about Nik, than Nik did about himself, “The time to get behind the wheel.”

Beginning to run, the group approached from the side of the street free of cars. Appearing before them Patieruke was hit. At the same time, two knuckles hit the edge of his plate. Sawed off by a rotating propeller, small parts of their hands swept in a bloody stream in different directions. A moron, climbing up to the roof of the drone, struck Piateruk with a blow from above. Dragged by his own weight, a quirky bandit broke a tank with a chemically active liquid inside the plate. By this time, Nik was sitting in the driver's seat, with the door closed, he watched what was happening through the window. Substance droplets hitting organic compounds pierced through their protein bonds, eight people felt down paralyzed. Those of the casual drivers who did not get to the fantastically deadly liquid finally began to scatter. Patieruke could not immediately get help from the nanorobots, he was left without a propeller and one uncontrollable limb was hanging down to the road. Nevertheless, immediately after eliminating the leak, he informed the frozen driver

“Get out of here, kid, it's safe.”

A man of about forty opened his mouth and stared hard at the side window from inside the car. He snapped out of it and blinked.

The Jon’s Phantom pulled the laser toward the fire hydrant, sticking out at the edge of the roadway behind the trolleybus. The fiery stream, starting to cut the metal, immediately filled the pipe with additional pressure from evaporating from the high temperature water. The steam escaped and gave a piercing loud unusual sound, which scared everyone around. Everyone who walked towards the trolleybus stopped. Drops of cold water hit the woman who left the trolleybus. She involuntarily screamed, passing her hysteria to the already tensioned people. The phantom tried to use the electric motor of the trolleybus for creating sounds. By starting through the winding of the electric motor pulses, he achieved the magnetization of the metal sheath with a sound frequency. There was a nasty deafening screech. On a nearby kiosk selling phones, he found a satellite dish. Almost ready speaker was used to reproduce the sound of an explosion. The sound shock wave struck people’s ears, deafening the people close to it for a while. The resulting shock wave pushed them onto the backs of people in front. There really was no real power of telekinesis or the power of hydrokinesis for Jon. Owning the technique of radiation does not at all resemble the magic of gaining power. Although he would definitely like to. In general, sometimes something did not work out as intended. Therefore, the water masses for a short time have divided into droplets. Small objects rose into the air and fluttered, obeying the power of an invisible wave. For a moment, hovering in the air, everything has jerked sharply and continued to obey the madness that had begun. People really began to go crazy. A side effect of Jon's influence on people's brains was making them turn into zombies. It is important, the controlled zombies. Collected into a single action of a supersonic wave and radio irradiation on the brain region, Jon called it a cumulative twilight consciousness. Jon had to come up with a text and everything he says would sound in the minds of people as their own thoughts. With the receptivity of some people to recognize their inner voice as the divine, such skill truly can be considered a force. He, thanks to his ability to multitask, engaged in the reflections of the new chemical weapons of earthlings. Chemists invented weapons of mass destruction of the population in giant territories. After the use of such weapons, the majority remains alive, losing the ability to think. Confused by the differences between the zombies and the feeble-minded people, he decided to shift to visual influences.

On the expanses of the universe flew his thought, “Let the chemists themselves explain why they create chemical weapons for mass transformation into zombies and the feeble-minded.”

Calling the illusion of an explosion flash, Jon briefly illuminated with white light the drops of the spouting jet from the fire hydrant. The photons directed by Jon strengthened the reality with virtual images of flying debris. People, driven into the panic, rushed to run along the free half of the roadway.

The ability to handle the change in the frequency of light, Jon has received, along with the knowledge contained in the information field of his soul. The transfer of energy to the atoms depended on Jon's will. Phantom control happened in two way. He was defining all his actions and made decisions with his human brain. On the other hand, the photon twin was able to be an independent being. From time to time, updating the mental information corresponding to what is happening with Jon. In other words, Jon's photon soul is really an existing intellect with a set of programs. His thoughts were not confused, but at a frantic pace, they were superimposed on their own personality. All information of his brain activity was transmitted for recording in the information field, configured by a phantom, which was primarily a photon version of Jon. In this field are the database and the collection of gadgets left for Jon by the Tongues. Some of which he adapted to his native dimension. Finally, he decided to show people the alien from other worlds. The phantom took the form of a terrible, but kind inside alien, called Lietun.

Nik seeing over the general movement to escape noticed how several bandits with brass knuckles had outstripped him.

“How do I determine with whom to fight?” Jon's voice sounded in Nik's head. Nik's face showed a familiar expression of frustration that he was waiting for something worthy, and everything turned into a joke. A young officer with a uniform jacket hanging from one hand with a shoulder strap hanging on a single thread and in a torn shirt was always in the center of attention. Since the nanorobots under the armpits relentlessly produced metal-protein, Nik’s main brain activity has increased the impact on people. He always turned to people with good. He praised, inspired, acted on people mobilization. In his presence, people increasingly depended on his actions, obeying his example. Someone noticed that Nik stopped and smiled. As in a chain reaction, people, reacting to the telepathic perception broadcasted to them, turned back. In front of them stood 2-meter-tall tied by open muscles with a bony arms that grew into the membranous wings, a freak on elephant legs. The head of an elongated skull with beady eyes, covered with dried-up skin, made him a mystical and mysterious creature from ancient fairy tales. The people telepathically perceived the mood of Nik and reproduced the smile of their leader, literally. It seemed to people that, in vain they were frightened. All were very ashamed of their fear. For this, the culprit had to pay immediately. All those who had been walking before, moving to run, moved towards the monster. Just as amicably as before they ran away, now they also together approached the bony monster. From different directions, there were promising shouts.

“Beat you now.”

“I'll tie you in a knot.”

“I'm going to clock you.”

Some took objects from the street to fight, the bandits straightened their brass knuckles, the traffic guards raised their shoulders and adjusted their vests.

“Are you going to wait when it's time to lead this army, or you are going to leave by a quiet sadness?”

“See the black Volvo on the roadside? Get inside, please. I'll start the engine,” The monster continued to care for a friend.

Nik grabbing Patieruke by limb dragged him along.

“Can you open the car?” Lieutenant asked the assistant.

Drone put his iron fingers in the doorway. Acting like a crowbar and helping with the sharp ends of his fingers, he cracked open the Volvo with a creak. Then he got into the car and complained,

“I have missed maintenance, I have breakdowns, but I need to be cared for.”

“Wartung dringend[4]!” Demandingly ordered the lady from the speakers.

“Exactly!”  Answered Patieruke, “Do not worry, I do not miss such hints.”

Releasing a sheaf of sparks, a phantom in the image of a winged alien disintegrated in the air into hundreds of sparks. Flashed lights moved to people. Each spark found its head and produced the inclusion of neural networks of the brain. A hundred people on the street turned into zombies looking for undamaged, which again rushed away from this place. As soon as Nik got into the car, engine started. He drove, overtaking the two running zombie guards with the stretched arms. From their reflective uniform, a flash of light flooded to the people with fear that it would tear them to pieces. Jon creatively reacted to what he was doing. Whatever it is called.

The passenger drone flew to them from the front. The ends of the cassette suspended from the helicopter were opened and the missiles fixed on them, one by one, flew to the target.

“All missed,” reported the referent, not waiting for the arrival of missiles.

The rockets hit pretty close. So much close that the blown bits of asphalt flew to their car. One of the rockets exploded almost under the rear wheel and a blast wave overturned the car. The machine-gun fired on the street and in fifty meters from them the dead fell down.

“It's windy, there will be a lot of civilian casualties with a machine gun and a grenade launcher. With full ammunition, it can put down two hundred people.” This Nik said bitterly, assessing the situation. He stuck his head out of the broken window on all fours. Then, getting out of the inverted car, the truth-bearer pulled out Patieruke.

“I'll intervene now,” Jon with one bundle of photons that caused the helicopter to show its inherent material properties. The car started flowing, first, a shower of liquid molten metal sprang from it, then the melted parts, and flared blue-green flames sprang to the cars standing below. Five-arms drone assistant grabbed the panel and with another limb squeezed out onboard computer talking with female voice,

“This lady is kindness herself, I'll take it with me.”

“If you stop liking it, you can always sell it,” Supported the conversation phantom telepathically. “You're AI where such a retort picked up?”

“You have here an AI chat on passing the test for a person. A rare heresy.”

Alex and Jon drove up the alley.

“Get in, we'll bring you here for a romantic dinner,” holding the door, Jon invited Nik.

Let's get married

The team of cyborgs did not go far, after the turn they stopped at the park with the cross-dimensional travel platform. The mutilated Commo Patieruke, who was rotating his radar-tracking watch in detail, reported, “300 soldiers armed with guns and pistols ambushed around Jon's apartment and near his neighbors. Most of the servicemen are on buses along the fence of the park, others behind the houses.”

 In the line of sight of the cordon of military lawyers on the green lawn met the incorrigible optimists to talk about fate. In an environment of extreme instability, they were to show faith in themselves in the world and decide to build their lives together. The girl responded to the young man's request to seriously speak on the lawn in the park with all responsibility. She looked like a goddess with serious intentions. Ira attracted the views with her artistic appearance with a nose slightly shorter than the average, the upper lip with a thin elegant line along the curve. The appearance of the broken officer filled the situation with drama.

Priest Borya began to be nagging out that it was time to begin the engagement ceremony, as all witnesses of civil marriage are on the spot. Impatiently Boris whispered, “Begin already! Your whole life is ahead of you.”

Nik just a step away from the sweetheart dropped to his knee. Intentionally not touching her, he said,

“I admire how wonderful you look. My offer is simple. If you do not like it, I'll take it and leave. You can be sure that you will not see me already. I hope you'll like it. I will not forget how I liked your conversations about loyalty to husband, about family's duty to children, about mutual care for each other. Your dreams clung to my thoughts, and we kissed.”

A hand sagged on his shoulder and a cobot squeaked like a sigh, trying to portray human feelings. With a hand with long, thin, decomposed fingers, he took a bouquet of tiny wildflowers from a pocket on his hand. The order was executed verbatim in a robot-like manner. He gave an unexpectedly tiny bouquet to the commander and sang,


“Ira! I love you! Will you marry me! You need to know: inside me, the nanorobots of an alien civilization modernize the body as for an alien. I hope this is not fatal.”

Ira blossomed with a happy smile and pulling lips said,

“Yes, I want to become your wife and mother of children similar to us. Can you get up and hug?”

Nik got up, hugged, and kissed his beloved! Finally, an order was given to detain each participant in the ceremony. All of the cordons rushed to the assembled to proposal.

Ira in a green “shaded spruce” colored sleeveless dress length midi looked exemplary betrothed in the appropriate time. The sun's rays played on her face making the smile stunning and, on her dress, revealing its deep emerald hue. The feet are girded with colored straps in bright sandals on a wedge. From the tightened narrow shiny belt, straight lines of folds stretch, widening the dress to the bottom and forming the shape of a cone. In front one wide strip of fabric wrapped itself over the other. This two-sided fold formed a small V-shaped notch. The ladybug implausibly slowed down a moment before landing on the girl's shoulder. Almost people, but already the cyborgs who mastered the new possibilities of touch saw how the wings of the hanging insect slowly shifted. Thoughts ran feverishly, but the movements did not respond to the speed of what was happening. Participants in the ceremony were in a temporary anomaly that slowed down time. Nik's eyes were looking still at what was happening. On the hero of the galaxy, the rending clothing stirred, and parts of the protective suit slowly moved to cover him. Jon's jumping soul rushed to one of the alien encircled in heavy armor. One by one, five mighty warriors emerged from one vertical air line and walked around the semi-humans. Neither the aliens nor the photon essence of Jon, the temporary anomaly did not slow down. Simultaneously from the same line, the other five went in the opposite direction. His nose was against the front of the alien helmet, Jon read his thoughts.

All movements of the aliens were carried out at a uniform pace. This produced a hypnotic effect and frightened with its unnaturalness. On their backs they carried devices, fastened on them with straps like backpacks. Each device stretched bright colored lines, girded the space with a ball in which the participants of the ceremony found themselves. The line, making a circle, returned to the same device. Each time a flowing arc of colors, crossing with another, tied a sliding knot. Standing with his legs wide apart in the ground, the phantom folded his arms and spread his wings. A flare flashed, after which the space occupied by the newcomers lost its color, but where the islands of the material world with friends, it was preserved. Borya and Ira for the time of moving, lost consciousness.

Jon telepathically send a message to his friends,

“Lietuns arrest us, warned us not to do anything. Today, I used to pretend to be the one of them on the street, to scare people.”

The aliens, dragging their ammunition, passed around in a circle occupying equidistant places from each other. The encircling is over. Hoops of the lines formed a ball, located on the surface and around in the form of a lattice of rhombuses.

For the attacking them special services and the military, everything happened in an instant. All present at the engagement ceremony disappeared. This happened at a time when the travel platform under the participants of the ceremony turned on. On the perimeter of this platform was turned on an additional transformation of time and space that gave the acceleration of time to law enforcement officers. Law enforcers moved the detainees along with space and matter they occupied. The next instant, the collapsing space jerk pulled in everything and everyone around the epicenter closer than 50 meters. But first, they saw an unusual moment. The temperature of the vacuum froze the tearing air flows to the middle. Part of the gases rested frozen like the walls of Christmas balls. Others, heavier, managed to break into different depths. Rims around all the depressions protruded. The mother-of-pearl color of the toy spread from gray-blue to yellow on a blue translucent background.

“This is the reverse reflection of gravity inside the universe, which I feel,” Ruslan shared the impression with his invisible interlocutor, “The mass of matter with a continuous flow for billions of years breaks into the void of the gravitational dimension, seeking ahead of its niche and driven by the radiation field of the first dimension.

“That’s how time looks like at the blink of an eye,” answered the phantom.

The vision twinkled with a spark so quickly that it could not remain in people's memory. The damaging factors of the explosion were staggering. The ringing noise from the vibration of everything around the vacuum explosion died out in seconds. People were in a state of panic and were not able to do anything for the next several hours. The phantom was still under the impression of the first existence separate from Jon, “I really think people in uniform have determined on whose side they are. I also did not choose to break my connection with myself or not. They are lucky today.”

“Let the luck be all the time, I don’t mind. Maybe one of them will take time and think. It is easier for them to do that, than for us to take Tosia from mental hospital and to teach her independence,” Rus has already switched to the current tasks.

“You're right. Our problems do not bother anyone.”

The last word (Afterword)

I am writing the second book. The plot: The boys come up with a movie and put it into practice. They help the enemy destroy the biosphere of the earth. Actually! They want to help humanity to survive. Subject: we do not respect what we do. After the universal search it turns out, what we do is not respected by anybody. Choice: this makes them choose what to keep between the natural development of the planet without humans and the sensible terraforming of conditions suitable for people's lives. Choose how to spend your life, if it finally comes that you live once.

All that I described, I see, like a movie. Vote for the movie on the site. I'm waiting for money from people who have successfully adapted to the system of profit-making and are able to appreciate literary work. You are rich, so send a lot at once. For example, “For him, that’s still a lot.”

I tried very hard to give layered explanations in the narrative to different levels of age, technical knowledges, and others.

The fashion for inventing new alien races of extraterrestrial nationalities is gone. There is some movement in my book. Ask where the nationalities of aliens. I replaced them with the different mentality, which is so different than in the same words mean different things. Sometimes people with different mentality are incompatible. For example, the Russian mentality for those who do not see it, as an empty place. Such cut out of the Russian ability to wrap meat in a dough, then the way of the Russian tradition in food as if did not exist ever. Especially Russian people came up with food for the Russian climate. I like to eat Russian pelmeni, this is when the snow outside the window and you, having escaped from the cold, warm your soul at home with food. Such broke off the way of the Russian family a piece called home gatherings. They scream Russianness is vanishing. Dissect everything Russian. All this on paper, of course, we will wait for practice too. I live in a country where people do it in advance so that they don’t worry, and I like it, so do I, do not want to bother anyone. And always happy when others also behave preemptively and politely. I'm talking about Canada now. Another thing is the fighters for their own. Here before my eyes, an official man from the mayor's office of St. Petersburg fought with the police for his right to urinate on the corners of the metro station building. I can understand he is the master of life, he can pee where he wants, he can poop where he wants. It is appropriate here to register exactly St. Petersburg, and not Leningrad. Who should call such a city Leningrad? Many things are not included in the first book. Mostly, what is difficult to believe in, for later. The second book should also be believable. Some events happen right away, as soon as I write about them on paper and it pleases me. You can't write what is not true.



illustration by fineartamerica JVShop




[1]Russian the Federal Security Service

[2] prost universal toast in German, analog "cheers" in English

[3] Pelmeni is wrapped meat balls in the dough.

It is traditional dish of Russian cuisine.

[4] in German: attention required


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